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Dec 2020 · 260
That was just a dream
Cecelia Dec 2020
Riddled with the continuous cycle of the same terrorizing thing. My soul has been played continuously like a fiddle and I am unsure how to break this cycle. I know I can, but when you are riddled with a continuum of repeated tormentous events, it makes you weak… so weak you can’t help but run into the next riddle of pain….
December 3 2020
May 2020 · 104
Unheeded (untouchable)
Cecelia May 2020
There she is, like a wildflower sitting on top of the world
You can see her, you can breathe her air
But you cannot touch her.

If she didn’t want to be found out
She wouldn’t dangle so close to the ground

If she allowed me to see her colors, smell the scent
And feel the petals,
She must want me to know more and more.

But I cannot obtain more.

No one seems to care, am I the only one
Who does treat this wildflower in an unheeded manner?

I admire the beauty, the mystery and the brilliance
Coming from this flower.
This is no typical flower, even if it is,
The fact that it is stuck up in the air, is unfair.

I cannot help but desperately crave to bring it down
Bring it down to ground level
And hold it tightly in my hands.

Even though it is out of my reach,
Even though I keep discovering more about this wildflower,
It will never be enough.

I will never learn enough.
I will never stop craving more.
it's about someone if you look deep
May 2020 · 231
Behind this madness...
Cecelia May 2020
Behind this madness is a secret
A secret that can only be uncovered
Through a hidden door, past a hidden hallway

Speaking to you, telling you to follow
But not to fall

Behind this madness is a secret.
And that secret may be nothing.

Mar 2020 · 305
Don't Ignore the Rain
Cecelia Mar 2020
Ignoring the rain drizzling down
Wiping away despair
Allowing distance, drama and reflection
Is a crime

Ignoring the clouds
Forming your heart
Forming your thoughts
Bringing clarity
Wrapped in confusion

Such beauty
Such natural explosions from within
Must not be ignored
-Cecelia C

Adoring this rainy, cloudy yet also sunny weather.
Feb 2020 · 149
Ballad for the Blondie
Cecelia Feb 2020
Sadness to fall upon you, when you
Are committing such crimes
Run to the nearest comfort that
You've always known

Go to that place where you use others
And reach for the signs to sin
Maybe some day you will find peace
Because this life you have lived was
Outlandishly miserable
As it should have been, on your own accord.
Feb 2020 · 96
Cecelia Feb 2020
Vengeance is my religion
My religion is vengeance.

Watch what you do
To those who aren't cruel
And I will subdue you
To the pits of hell.
Feb 16 2020
Jan 2020 · 149
Moon Amour 2020
Cecelia Jan 2020
The moon
She watches over us
Shines light on every moment

Looking out and above
Her beauty is enchanting
And his voice is soothing
No matter what disaster can arise.
January 9 2020
Dec 2019 · 110
Grim Reaper
Cecelia Dec 2019
I am face to face with the Grim Reaper

Not yet has he grasped onto my shoulder
But in time this will happen
Much quicker than it should

Face to face with death itself
Meeting him is just a stroll down the lane
That so many have gone down

I have yet to turn around
And face the flowers and light

So I see the Grim Reaper
And I am turning away
Goodbye to this dangerous weeper
Not today
Cecelia C.
Oct 2019 · 173
Taken by Life
Cecelia Oct 2019
The life of a shining young star
Would have yet to come so far
If life didn't take her

The dreams of a shining bright sun
Her whole life had yet to come
But the end ended all means
Cecelia C.
Sep 2019 · 163
Success is There
Cecelia Sep 2019
It's there, I can see it
I can feel it pulling me

Disaster and disappointment
Can only discourage me for so long

Because the sun's radiance is there
I can feel it driving me towards
Cecelia C.
Aug 2019 · 93
For Cassie
Cecelia Aug 2019
Dear Cassie,

