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Jul 22 · 455
Remember the times?
Daisy Darling Jul 22
As I lay in this bed,
All I can think about is us,
Remember the times where we talked about ahead?

Walking on the sidewalk,
All I can think about is us,
Remember the times where we would just talk?

Standing in the shower,
All I can think about is us,
Remember the times where we had willpower?

Sitting on the bus,
All I can think about is us,
Remember the times where we didn't fuss?
Jul 22 · 291
I Still Think About You
Daisy Darling Jul 22
I think about you all the time,
Feels like I'm serving time,
I hate to think that you were once mine,
I would be lying if said I was fine.
all I can do is lie
Jul 22 · 273
Daisy Darling Jul 22
Why act like that?
Stabbing my heart from the back.
You know I love you.
You claim you love me but this isn't love.
Jul 21 · 184
Daisy Darling Jul 21
His pale hands,
concave shaped fingernails,
touch me as if he is you,
but my body knows your electrons and wails.
He doesn't give me goosebumps like you
Jul 21 · 386
Daisy Darling Jul 21
Wait a minute,
He has on clothes like you,
Even walks like you,
He is laughing the way you do,
No it can’t be you,
Is it that your face,
No but I want it to be.
Why couldn't it be you?
Jul 21 · 190
Daisy Darling Jul 21
I love you,
You told me that a thousand times.
After all your crimes,
I wonder if you meant it once.

Am I just one of the guys you dated?
Disregarded in your trash?
Your toy for a year?
Did you even shed a tear?

Our plans are in the sewer,
But yours go along as planned,
You are never a wrongdoer,
Because it’s all for your well-being.

You told me you wanted to be a gymnast;
Well you bounce back faster than a boomerang;
Your peacock dance leaves me flabbergasted;
Come claim your gold medal at last.
I know I hurt him and I imagine this is how he felt in that moment.
May 29 · 176
Daisy Darling May 29
i seek validation from you,
you seek validation from them,
they seek validation from others,
always the same outcome.

every view matters
every like matters,
every comment matters,
every opinion matters.

i hate it,
scheduling my posts,
when will the most people be online,
why can't i be fine?

i am enough,
i am enough,
i am enough,
i am enough.
I hate it. I can't help it. It is just a sick disease. why do I need their validation? I am enough
May 29 · 175
no sense
Daisy Darling May 29
what do you see in her,
when did you start talking to her,
did you lie to me about being the only one in the stir,
or am i just an amateur?
that is very suspicious
May 29 · 360
move on already
Daisy Darling May 29
one year after everything,
I still love you deeply,
but you don't feel the same for me.
guess i gotta love you from a distance
May 29 · 372
Daisy Darling May 29
You told me you wanted to be a gymnast;
You bounce back faster than a boomerang;
Your peacock dance leaves me flabbergasted;
Come claim your gold medal at last.
good for you baby
May 2 · 146
I go through waves of loving and hating you;
you made me the happiest and the saddest girl;
your kisses and love kept me in your arms;
but letting you go is overdue.
I tried;
you made it hard;
but this my good bye card.
May 2 · 434
Take me back,
that is all I ask,
I've changed Jack.
take me back, my love
May 2 · 165
Forever Mine
Can I hold you one last time?
Can I kiss you even though you are not mine?
Can I tell you that it was you every time?
Can I stay with you for a lifetime?
it will always be you darling
4a.m and I'm at your door,
wondering why I haven't been here before.
Yes we're no good for each other,
but my love for you is like no other.

I know that it is late in the night;
I know that I am your kryptonite.
We’ll both regret this in the morning,
but my love I’m in mourning.

If this is the last time hold me tighter,
I will be a fighter.
Maybe we’ll last this time,
I promise to do better this time.
i miss you
Feb 4 · 452
Traffic Lights
I saw the red light,
but I didn’t stop.
I saw the red flag,
and I darted forward.

Drank the green juice,
but I didn’t squint.
Saw the green envy,
and called it truce.

