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Pave the Planet Earth

Not too long ago
It was just Harvest time
That the farthest distance
Was traveled from home
Perishable bounty
Had to get to market on time
In the progress
Of wheeling and dealing
Cash crop
While still fresh
Before its value dropped
Only the Horse and Buggy Doctor
Would need to travel
Any farther or faster
The rest of the year
Trading his service to protect life
For tangible scarce resources
Without shifting a gear
getting from point A to point B is such a drag anymore.
Why am I?
Who do I ask?
God, Allah, Buddha, L. Ron Hubbard
I am sure Jesus would have the answer.
But he was crucified.
Isn't a sin.

I better hurry and think of something better to do.
I am no wise guy.
I am old and washed up.
Besides the Nuns at school
Always said
An idle mind is the devil's work-shop.
Think of nothing no thing is something but what?
Just released from the sanitarium
Cold cruel empty world took me down
Malnourished, tooth  abscesses'
Manic Depression
Brought me to the brink a bad state of melancholy
I went to a hospital ER for help
They don't do dental work
Dentists are Satan in disguise
The AMA knows this and won't let them in their
Genuine Doctors' tribunals

I got released with the bogus diagnosis of ****** abuse
I told them I took the medicine cabinet drank a quart of ***** and that would be it.
You have heard of Catch 22 here's Catch 23
If your in the nut house for a failed attempted suicide
All you have to do to get out is say I don't feel suicidal any more.
That easy.

A foreshadow to this poem.

Industry took away my know how
I couldn't make my own shoes
I couldn't make a yoke to mount the ox I don't have
To plow the back 40 I'll never own
If my life depended on it

I can't build a house of logs
Would die quickly without central utilities
Food would vanish after days of no electricity
People protect there own and I'm a lone
So I pray I am not the first to go

I  try to be a human being
The best was I can
Trying to see through the muck
With prayers, and great hopes
And Luck
I hope I can continue to be.

A human being
The  world a lot less crazier place in a sanitarium,  Just do as your told.
If I don't think about it
It won't hurt so much
There it is
An intangible pain
In an imaginary heart
If I don't think about it
It won't hurt so much
A mantra
To chant away the
Time and tomorrow
Is my only hope
Things all fall into place so
Serenity will come
It we develop way
To travel faster than the speed of light
Then we would have to discover how to make
Light  travel faster than the speed of light
Or else
How could we see
We would probably see nothingness
Feel as tired
As a bird at the edge of space
No mind
No body
No race
I flew to high to hard for to long tell if those should be too's?
I watch and
On a star light night
For a falling Star
As a confirmation
That an ambition
Will prove to be positive

If I see one
My confidence
Is improved
Yet I still know it is a wish
That I make as it falls
Not an action

After all it
Could be space junk falling
Or the fragments’ of a jet airliner shot down
Kind takes the fun right out of it
Wishing on
A shooting star
another passenger jet crashes worse yet gets shot down
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