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Sitting here
listening to our song
Thinking about how much
I still love you
It’s bittersweet
You always told me to hold on tight
Almost like you knew
What I would have to go through
Without you
She was the angel that got me through part of my personal hell
they say I need to be loved
they say i’m unlovable
they say I am worthy
they say i’m worthless
at this point
unsure what
I need to figure out what I want
The bright stars settle
In the ominous night sky
Yet I’m still biting my ****** tongue
So I don’t cry and cry and cry
People say broken can be fixed
But what if I’ve been shattered to dust
No amount of care and time can fix that
I’ve been going through a lot lately

I’m sorry if this is super depressing
Being alone
Hurts just
As much
As being with
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