I did not know you as a person
But I have known you as a spirit

You were the apparition
Of a consistent joy
Always there on the corner

Your tragedy
Turned into vagueness
Which turned into knowledge

And now that knowledge I have
Will follow me forever

Be at peace, beautiful Cassie
Cecelia C
Aug 2019 · 234
Cecelia Aug 2019
The world is so new
Yet you have lived here before
Your eyes are gold
But your mind is old

Wisdom possess you
Wonder and patience runs through your veins
Your beautiful blue eyes
See more than just the surface

Angel of goodness and imagination
Cecelia C.
Aug 2019 · 200
Real Talk: My Dreams
Cecelia Aug 2019
My subconscious is another world
It drags me into the luring apparition of
Love and fear

This world is filled with what I want
At the base of it all
It's another world I'd love to live in

But this earthly world drags me back upon each wakening
The reality of love and fear
But it's not worth it
And it's not what I want

Thus every waking moment
After experiencing my dreams
Is a nightmare, and a torturous reminder
Of what I don't have
And of what I can't feel.
August 9, 2019
Cecelia C.
May 2019 · 201
Birthday Celebration 2019
Cecelia May 2019
Truly blessed
With this fascinating day
Filled with joy, lights and wonder

Delicious food and the comfort of family
Thank you friends, thank you family
And thank you Earth for a joyous
And most cherished
Birthday Celebration
May 28 2019
Had a wonderful birthday.
May 2019 · 186
sigh • la • vie
Cecelia May 2019
sigh la vie
and c'est misery
Apr 2019 · 137
Cecelia Apr 2019
today it stormed
for just a minute
the thunder roared
and the lightning struck
water fell upon the house
and the skies were dark
and cloudy

but within minutes
the sky is now clearing
with beautiful sunlight
dripping through the clouds
the sky is silent
and the world has now experienced

because today it stormed
for just a minute
April 29, 2019
Apr 2019 · 124
Notre Dame
Cecelia Apr 2019
the fire rummages through
the past
the present
and the connection to humanity

it can damage
it can fall
but it does not
have the power
to dissolve
the beauty of Our Lady
love you Paris, stay strong from this infamous tragedy on April 15, 2019

Cecelia C.
Feb 2019 · 416
Cecelia Feb 2019
the sunset is bleeding into the room
all the secrets from within
will make themselves known
when the winter breeze comes
and takes you away
Cecelia C.
Jan 2019 · 295
Young Still
Cecelia Jan 2019
Another spark
Ignites within your soul
Shining bright
Brighter than the stars
You once knew

You are growing
To the point of no return
Though you make it
A journey still

Knowledge, excitement
Wisdom, humor
Have not aged
And will not
For several years to come

Happy Birthday
to someone (P)
Jan 2019 · 158
Cecelia Jan 2019
Alas the last year of this
Dreadful decade
Is coming to an end

Last year was a rollercoaster
Though in the end I realize
I had fun

Not expecting much change
As I feel its not within my range
Though it will be a transitional
And educational year
Spiritually, socially within myself
Dec 2018 · 319
Swirling Gratitude
Cecelia Dec 2018
Beautifully swirling
With gratitude
Looking around at all
The warmth from the heart
Has brung

To the table
To under the tree
To the clothes we wear in unison

Looking at all the glistening lights
They shine so bright
So festive and cheery

Family lifting up spirits
When the friends knock them down
True ones there for you
Will show you through actions
By sharing more than material objects

Words and actions
Swirl me into gratitude
Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2018
by Cecelia C.
Dec 2018 · 295
Wintertime ❄️
Cecelia Dec 2018
The sweet serenity
Of sipping hot cocoa
The joyous laughter
Coming from the screen
The silly symphony
Echoing from the instruments
The jazzy chorus
Humming poetry
The cold winds blowing
The soft snow snowing
All during Wintertime
December 2, 2018
Cecelia C.
Nov 2018 · 113
Cecelia Nov 2018
If only you could know

Who I am

And what it is
About me

That makes me truly
Each and every

Bit of who I am

And what everyone is
Oct 2018 · 167
To Drown
Cecelia Oct 2018
I tried to run as fast as I could
To avoid falling down the well
Deep into the unknown
And the feared

Little did I know
I had already fallen
All the way to the bottom

How could I have been so blind?
How could I not have known?

