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 Feb 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
She has this iron shell,
indestructible, impenetrable.
Made of an armor of thorns,
strikes harder than thunderstorms.
But behind this ironclad,
is a lovely maiden
waiting for her lad
to embrace her iron fortress
with faith and tenderness,
to awaken and release her
from her long golden slumber.

I know, it's not your prison,
but rather your protection.
Just come my dear,
there's no need to fear,
Just hold my hand,
you'll be safe here.
 Feb 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
Every moment
is a unique piece
of a puzzle in our life.

So if you missed
that one important moment
you may lose
the most important piece
of the puzzle of your life.

Nothing can ever
replace the single piece.

Don't hesitate,
go for it,
or your life
will forever be incomplete.
 Feb 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
You may not be the sun
who lights up
everyone's day,

You may not be the moon
who glows in everyone's
cold night,

You may not be the stars
who flickers everyone
with a smile.

But you are my gentle firefly,
who gleams with me
in this dark tunnel,
who keeps me company
in this solitary drift,
who glitters me with hope
to hold on and continue
as I tread this burrow.

Please stay with me.
 Jan 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
Stop running
in my head,

Just stay
in my heart.
 Dec 2016
Amanda Small
i hear your car pull into the driveway
and I rush to close my eyes.

i pull the covers to my shoulders
and pretend that i am sleeping

this has become my ritual

i can hear your key turn in the lock and my heart presses against my ribcage.
i have been waiting for this

you quietly enter our bedroom
the smell of snow follows you in.

(just for a moment.)
the rustle of layers being shed

i feel the bed shift as you climb in next to me

you reach for me
lightly touching my side

in this dark room
i am beaming


it's all you say,
but in it i can hear the high note of every love song.

with a smile firmly in place
i slowly open my eyes

only to find myself alone

in a room miles away
This is the first poem I've shared in years, so any critique is more than welcome.
 Feb 2015
Lillian Harris
You found your way
Into my heart
And lit a flame
Within it
That I thought
Would never burn.

It roars
So bright and hot
Inside my chest,
Igniting even the
Loneliest corners of my soul
Where it was before so
Dark and desolate.

And yet this warmth
Remains inadequate
When the distance
Yawns between us
Like an abyss,
Taunting me with only
The semblance of nearness.

We're sitting on separate sides
Of a great divide
Where Time is wearing thin
But I'm still reaching desperately
To feel, just once
The gentle heat
Of your hand
Holding mine.
 Feb 2015
Lillian Harris
I'm terrified that you
Are falling in love
With the idea of me,
That the masterpiece
Your mind has painted
Far surpasses the reality
Of its subject.

When you see each
Glaring imperfection,
The incongruent lines
That shape my body,
The speckled skin
That litters my frame,
Perhaps you'll realize that
This canvas was flawed all along.

Past the impressionist blur of color
So thickly laced with
Your dreams,
There am I,
A harsh form
Captured in still life.
An incomplete charcoal sketch.

It could be that
You've simply
Never been one for realism
And I'm just
"The Girl with a Pearl Earring"
When you always wanted
"Starry Night"
 Dec 2014
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
I now understand
the reason why it is called
falling in love

*because it hurts.
 Nov 2014
Paul C
"Do you...?"
The elder asked in late September,
It wasn't difficult, I knew the answer,
But still I paused, briefly undisturbed
And every detail, I suddenly remembered:

Glancing look
Batting eye
Short of breath
Long sigh.

Chest pocket
Slightly pounds,
Deep breath...
"Nice to meet you"

Charming smile,
Class Monday,
First touch,
Dinner Friday?  

Silent pause,
Checks calender
"That'll work!"
Phone number.

Sweating palms
Nerves swell
Deep breath...

Dad's request,
Home at eight,
"Movie premier?"
Second date.

Hand in mine,
Afraid to miss,
Eyes close,
First kiss.

Throat tightens
Tears form
First fight
Cheeks warm.

Things I said,
Were never true,
You see... Because..
Well... "I love you."

Bended knee
Golden band
White box
Take my hand?

Five maids
Five men
White dress

Chest pocket,
Slightly pounds.
Sweating palms,
Nerves swell.
Throat tightens,
Tears form;
"Do you..?"

The elder asked in late September,
It wasn't difficult, I knew the answer.
 Oct 2014
Lillian Harris
Oh that I could love
And be loved in return
To feel warmth in the hearth
Of my heart
And not the icy emptiness
Of darkened stone
That seems to whisper
"You're alone"

Perhaps this ache in my throat
Would briefly dissipate if you
Tied your heart to mine,
Stitching the delicate pieces together again,
Though I thought them

You, the faceless figure
Whose absence I have
Known so long,
A phantom wish
Robed in my hopes,
The name on the tip of my tongue
That I can never seem to taste.
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