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neither life
nor the way of living it is easy.
neither to love
nor to be loved is cozy
it is the glimpses of the story
highlights of the moment
that make what it seizes to be.
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2018
In every moment, don't forget to smile.
Do pray to feel the first kiss of every breath.
And in each moment I'll return the favor.
Covering the picture of your face.
Frame to frame.
Our eyes the glass that protects each memory.
A sweet smile that becomes the entrance of life itself.
Ambitiously half lifted eyes crinkled around the corners.
In every moment, don't forget to smile
and I'll return the favor.
Life is too short to let these moments go in vain
Ola Radka Mar 2017
Kissed by the sun,
caressed by the wind.

I am walking
on dew
my bare feet.

My bare feet
my naked soul
keep on smiling
yet another

— The End —