For so long I've tried to hide
From the truth I knew deep inside

Now the time has come where
I can no longer run
I've only the option
To drown in reality
Cecelia Oct 2018
fascinatingly painful

a black and white vision
of dreams in color

just an embodiment of
the object called life

afraid to know
yet we all know

afraid to see more
yet we crave it

because it is art
a dream

a dream called
- Reality -

Cecelia C.
Oct 2018 · 143
La Vie (Life)
Cecelia Oct 2018
Life is like a movie
Is that good or bad?

Should it make us happy
Or perhaps sad?

Life is like a song
High pitched, then somber

Should it make us see things
that we never have seen before?
by Cecelia C.
Oct 2018 · 138
Cecelia Oct 2018
Poets are the scariest people
You could ever know

Their honesty is bound to

Deeper and deeper into your
own life

Poet are the best, most comforting people
You could ever know

Their honesty is bound to

Deeper and deeper into our
own lives
October 1, 2018
Cecelia C.
Sep 2018 · 140
Through a Vision
Cecelia Sep 2018
Feeling as if everything I've ever wanted
Disguised as a dream
A tainted dream
Has pulled me
Pulled me through the streets of hope
Of dread

I can't get away from this force
It keeps pushing me
Pushing me
Through a vision of what I've dreamt of

A new chapter,
Please don't end so quickly
September 22, 2018
Cecelia C.
Sep 2018 · 225
a journey
Cecelia Sep 2018
Barely a person
A person with no identity

Identity of a white room
Room is full
Full of bottled up energy

Energy to see something
Something we’d become

Become infinite
Infinite of attached identity

Identity of one
One leaves
Leaves and never comes back

Back to the start
Start of having no identity

Identity of a white room
Room is full
Full of pain.
September 17, 2018
Cecelia C.
Sep 2018 · 152
❅Les Sentiments❅
Cecelia Sep 2018
tous les sentiments sont universels ❄
☽ le passé est dans mon coeur et
❥ mon coeur est dans le passé

Le passé ♔
➶ pas Mon passé
pour le moment ⁎
SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
Sep 2018 · 134
Used To
Cecelia Sep 2018
Leading me to make mistakes
Just so you can find something to blame
Me for

Yet again
Invading through my memories
Just so you can be free

Forgetting everything until the
Next time comes through
I guess
It is just what we are used to.
September 1, 2018
-Cecelia C.
Aug 2018 · 260
Cecelia Aug 2018
Go to the place where your dreams lie
Walk upon the steps that will set you free

Others will laugh if you fall
They will ridicule you
AS if they are something greater than human

They are guided by too much sense
And fear

But you can allow yourself
to be persuaded by sheer
Aug 2018 · 158
Cecelia Aug 2018
i love it when HelloPoetry
and loses a poem

That sounded good
But now no one will ever know

Sometimes I hate the internet.
Aug 2018 · 141
Royal August
Cecelia Aug 2018
I will soar, soar to new strengths

To use to fight myself in the very least,

To **** the fright and all the guilt,

To fly free and truly become
Aug 2018 · 128
A, Movie
Cecelia Aug 2018
Don't tell me this isn't a movie.

It is, I just know it.
The characters are all aligned.
Everyone is benign.
Life is divine, and it's a movie.

How could it not be?
The scenes are graphic, the thoughts are real
and the effects are that of, a movie.

I'm not real, but I am real in this movie.
He is a character, she is a character, and we all bond
We all get along and are perfectly placed in the scene,

the scene of this, movie.
April 8th 2017

Aug 2018 · 180
If I Give You Freedom
Cecelia Aug 2018
Can you sing to my ballad
If I write you the song?

