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May 2015 · 1.1k
Another dream about him
Elizabeth Nuomi May 2015
I had another dream about him.
In it, someone had told him
that I loved him with all my heart.
He came to my house
rang the doorbell
I opened and he stormed in,
embracing me.
We stood there for what felt like hours
we didn't say a word.
I could feel his heartbeat
I could feel his breath
I could feel his warmth

I have never dreamt of he and I kissing
I woke up just before we were about to
I can't even imagine it while I'm awake
I love him too much to do such a thing
The dream felt so real, I started crying when I woke up realizing it wasn't.
Apr 2015 · 961
Elizabeth Nuomi Apr 2015
I met him at summercamp
he started flirting with me
I might have been shallow
because I fell for his looks at once
but after some talking
I fell for his mind
his heart
his being
his essence
his voice

It's been over a year since I last saw him
he seemed bored of me
a friend told me he usually gets bored of people
I didn't listen
and now I feel lost without him
lost without his laughter
his weird conversations
his brown eyes
his touch
his heartbeat
Might add some verses later.
Apr 2015 · 669
Too picky
Elizabeth Nuomi Apr 2015
Why do I always
always fall in love
with people
who lives
far away?

why isn't there
anyone decent
living nearby?

Am I looking
in the wrong places
or am I too
too picky?
Apr 2015 · 3.9k
Elizabeth Nuomi Apr 2015
The last weeks have been strange
some days felt like spring
while others felt like autumn
there were even days that felt like winter
Have we skipped summer?
The year so far, in Norway
Apr 2015 · 340
He asked too late
Elizabeth Nuomi Apr 2015
He asked her if she was okay
She replied with a yes.

She replied with a yes
because she was ashamed.

She was ashamed
because she didn't have the perfect life
the perfect life in her eyes.

The perfect life in her eyes
consists of safety, money and

something she desires greatly
but can never have.

Why you ask?
The guy asked too late.

— The End —