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 Apr 3
Arlo Disarray
(song lyrics)

i’m up so high
there’s no sky above me
i reach out my arms
i can touch the stars

and on the edge
looking down below me
i see the people
and how small we are

i’m falling down
from the ledge i’ve stood on
dropping fast
as i hit the ground

but i’ll come back
as a ghost, don’t worry
you won’t relax
i’ll make sure of that

i don’t think that i can die
i’ve tried already
but every time
i am still…

i guess i’m stuck
not sure why i’m wanted
but i’m still here
i just don’t give a ****….

I entered an open door —
A room was before me
The presence was high
And I sense no misery.

When I pray, You listen
When I listen, You speak.
You’re the Author of everything —
You’re the Keeper of the keys.

Nothing —
Just nothing can separate You and me
I say, “One storm at a time,”
My soul was thirsty for more
More Faith to quench the thirst.

When You look at me,
What can You see,
When You measure my faith,
Can You say I passed the test?

When I leave this place,
Does it mean You don’t care?
Oh, carry me in Your arms
I’ll be back, I will always return.

I told you I would no longer write for you —
That I won’t hide it in series of poetry anymore.
I was old enough
And I know it’s no longer trendy
I write you letters but I don’t send it anyways.

I wanna tell you how much I cared
To let you go as God says so
At first, I was so scared losing you
As if you were “mine”
Though I never had this “thing” with you.

Honestly, I was left with no choice at all —
I thought you’ll wait for me
Just like what you’ve promised.
But maybe words were just empty words.

Hey, I’m sorry that you got tired of me
I was crazy to let you go without even confessing.
You’re too early and I was too late
But it’s kinda unfair
Coz I believed everything you said.

I know I hurt you too
Many times, you told me you’re no longer at peace.
I hated myself for hurting you
But I have to let myself heal and bloom once again.

The connection I had with you was different
I thought I’m already “home” when I’m with you.
But I never had the chance to cherish everything…
It was the last time, but I haven’t said anything.

The pain within me was more than my emotions,
You’re not just a piece of me
But being with you for a short span
Was like staying where I want to be.

I had so many questions in my head —
But the answer I get was you moved on already.
Seeing you around makes me forgive you
And leads me to forgive myself too.

I ain’t perfect —
But this connection has lapsed
And I have to leave this page.

As I look to the skies, I see the stars
Waving their light
In the vastness of their own universe.

In the mirror, I talk to myself —
“I see your scars and you’re messed up…
You’re tired and everything’s heavy.”

I tried to close my eyes
Where it’s just me and You —
You who always believed in me.

You say,
“I see your scars and yet I love you…
I know you’re tired but I have you.”

When I try to quit,
You say, “Quitting is not an option.”
Your love is enough; at the Cross, I surrender.

Who am I to be numb?
When Your love was the only hope I cling to…
Who am I not to love you back?
When Your love was the reason of my existence?
 May 2021
Seranaea Jones

take any pen and
pull off the cap,

test-scribble on paper
to see if the machine
on the end of it
will distribute


take a
briquette and
mark a concrete
wall with your ideas
in full black

either way—

i guarantee that
an authority will
make an attempt
to pressure wash it
back off with a
water cannon...

s jones

26 Apr 2021
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