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Dika Agustin May 2018
the clock rotates faster
I'm chasing possibility in every second
for I don't want to run out of time
growing up, growing old
wondering where all the season went
so many things I want to know
so many things I want to do
but here I am, stuck in my head and,
I still can't find the right answer
or maybe there's no end.
Dika Agustin May 2018
everything became strange
while I tried to remember
every detail of you
just to bring back
all the dream memories

the feeling consumed me
the whole situation
poisoned my heart

you pushed me over
the edge of our boat
and let me sink
into the ocean of doubt

I don't know what to believe
while you hold me the way you do
but why you make me hesitate
and pretend like you don't want
to be part of our dreams
Dika Agustin May 2018
when the earth
did me harm
I looked up,
I still have the sky.
if I could tell you,
my sadness
more like clouds,
I'm waiting
to passing by
then gone.

— The End —