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 Oct 2015 Celestial Vince
My words feed off my emotions
And I feed off the thought of you.

My life depends on oxygen
And my thoughts depend on the colour blue.

My heart races against time, and death
My mind shivers at the thought of my last breath

Oh lord, she's writing again
About love, loss, pain, death,
Blue memories
and **the end.
All these things always add up to you.
It's daft, but unfortunately true.
You choose your path,
And when in wrath,
You choose how to react,
With people,you choose how to act,
When wrong,you choose to either accept or deny,
But the laws of nature;you can't defy
When you're wrong,you're wrong.
You can't run away from the consequences like you can from a ball when playing ping pong.
Life is a series of choices and results.
The wind is blowing tirelessly,
Delicate flowers are falling,
Branches are all shaking vigorously,
And I learn something from them,
No matter how hard the wind may blow,
They only move,
They don't change their shapes and colours,
The flowers may fall but at some point they allow the same wind to blow them into the sky and make them fly.
So I learn that hard situations shouldn't change who we are,
We only need to adjust our attitudes,
Struggles are there to make you a victor,
Like the flower being made to fly by what brought it down,
You let your struggles elevate you.
We crossed paths
I crossed a line
You crossed me off your list   
          ­                                    o
     W                                e
          e                   ­      m
               c               d
                  r         e
                    o   s
I     c    r    o   s    s   e   d     a     l   i   n  e
                   o   s
                r         e
             c             d
      u                       p
   o                            a
Y                                 t
We crossed paths
I crossed a line
You crossed me off your list
Shadows of my reflection. I found bliss in crawling on walls freely, camouflaging with the dark and the moon's exposure whereby my identity surfaced.
My emancipation from the mundane. Stay right beside you though you aren't around,I repetitively question who am I? We're one yet separate entities. I enjoy knowing you're around though at times you disappear when I'm in the dark. (Erase the last line)I'm appreciative of the shelter you provide. There was harmony in my resonance with nyctophilia.

You're always here with me. I'm always here with you. Nothing contrary to that.
 May 2015 Celestial Vince
The world has not been
kind to her kind.
Tormented by her mind,
peace she can not find.

History bears witness
to her mental stain.
Told that her skin is a disease,
she scrubs away the pain.

Wounded and forever alone
in this desert terrain.
Hope floods her thoughts
like summer rain.

The red of her blood seeps through her scars,
liquid consolation caressing her skin.

She is human,isn't that enough?
My first spoken word piece :)
 May 2015 Celestial Vince
Your love begs the release of this immunity.

You see,despite my growing ******,

I remain an oddity.
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