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Crown of grace on his head,
Life on his lips,
The world on his shoulders,
Love in his arms,
Hard work in his hands,
Strength in his legs,
Endurance on his feet.

Mind filled with burdens,
But a heart so kind.
Peace is his breath,
Love,his language.

Empty stomach,
Yet feeding others.
Bleeding,hurting internally.
Yet clothing others' wounds.
 Jan 2016 Eugene
What were your eyes seeing?
Or were they just glassy lenses with no soul behind?

What words were your lips conjuring?
Or were they chapped and dry?

What judgements and praises was your mind forming?
Or did your pulsing brain dance without a tune?

Speak to me...
I love you....
I remember you...
I love you...
 Jan 2016 Eugene
11:37 pm
 Jan 2016 Eugene
another shooting star
dances across
the night sky
but this time
i wished
for happiness

because i know
i'll never have
your arms wrapped
around me no matter
how many wishes
          it takes
 Jan 2016 Eugene
 Jan 2016 Eugene
I stutter
Because I am screaming inside
I'm breathless
Cause there's nowhere to hide
I don't act upon voices
Countless times they lied
I can't function properly
I promise I tried.
 Jan 2016 Eugene
Eunice Moral
you were the unforgiving sun
i was the blood-red rose slowly wilting
you were the trigger of a gun
i was the lost deer - eyes barely blinking
you were the puppeteer
i was the marionette tangled on a string
you were the chaos I hear
i was the stubborn kid left begging

you were the delusions in my head
i was the patient refusing medication
you were the temptations I was fed with
i was the sinner never seeking salvation
you were the eerie howl at dawn
i was the girl with so much desperation
you were the gloomy song
i was the mad one singing in unison

it was you who messed me up
now I am flawed as I'll ever be
this madness will never stop
until someone rescues me
 Jan 2016 Eugene
patty m
another love burns to ashes
smolders then it quickly crashes
I slammed the door and locked the latches
when you said
there's no more matches.

no more matches
no more fire,
no more love
no more desire.

through the night
my body thrashes
as dreams of you
come in flashes
flint on stone
quickly scratches
sparking flame
so who needs matches
 Jan 2016 Eugene
before you, sad poems are all i know
words that bleed
pages blotched with tears

my poems were colder than snow
words that plead
torn pages of fears

i thought misery is all i need
to write poems from the soul
until you came

you changed my writing creed
this broken girl felt whole
now my poems will never be the same

thank you for changing the game
i thought sadness was the only reason why i can write songs and poems but you proved me wrong.

thank you, Jett Chuaquico.
 Jan 2016 Eugene
Sa iyong paglisan, gusto kong baunin mo ang;

Isang tasang sinelyuhan ko ng halik,
tanda ng aking unang halik sa iyo.
Isang basong minarkahan ko ng seguridad
na kahit saan ka magpunta, naroon ako.
Isang kutsarang puno ng pasensya,
na pipigil sa ano mang galit sa iyong puso.
Isang makapal na balabal ng katapatan
na yayakapin ka't patutulugin ng mahimbing sa magdamag.

At higit sa lahat...
Nais kong baunin mo ang kuwintas ng aking pagmamahal
na siyang magpapatunay mula noon hangganga ngayon
ikaw at ikaw lamang ang mamahalin ko.

Nawa'y tanggapin mo ang mga sangkap ng aking tunay na pagmamahal...
#love, #faithfulness, #feelings, #security, #TagalogPoems, #LikhaatTula
 Jan 2016 Eugene
I don't want to be a clone,
With no thoughts of my own,
As if created from a mold,
Always to be bought and sold,
Never truly feeling whole,
Having just an artificial soul,
Like a mindless puppet on a shelf,

No, I would rather be myself.
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