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Goddess Rue Jul 2020
Ruined and worn,
Strangled with wild vines,
Yet still standing,
With hanged pictures on the walls,
Of old and new,
And a place,
For growth of life.

We valid,
Even as we age,
Through the endless pain,
We are still standing.
So worry not of your woes,
They teach you of lessons of life,
So you will grow well, my friend,
And you will learn,
How to love yourself more.
  Jul 2020 Goddess Rue
Moon Cherry
Your eyes are Moon in ****,
Making mine as the Sun,
So bright it colours our tide,
Almost like that jade of mine.

At night when you’re out of sight,
I pray the clouds to move aside,
Unveiling your pretty light,
You are my ode to abide.
Goddess Rue Jun 2020
That same miracle,
Singing to my ears,
And there were tears,
Dripping on the shackles.

Heard it in the garden,
Somewhere on the moon,
In this quiet room,
Leaking rays of the sunlight.

Never once I danced to it,
But my feathers were swaying,
As though grazed by the wind.
I tried to dance along,
I tried to dance,
I tried to,
I tried.
  Jun 2020 Goddess Rue
Pour water on me,
Set your bright eyes on me please,
And I'll grow on you.
Goddess Rue Apr 2020
I feel it raining,
On a cloudless sunny day,
Flooding only me.
I looked around me,
They're all dry and clean,
As the coldness touch my skin.
Goddess Rue Mar 2020
Sing your song my wolf,
Let out your secrets you’ve kept,
Sate this lonely moon.

Be whole tonight moon,
Let this wolf call out to you,
When your glow reach me.
[heyy~ hope you enjoy this interactive haiku(s) i wrote]
Goddess Rue Mar 2020
You’re much like the rain,
You can be soft or heavy,
Or kind to my drought.
your presence
is all
i need.
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