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That tempting *****
At once giving and snatching away
All that is known
And all that could be had
She laughs at my pleas
I want it all and she knows this
Mocking and unyielding
She gives me a fleeting taste
Of the joy I have craved for so long
Before again receeding her gift
Like the drawback of a tsunami tide
I am then sinking and breaking
Under the weight of her
And all that she encompasses
And all that she ever could
Our mistress, maiden, mother, crone,
Cruel as the devil
And twice as pretty
 Jul 2015 Emma
Nicole Dawn
 Jul 2015 Emma
Nicole Dawn
I could end the world
It would be easy
I would simply need to allow myself
To fall in love with
The sun
The moon
The trees
Or some other important thing
And like all other things I fall in love with

**It would leave
 Jul 2015 Emma
 Jul 2015 Emma
i think the worst thing about being suicidal is that
even when you're at your happiest,
the thought of jumping in front of a train
gives you a sort of excitement that you
haven't felt in such a long time.
today was very nice, but this thought kept coming back to me ugh
 Apr 2015 Emma
you've always been my
favorite book
never difficult to pick from the shelf
and breeze through.
I have read you
and over
one thousand times
and I find things
with each and every read
that I never discovered
in the last.
all of the genres
combined within you;
an endless movie
running through my head
with you as the lead role
and I couldn't imagine a life
without you being written
into it.

Copyright ©  2015 Alyssa Packard
All Rights Reserved
reading never came as a challenge for me,
maybe that's why loving you will be so easy
 Apr 2015 Emma
i don't know
 Apr 2015 Emma
i don't actually
know what im
doing in life.
all i know is
that you look better
smiling at me
in bed
i ever looked
alone in
my own.
 Apr 2015 Emma
 Apr 2015 Emma
there's something
wrong with my mind.
it no longer seems to be
chaos erupts and panic ensues.
an earthquake starts
in my mind
and my sanity starts
some days i feel so high,
untouchable even.
but soon after,
i crash land into
a pool of depression
that i barely pull
myself out of before i start
to drown in it.
i hear you but never see you.
why are you hiding from me?
why are you here in the first place?
are you even here?
**** im doing it again.
why can't i breathe why can't i see why can't i hear everything is unclear.
in. out. in. out.
please send help
before my lungs collapse on themselves
before i drown
before i start seeing where the voices are coming from
before i stop getting out of bed
before it becomes too much
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