Ate the apricot,
without getting caught.
Ignored the flashing amber,
now I’m at a cliffhanger.
Feb 2 · 219
You deserve another girl;
I would be a flapper in your world.
The bad guy in your fairytale,
the one to reject the veil.
Feb 2 · 167
To you I was a queen,
for me you'd give up everything.
To me you were my caffeine,
until I couldn't feel the zing.
do you know what i mean?
Sep 2020 · 132
Hurricane Romeo
Daisy Darling Sep 2020
it started with a flirt,
flipped upside down,
knocked me down,
and stole my heart.
unexpected love is the best
Sep 2020 · 285
the end
Daisy Darling Sep 2020
we ran our course,
tear filled eyes of remorse,
faded tattoo of her,
good bye my lover.
I love you, good bye 😭
Jun 2020 · 467
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
Four months since I last saw you,
Ashamed to say that I am beginning to forget your face,
Your red heart emoji has become blue,
Darling can we erase this space?
In quarantine, you begin to forget the feelings and image of your lover. Photos and FaceTime do not suffice.
Jun 2020 · 311
Trigger Thinker
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
Being left with these thoughts is dangerous,
I need to dispose of this wicked notion,
With my mind being a landfill of commotion,
Thoughts are cancerous.
The byproduct of quarantine is being left with your thoughts. Being alone is good but too much alone is disastrous.
Jun 2020 · 721
Three Words
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
When you say "I love you",
Do you really mean you love me?
Tell me because I need a guarantee.
how do you know if they actually mean those three words?
Jun 2020 · 157
we the young
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
We are inexperienced and free,
So we are whatever we want to be.
We possess optimistic minds,
And go along with the winds.

Our thoughts are limitless,
As if we are omnipotent.
Our actions are precipitant,
Because there is no need to impress.

How do we lose it?
We see ourselves as misfits,
Our new identity is a counterfeit,
With sudden movements causing us to slip.

Light is the bringer of good,
And a form of revelation.
For us it has brought destruction,
As our buoyancy darkens with falsehood.
Can I turn back the time to when I was young?
Can I feel the world the same way as when I was young?
Do you have the magic potion?
Or do I just have a notion?
Jun 2020 · 164
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
I've been caught in your web.
A spun web without a deleterious intent,
Yet my feet are stuck in cement.
Jun 2020 · 127
Not The One
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
I am not the one for you,
You deserve so much more,
Someone who you won't have to go to war for,
And someone who doesn't make you blue.
We aren't mean't to be.
Jun 2020 · 380
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
I'm a hurricane,
In your summer paradise.
I am propane,
In your ocean.
You can love someone but be bad for them. It is hard to do but remove yourself.
Jun 2020 · 171
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
No one deserves this type of life,
Yet here I am living in strife.
No where to go,
So I'm going with the flow.
Can we control life?
Jun 2020 · 299
I Don't Miss You
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
I don't miss you
I miss the way you made me laugh
I miss the way you made me feel
I don't miss you

I don't miss you
I miss the feeling of being in love
I miss your kisses
I don't miss you

I don't miss you
I miss your hands around my waist
I miss your hand in mine
I don't miss you

I don't miss you
I miss us talking at 3 am
I miss your jokes
I don't miss you

I don't miss you
I miss the comfort you offered me
I miss your warmth
I don't miss you
I don't miss you. Or do I?
Jun 2020 · 172
Out of Love
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
Here I am,
In your arms,
Yet, I feel alone,
Tell me why I feel alone.
Jun 2020 · 206
The Feeling
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
I just reread our last conversation,
And all I feel in my heart is a sensation,
My smile as wide as the ocean,
And buried in my mind is a notion.
Jun 2020 · 120
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
You wanted this
Try to remember
Before you close your eyes
You wanted this

What is freedom
If you have to abstain from dreams
With these unknown schemes
What is freedom

The rock is an anchor
You are not sinking
But you are drowning
The rock is an anchor

Pretending is not being
You taste but are deprived of indulging
Your only option is clinging
Pretending is not being

To whom will you run to
With your weary legs
And tired arms
To whom will you run to

You wanted this
Seek refuge in your past ambitions
Forget about the contemporary conditions
You wanted this
Jun 2020 · 168
Heart Affair
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
Hurt me,
Take a knife,
And stick it in my heart.

Sadden me,
Bring me strife,
And tear me apart.

Rankle me,
Worry my life,
And ignite regret for our start.

Confuse me,
Blow your fife*,
And execute your compart.

Trick me,
Come to life,
And paint me as art.

Love me,
Call me wife,
And turn around to break my heart.
*Military and marching fifes have metal reinforcing bands around the ends to protect them from damage.
Jun 2020 · 154
Veiled Thoughts
Daisy Darling Jun 2020
I am eagerly staring at the door,
I know that I desire more.

My heart is beating out of my chest,
I need to confess.

Enter you stage right,
There is the cue for my fright.

I turn away from your direction,
I become nonchalant assuming zero affection.

You have taken up residency in my mind with your omnipresence,
All day I have waited to indulge in your presence.

If only I could reach out and touch your skin,
For the time being with my eyes I take all of you in.

The utterance of your greeting surges my heart palpitations,
With my response I remind myself of my regulations.

I will stay up tonight replaying my precious thirty minutes with you,
My time with you has ended so I bid you adieu.

— The End —