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 Apr 2015 Emma
 Apr 2015 Emma
He looks happier without her by his side,
He flirts with all the girls he meets,
He doesn't talk to her anymore,
He pretends she doesn't exist

A month later

He glances at her when she isn't looking,
He doesn't understand,
He feels a little lost,
He doesn't fancy the girl by his side

Six months later

He tries to talk to her,
He stopped flirting with all the girls,
He loops his arm around her shoulder,
He doesn't understand why she pushes him away.

A year later

He misses her,
He misses her laugh, smile her words,
He wonders where she is,
All he knows is *She's happy
 Apr 2015 Emma
Joshua Haines
I am in such a **** mood,
the mountains have no meaning.
Big ******* rocks.

*******, dad.
*******, Fox News.
*******, Indiana.

None of you *******
know what irony is.
Google that ****.
Jesus Christ.

There are yellow streams--
that's poetic ****.
There are ruby stained sheets--
that's blood, obviously,
and, I dunno,
maybe somebody died on a bed?

Everyone can **** my ****.

To be or not to be,
that is the
shut the **** up.

Rapists are disgusting people.
They aren't people.

******* idiots.
Romanticizing everything
you wish you had
suicide, mental illness,
and eating disorders
make you cool,
If you do this,
you aren't interesting.
You're just you.
Get used to it.
There are people
that go through
these issues
and they don't think
it's ******* rad,

I hate 75% of the south.
The south will rise again?
Get the **** out of here.

Stalin was a ****.

Most writers are *****.
Most of them ****.
I don't care.

For the love of "God",
if I read one more poem
about what poetry is
or how to define a poet,
I'll slam my head against
a ******* knife.

Some people are so dumb.
Most ******* people.
******* pseudo-knowledge.
Armchair philosophers.
If you guys wanted
to **** yourself,
you could jump
from your ego
to your IQ.

Something, something, imagery.
 Mar 2015 Emma
ghosts of ghosts
 Mar 2015 Emma
i fall in love with
people who can
only seem to love
ghosts of past lovers,
ghosts of themselves,
ghosts of ghosts.
maybe when
i finish
diminishing myself
down to nothing,
ill be able to
be loved too.
 Mar 2015 Emma
Five Fingers
I heard it,
a shatter.
Could it be my spirits broke?
could it be my tender heart
whose true feelings will never be spoke.
I know you don't want to be that guy,
I know you don't want me to be that fool.
But the truth is i never heard such a piercing lie,
how could words be so purely intentioned,
but cruel.

You lie to protect me.
maybe that's just what i want to believe
my heart screams "it must be"
my head says don't be naive
I been trying to move forward believe me,
I've been trying for so long
but my hands wont grasp the pieces
cause maybe i just don't want to move on.

I just want

As you are

As you've always been.

I wish there were a simpler way,
I wish the stars were better aligned,
I wish i had the courage to say

that I love you too
and i always will
Even if you really meant it,

I will love you still.
he said he loved me. then he said he was just confused.
 Feb 2015 Emma
Tall Expectations
 Feb 2015 Emma
You're like algebra
Made up of x's and y's
I've always been bad at math
But even a mathematician couldn't define

Mixed signals is your zodiac sign
Every time I talk to you I get some laughs
But I also get an "I'm fine"
I never said you couldn't whine
That's why I'm here, I'm your religion, make me your shrine

I would cast a shadow if I weren't divine
But the bartenders have only got water tonight
And your bed sounds soft, but your heart sounds softer
And your heads a heavy burden to carry on a back full of knives
But I'm willing to do that for you
I will take you home tonight
But only with the hope of widening your sight
 Feb 2015 Emma
 Feb 2015 Emma
loneliness is synonymous with my name
and the fragments of my broken heart would agree.
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