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Emma Jul 2017
you reeled me in
like the best catch of the day
now all I seem to be
is just one of your many fishes
Emma Jul 2017
it’s been over a year since I felt the love leave
well I could feel it from time to time
but not like it was at the start

and I’m not saying we just got out of our ‘honeymoon’ phase
I’m telling you everything good was just gone

it was as if someone came in the night
and stole the love from our hearts
and the light in my eyes
when I look at you

now I can only look at you with sadness
and a shattered heart
wishing you’d come back and pick up the pieces
and sow them back together
Emma Oct 2016
to the blue eyed boy
who used to consume every piece
of my writing,
who introduced me to the band
that saved my life,
who made me feel
a little less lonely

save a spot for me on the other side
and rest easy,

Emma Jun 2016
what hurts the most
is looking back to how it used to be
when I was happy
when you were happy
when everything was beautiful
and nothing hurt
but now everything hurts
and I can't stand to talk to you
or even think about you

and yet,
you're still the only thing on my

Emma Jun 2016
you told me you still love me
you still care
you still want to try

but all I feel is numb
towards you
towards this

you've made me numb
and feel even more miserable
than I think I've ever been

please make the hurt stop
you're slowly killing me
and you don't even care to notice

Emma May 2016
there's nothing left in me
that believes I'm enough for you

but I don't think
I'll ever be enough for anyone

Emma May 2016
you used to make me want to write
happy poems
and be happy
but now all you make me want to do
is rip my skin open
and drink
and smoke
until there's nothing left of me

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