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Honeybee Jan 2023
Purple and green
I’ve always wondered why
These two colors look appealing to me
Must be because
The colors look so nice on my skin
So very nice
Honeybee Nov 2022
So …I’m back … ha…yeah
Honeybee Apr 2022
it’s like i’m two plus people
in one body
It’s really hard because my manic episodes come fast and hard and then my depressive episodes are even worse
Honeybee Apr 2022
The pain rings
In me head
As you string
Me along
To bed
Honeybee Apr 2022
Their heartbeat
Against mine
In time
I hope I find
That this is where I’m meant to be
With them against me
Sorry I’ve been gone so long I had to focus on my health for some time
Honeybee Oct 2021
Nothing in my brain
Just an empty head
Nothing in my heart
Just a hollow chest
Nothing in my eyes
Just a blank mess
Nothing is there
But stress
Honeybee Aug 2021
I heard our song on the radio today
I remembered how you used to sing it
With no rhythm and zero accuracy
And how I said I didn’t want to join you
But in actuality I wanted to every time
I still do
I still want to join you
I get emotional every time I hear it because it reminds me of her and how much I still miss her
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