I imagined fireflies swaying through my stomach the first time we met. These little living lights tumbling through my organs and illuminating my bones. The idea that I had this glowing light inside made me feel much calmer.

That was the first time. The night seemed perfect enough yet drawn out on a track that I had no control over. But for some reason I enjoyed it. Letting little fireflies take the lead instead of whatever things run inside my head. The perfection was comfortable but didn't leave me holding my breath.

When I tell secrets I feel sick. Nauseous and full of air that seems to tickle my spine and inflate my mind. I begin worrying about serious, unrealistic things.

The second time we met, I imagined my arms covered by spider webs. Thin candy floss of silk threads, attached far away to the horizon. I made sure to stay subdued, because I knew without these strings I would run to you and stay. I knew I would touch, and grab, and rub, and shake. I knew I would find myself entangled in much more complicated things then a spider's webs.

I feel pathetic wondering what to text. I feel homely wanting to see you, to let my fingers trail through your hair and feel you tense (I know how much you hate people touching your hair, but you still let me) and then relax like a cog on a gear dying down. I feel worried knowing just where you would place your hand on my chest and just how your fingers would wander.

I imagine myself covered in insects and creepy crawling things because such creatures don't seem like lovers of romance. I try to pretend that neither are we.

Although it seems to sting.
Sometimes it makes me want to choke. When I see girls in yellow sweaters and boys with aviator glasses feeling love under a fluorescent gas station light. When I see hangnails on holding hands, and when I see chipped-tooth smiles. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever feel something for anyone around me. I feel a connection with all these people who float around, yet I can never get attached. I can never make myself feel anything more than mediocre delight in knowing a person.

I see these couples who are revolving around one another like the cosmos and I am left buzzing around their romance like gnats around a bug-zapper. All I hear are electric vibrations that get louder the closer I get, and I wonder how far I can go without killing myself.
I find myself wishing for your lips touched with the scent of honey and anise - flavored with sweet citrus and worn laugh-lines. There are times when I feel snow settle across my cheeks that I remember how it felt when I gripped your thigh and let each finger slide and tumble across your skin. It seemed tender and soft, but never in my life have I felt so desperate. Your lips gliding down my neck, following my arteries that seemed to wrap and wind like the smoky smell of cinnamon. Eyes closed, but all seeing, even without sight we found our way along one another's topography. Your wrist ice and cool slate. Your back red and weeping, bruised red and purple like stone-fruit. I still find myself brushing off the trails left by your quivering fingertips as they slid down my sides, your chin resting across my shoulder and your leg intertwined with mine. Sheets scattered and spread like drops splattered by rain-boots in fresh puddles. Heart beating like the flutter of an eyelash being blown by a finger-tip wish. Blood pumping like shady sunlight scraping across a tiled back porch, snapping against arched feet hoping to reach cool, summer grass - freshly cut.

I find myself wishing for these moments, yet the call of phones ringing and the gargle of co-workers commenting on the boringly interesting, coupled by coffee breaks and water-cooler talk. It brings me back to where I am now. Post-it notes and paperclip reality.
Alex Greenwell Oct 2017
For a while, all there was, was excitement. A trembling in my body and bones, an increase in my blood. Serotonin flooding each neuron and making me feel satisfied with all life had to offer for a moment.

But excitement is a petty lover. She gets bored quickly and tends to seek for more troubling things. First alcohol and then more powerful beings. She pops pills and drinks spirits, trying to seancé the happiness that has left her dry and dead. I suppose I'm always left as the channel.

It's perplexing. For a time, each second last minutes or days; and all I feel is a type of passion while stuck in a haze. But happiness doesn't belong here. This is not where she's known. Yet, excitement still plays, lounging on a pill-bottle thrown and plays these moments for days at a time (or maybe it's only seconds, one could never tell).

It becomes catching. Soon my body forgets how happiness feels but it is intimate with passion. It knows how strong the desire for things truly are. When you see the thing you love, serotonin begins rushing through your blood. But vices never seem to love me as much as I love them. For I consume them. Taking each morsel inside me because if it's left in the hollow of my chest, perhaps it will stay.

But excitement (or is it passion?) is always fleeting.
Alex Greenwell Oct 2017
The cold seems to creep in. It gathers at the folds of fall and sends crisp crackles down splintered spines. Things gain a sense of urgency, the wind whips with more ferocity and graves are left to lay away as they decompose like the bodies held inside, where spooky stories tend to thrive and people wonder. They wonder just when the world began to change. Just when shots began firing in cluttered squares, where man decided that the decision of life was their's, to gather in. Just when did man decide that the grave was home to his fellow mankind. The earth rests in commotion, in question, in fear it hides.

But the world knows. The earth can feel chaos in it's bones and breaths in peace real deep. It sets it's children out on quivering feet and whispers: "find freedom and peace to be what is meant to be." So the world walks. The wind howls and leaves fall softly to the wilting ground as nature crawls and yawns and bows to seek....rest. The streams and rivers flow deep and cool, they set a path for wounds to heal, oceans deep and mountain glen - reminding the sky to set peace down upon this wilted ground, again.

So thunder strikes and fire crashes, a tapestry of sunset skies. Man once again feels life behind his closing eyes, and winks. Winks and sees fresh covered ground, a white silk blanket set upon earthen crowns. Crows hollowed caw is set in rest and heralds in peace that is blessed.

The world sinks deeply into sleep, lullabying softly "be at peace, be at peace," and so the earth rests in hibernatious slumber, and boys become men and begin to wonder what is left for them in a world that has already been discovered.

"Peace, find peace," is all that is muttered. So they keep wondering.
Alex Greenwell Oct 2017
I tend to lay everyday against the yellowed, tile floor looking up at the textured ceiling that wraps around wood beams. The ceiling looking cracked and fractured like a child's bone laying in a florescent cast. I lay there seeing faces against the platform above like angels looking through a fogged, glass ceiling. Gazing down into a fishbowl called reality. I wonder if they ever question what really happens down here. What really tends to grow.

A cool rag placed against a heated forehead, wondering if heaven exists - how long we are left to sleep. Someday we'll know.

Someday we'll know,
Alex Greenwell Sep 2017
standing lonesome in the smoke,
makes it easy to question whether or not,
something really is burning.
you hear the crack and pop of
glowing, starving embers.
you smell a sickly, syrupy sweetness,
that could only be melting wood and steel.

but you are in the midst of it,
so it never seems quite real.
until you've fallen to the ground,
inhaling stiff vapor and dry smoke,
pouring from lips.
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