"Avinnash, I think you have to move on"

It left me shocked, and all my hopes were gone

Shook hands with her and walked a few steps before I turned

Waved with a fake smile, which because of her, I have learnt

"Avinnash, I think it's time to let go"

Right, but how did it end up this way, though?

You're the one, at least that was what I thought

And then I realised, in vain, that you're not .

About how I felt when I was told to move on. It was like a mixture of sadness and regret for not doing or saying what I could've done or said earlier to her. I doubt if it would have made any difference, but who knew. Happened long ago, and I was unhappy for quite some time. But now, to be honest, I'm not emotionally affected by what happened. Maybe I have finally moved on. Though it has changed a little bit of who I am, now. Speaking of happiness, its subjective. Anyone can be happy, regardless of the circumstamces, if they really want to. I want to, therefore I am.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day ahead
Ola Radka Mar 12

Kissed by the sun,
caressed by the wind.

I am walking
on dew
my bare feet.

My bare feet
my naked soul
keep on smiling
yet another

— The End —