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 Mar 2023
Carlo C Gomez
I feel the weight of nearly a hundred moons upon this suggestive flight deck, overtaken by transfusion in a high formation rhythmic way. Fluorescent headphones—neon red, rotate around neutral zones. Push in, pull out. Swim under the pink, towards some aerobatic link to mother earth. And still, we're not in orbit yet. Your dawning glow you blow into my lungs. Will you catch me if I blast away?
 Apr 2021
Keith W Fletcher
A breakdown in the system
Doesn't seem to bother me
I'm too busy payin the bills
To worry about others misery
Revolutions have to wait
Till all the parties get in line
But they're all still waiting on uniforms
That noone has yet design

Working at cross purposes
From a thousand different ways
Just makes a working stiffs ....
           ......eyes go dull
Like they're walking in a haze
They hang like meat at the end....
                  ....of the day
Shuffled along with all their toys
That shields them from the real real world
Behind a great wall
of  consistent white noise

It will bring the world together
Said the spider king one day
And the world changed in a second
A thousand years faded away

While smoke hung like a curtain
And lightening lit the sky
Buildings crumble with ferocity
As people continue to die
Bringing the world together
Seems to push us more apart
Somehow it seems that every end
Is just...
...another new start

False starts beg the question
Is this the final dream we've sought
Cash in for what your buying
Cash out for what you've bought

Revolutions have to wait
For all the parties to get in line
I'm still too busy payin the bills
And now I'm working off my fine

A breakdown in the system
Doesn't seem to bother me
A breakdown in the system
Hope you're not counting on me
A breakdown in the systemmmm
A breakdown bre bre  aaakdoooo........
In the syyysttteeeeeerdm.....
 Apr 2021
each night
i dream of you

the way your fingertips
dance so gently across my skin

a warm breath on my neck
rendering my frame to tremble with delight

enthralling my frangible spirit
by the mere sight of your diamond eyes

the saccharine taste of honey
dripping from the lips you press to mine

the things i would do
to finally be with you
 Nov 2020
Alex Greenwell
your eyes seem to carry volumes.
deep set inside your sockets, flecked
with fire-light shadows and deep red ocre.

some would see this and think of romance.
your breath traveling against my chin and warming my jawline with humidity. a moaning similar
to the shriek of jungle birds and hoots of primates.

they would see your hand grabbing at my side, and see morning glory vines. your fingertips flashing bright orange similar to honeysuckle.
do you think they see the bruises?

I wonder just how often you weave your love poems into your teeth
when you bite into me.
when you take my flesh into yourself and devour my peace
like a cut from sweet, fruity flesh.
does my submission satisfy you?

or do you have these wild nights with the others?
do you go
out on streets and flash your smile?
do you let your fingers drip down sweet flesh laced with salt and lime juice?
do they open up to you more
or do you take their silence as
invitation as well?

from the first moment your
geode lips scrape against my body,
until I am filled with a satisfaction
all your own.
I count three-hundred-and-thirty
and during that time the cosmos breath,

and the stars continue to whisper
 Mar 2020
He carves words he has spoken
Of promises unbroken
whispering into the dark
Chiselling delicately into her bones
With tobacco juice to bring out the tones
Quietly engraving symbols and psalms
Living for the night
Working through to the light
Communing only through dreams
In daylight she's secure
Inside a white Alder tree
Protected and respected
Her spirit flies free
 Mar 2020
We step into existence from beyond the veil
With our fate stamped upon our souls.
Marking distinctions between science and faith
We find ourselves advancing through the cycle of life.
The Leapster or Leap Year baby
Shares a joke with the cosmos
Flouting our concept of time
To be born within times eternal spring
In life's cycle of ever green
We look to the stars
In order to be seen.
 Jul 2019
Only those that

care about you most

can hear you when you’re silent
 Nov 2018
Benjamin Adekunle
Dressing **** is the direct opposite of being ****. Certain information should have to be earned rather than given away for free to anyone & everyone who passes by your doorstep.
Preserve That Mystery.
You don't have to expose your body to be termed **** or beautiful. Its way more than what's outside.
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