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 May 2015 Celestial Vince
sleep, I need you dearly
                    ­            do
my eyes are sluggish and
             I am overbearingly weary
             oh, how can you not see me
                          in this pale haze, I'm dreary
                                                          ­         why
                                                             ­    do
  ­                                                   lie
           ­                         with
   ­                      you drown me, I am dying...
That feeling I had for you is gone.
It didn't just up and leave over night.
I slowly fell out of love with you,
I no longer think of you in the same way.
I don't get this sudden urge to spend time with you.
Instead I get the urge to get away.

I'm tired of telling you everything is going to be okay,
because instead you don't believe me, you listen to her over me.
I don't know maybe I'm jealous.

That still doesn't explain,
why my stomach doesn't ache from butterflies,
just by hearing your voice say my name.

That doesn't explain why when I look in your eyes,
I don't have a smile beamed across my face.
That still doesn't explain why,
I don't care about you or your opinions.

My feelings for you
didn't just leave over night,
You  slowly drifted away.
Here I'm at this point(the present) standing placidly and astoundingly glancing at the zenith with wishes of reaching that peak and pinnacle of success. One step at a time, till you learn how to fly and I've heard a few say "patience is a virtue" and I believe so too,I believe patience is a harvest that's fruitful and can only bring forth happiness. Greatness takes time to acquire and for you to discover it within you requires qualities such as determination,patience and ambition. Those play a vital role for you to embrace that greatness.

As I reciprocate to my thoughts and reminisce about the years gone by,a phenomena occurs..I get a vivid glimpse of the future. Marvelled at my willingness to catapult beyond confinements. I give thanks to my inner peace that sources of this confidence so I could unflinchingly go toe-to-toe with any obstruction that gets on my path.

I live my life aware that with each breath I take I'm blessed therefore I'm appreciative of each day I get to live. I strategically calculate the steps I have to take to land me on the podium. In patience,occurs unnatural omens which signify the skies never receiving your hope. So even if I fail along the way I could never be inclined to give it all up.

P A T I E N C E = G R E A T N E S S
Patience equalises to the discovery of greatness. I wrote this when I had hope. Thinking back to those years gone by I know I'll make it to the top. I'll never use my circumstances as a scapegoat for my misfortunes. I don't know if this is a poem but I just wrote something someone out there can relate to.
He was light,
So bright it was blinding,
But he was as ephemeral as a strike of lightning.
I couldn't see reality,
And even though he's gone,
I still see spots when I close my eyes.
If only i could die in my sleep and I wake up to my dream.

I don't wanna know reality.
I just want to be carefree.
Live on the edge with no needs to strategically plan a plan B.
I just want to live in this utopia eternally,be able to harvest in the grape vine which isn't a resemblance of rumours.
Run with my bare feet in strawberry fields.
Don't even tell me what stress is. Let the wind whisper to my soul as I stand placid.
I close my eyes and drift in celestial realms, just to be observant and admire..not to quest.

The luminescence of the sun screamed "wake up!" to my eyes. I tried to keep them shut
reality kicked it as I dreaded waking up. I sighed "life".
At times we wake up wishing we could stay asleep. I think it would be beautiful too. I believe death opens another door to a beautiful life. Anyway i once on a song said "if i die in my sleep will i die in my dreams or a night mare"
The music blasts,she orders a glass as I take a glance.

She smiles yet it's all transparent. I could tell she's stressed.
She had a missing halo yet I could tell she was a celestial descendant.

I took a step..A step..

To know      
Her very well.

I didn't even know her name,could barely see her face. She stepped closer,we danced the night away,entwining with the stars. Caressing her chilled my spine.
Every moment felt so right till she was released from my arms and left.
This happens often when you're partying.
patience hasn’t been
one of my better
& if you’re expecting me
to wait for you
like a stranded man
in the sahara
who has no where else
to go

that is like
to wait for death
after the poisonous
bite of a snake

the fear that you won’t return
will paralyze me

for you
are only a mirage
so i
will grasp my own vine
pull myself
out of this quicksand
i am sinking in.
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