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 Jun 2018
I can't hear
There's a darkness

Spinning in circles
Drawing squares in the

Confusion reigns
while calmness soothes

Longing for the dawn
at night
Longing for the night
at dawn

Wanting to be alone
when together
Missing you every
second we're apart

At work watching
the clock
At home restless
not knowing what to do

There is a road
that goes
There is a home
that stays
I'm sure there's a way
Never heard them say -
it was easy being
 Nov 2017
Dr Zik
I am a your will
I'm not eager to deny
Love and commitment
Dr Zik's Poetry
 Jul 2017
Dr Zik
Sunsets every eve
Sunrises every morn
Day splashes light in dark
Seeds peep out in hurry
Birds tweet in joy-full song
Departure needs forgiveness
Arrival bows in norm
O’ my Lord!
Bless me
My dear mother passed away on Monday, June 19, 2017. May Allah (God) bless her with Jannah. Amen!

Dr ZIK's Poetry
 Jul 2017
Dr Zik
What a beauty of a flower showing!
What a fragrance of a flower mentioning!
What silence of a bud can offer?
What a dawn whispering!
What a dewdrop capturing!
Can You say?
It is not about You.
O’ my Lord!
It's all about you Lord
Dr. ZIK's Poetry
 Feb 2017
Dear readers , its that time
again for me to talk to you
and explain. I write from the
core of my heart. I write
because he exists from the
start. Its hard to weave all
these emotions under your
skin. Its hard to love in
silence because to others
your love might seem
as sin.

Dear readers , the heart
wants what it wants. No
culture or religion or God
can put a stop. We as living
human beings were created
from the same star dust.
Therefore setting no rules
for love should be a must.

Dear readers , love is a
mixture of pure emotions.
It's not just about being
***** and craving lust. It's
about that spark that's set
in the depths of your souls.
Its about that energy thats
created when we kiss and
touch. Its sacred and

Dear readers , don't
complicate love. Its a
blessing from the heavens
above. The best gift we
could ever have. Feel it ,
adore it , obsess it , hold
it. Plant it in your souls ,
plant it where ever you
go. Dear readers please
don't deny this and say
no. Carry love with you
on every road you
go ~
 Oct 2016
If only, we were young again
For those days, will ever remain
In our thoughts, and memory

We were young and fair
Most things we would dare
And not, have much of a worry

Friends were easily made
Differences, didn’t make us afraid
Always eager, to strangers query

The problems seemed lighter
The nights were much brighter
While we, basked in all our glory

We could run and sing
Do almost anything
Were more carefree and merry

Oh the things that we dared
And never got scared
We were naive, but never wary

We were taught not to tease
Always say please
And to work, never tarry

Our friends were more fun
We got much more done
But not, in much of a hurry

Disappointments were rare
Life seemed more fair
Everything was, just hunky dory

The grass was greener
The air so much cleaner
We were neither, liberal nor tory

The jokes were funnier
The days far sunnier
And the movies, not as gory

The air was fresher then
Can you remember when
We played, and were never sorry

For the things that we did
Or the goodbyes we bid
Only now, we tell the story

We saw all the beauty
Fulfilled our duty
But now, life’s become blurry

How did we all miss
It would turn out like this
Father time, make us feel his fury
 Sep 2016
Ignatius Hosiana
Life’s a hula-hoop, what goes around comes back around…
you don’t need to alter to move, you don’t need to walk away to move on.
Some go as far as half way across the sphere and remain right
where they were shattered to smithereens, some go and leave their hearts behind.
Even at constant, things change. You may mean nothing to somebody at the moment
but what if I tell you rumour has it that someday you might be everything
Even scientists claim Mother Nature was once nothing, and from nonentity ensued the big bang…
I used to dispute this theory so much so bad…but now I realize nothing’ll ever be more true…
someday a big bang is going to happen in a heart of the very person
to whom you are but an oblivious void of transparent obstruction and
a consequent profound alteration…You’ll turn out to be their cosmos,
the stratum of your mouth will be a vista they wish to osculate,
the glow of your lips a dawn they crave in the chilly twilight of their solitude
and your eyes will sparkle like the stars in the sky of the future they dream about…
They’ll stutter in chills for you’ll be so cool, an ice age they’ll wish they’d skied through
while they had the chance, yet again a supernatural cause of global warming,
so hot that they’ll sweat, by radiation the gamma rays of hot passion will pierce
through the weak walls of their hitherto frozen hearts and as a result,
the tectonic plates holding their souls will release, and consequently
a quake of an unimaginable magnitude will send them head over hills.
As if that’s not enough, a labyrinthine volcano will erupt at the peak of their pride,
the “Lover” will flow with them back down to earth, residual effects will be felt even when miles away…
On the wind ward side of a resultant Everest of regret, up the skies of their eyes
will linger copious clouds of grief and everyday it will rain.
The crop of their esteem will be washed in the flood of the moment
And in hunger they’ll ravenously gobble their words,
Get on their knees and ask you to be their rainbow…
 May 2016
The children covet.
No longer pure.
There is a feeling.
An intimate feeling.
To grip anything breathing and just ******
the pain into oblivion.
Not love but lust.
Feelings are too much.
The children can run carelessly.
Playing with whomever is near.
Whether it's forceful or submissive.
All have been warned.

**Circle Two
 May 2016

"Quieten down...
Release your anchor, and sink into bed."

"I can't...
The whims of the world are much to heavy...
For me not to bother."

"The weight of the world isn't yours to bear...
It'll sort itself out,
if only you'd give it time to spare..."

"But that's just it, isn't it?
If only there's enough time for all of it to fit.
The ******* truth is...
there's never enough.
There can never be for those built with edges so rough."

"Why are you so sure
about something that has yet to happen?
When future's sand has yet to be spilled,
and its ink has yet to be written."

"Because that's just me.
I am a being fraught with worry.
You know that.
It's the only way I can be ready.
It's the only way I can be steady."

"Then allow me to keep you company.
For I am you, as much as you are me.
Till such time you eventually feel,
that you're ready to retire and heal."

"Thank you...
Your words comfort me much.
I welcome you,
to see me through this chaos in my head.
I've severed the anchor...
Let us sail to tranquillity,
leave the turbidity in our wake.
And replace it with
peaceful dreams in its stead."


You know you've lost your marbles when you write pieces such as this.
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