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Jan 2020
i pear my eyes at the gloomy sky,
twitching with pleasure and pain.

where i hope rain will fall,
is only the acrid dust of the frenso desert.

where i hope corn will grow,
is only the weeds and seeds of earth.

i know i can not live for longer in this way. that i shall Soon Die without sistenace

all that is before my weery eyes are my Kin.
My family.
My friends.
And yes.
My livers.

The ***** themselves.
My trauma started to scream! My eyes flooded with tears from the depths of Hell Himself. Yet I know it must be done. I crunched into his shell with the fury of.l a thousand suns. It shattered beneath my choppers as I seasoned his flesh with my own salty tears. My tong registered the taste of crab flesh, that before I had only tasted in the most scandalous of contexts.

I felt his life drain, and my own restored. But at what cost?
this peom is inspiring by my Idol Justine Beeber. thank yuo all for the support i have greatley missed yuo all but was ocuppied tending too my ***** wich had fallen deathley ill
Crandall Branch
Written by
Crandall Branch  20/M/Frenso
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