Will you hop on the plane
Will you come along?

If I remove the carpet
Will you dance on the floor?

If I leave you to freedom
Will you walk out that door?
April 2018
Cecelia C.
Aug 2018 · 149
Up There
Cecelia Aug 2018
Washed up illusions
Painted by the most insane

They’re floating in a fiery space
Where they’ll never land the plane

Do they even care of
How they are, up there?

They’re drowning oh so elegantly,
Destroying slowly all they meet
Because inside they feel so beat

They are so wrong, can’t you tell?
But whom will truly break the spell?
September 17, 2014
Cecelia C.
Aug 2018 · 409
What is Left
Cecelia Aug 2018
Cutting the airspace
Between what's left of it all
Denies my life song
April 24, 2018
Cecelia C.
Aug 2018 · 480
My Crown
Cecelia Aug 2018
You can yank it out of my inner desire
But you’ll never burn my name in the fire

You try to poke at my wishes of sin
But you would never find them within

The beginning can tear me down
But in the end -
I’ll claim my crown

This is my life
April 2018
Cecelia C.
Jul 2018 · 149
Cecelia Jul 2018
I am afraid of the next feelings
That could be risen from
A next tragedy

Anything can happen
At any moment
We all know this
But we don't know the effect

The effect is bad
And will paralyze you in fear
Now you know why I am here
July 27, 2018
by Cecelia C
Jul 2018 · 311
Cecelia Jul 2018
Looking back at all my sadness
Looking back at all my dread
I realize that I have grown

Looking back at all the judgements
Looking back at all the hate
I realize that I have grown

Looking back at all the blame
Thinking life is all the same
I realize I have grown

I have grown to learn happiness
I have grown to part from dread
I have learned what kindness is
and I have learned how toxic hate is

I have learned that blame is not the answer
And I have learned that life is all but bad
I have learned and I have grown
and I will continue to do so

It's not impossible
Jul 2018 · 165
Ode to Anxiety
Cecelia Jul 2018
Breaking free from all that I've chained myself to
You have left me here
But I've chosen to stay

When will the day come where
I myself am not a slave anymore?
Not to you, not to me, but the anxiety
Deep inside of me

I am tired of waiting for the fear to pass
I will continue to run and run to my own
Dignity at last.
Personal, current feeling.

July, 24th 2018
Cecelia C.
Jul 2018 · 197
Ropes of Anxiety
Cecelia Jul 2018
I feel as if you are holding me by my throat
With the ropes of my own anxiety

Yanking the rope tighter and tighter
While I suffocate with no control

Why do you do these things?
Can't you control your own lives and not mine?
I have done nothing to deserve this ...

I would speak but I feel so tightly wrapped
Around their power
That I haven't any left

How does one free themself?
How do I free myself?
personal, anxiety
Jul 2018 · 313
A l o n e
Cecelia Jul 2018
For once I'd like to walk down a glowing,
Stranded street and not be alone

For once I'd like to see more than what
Is in front of me

I watch people move fast,
Dream big,
And walk.

There I am in the back,
Down and blue,
I don't ever talk ...

But no one has said anything to me
That would allow me to

I have a lot to say, just no one to say it to
No one cares enough

They aren't fascinated enough
Therefore I'm not good enough

Go ahead, ignore me and all my glory
August 23, 2014
Jul 2018 · 172
Racing To Adventure
Cecelia Jul 2018
What is racing faster?
The clock - or my heart?

Adventure is out there
And I've never heard it pronounce
My name better before!

The flashing scenes of constant action,
The beautiful lives
Give off such an attraction!

It's all for me, for you, for
Race to it now before it turns to dust!

It's up to your will to save this plant
Still it's very much possible
Very much fun
April 2018
Jul 2018 · 164
Cecelia Jul 2018
Please free me from this doubt
As I anxiously roam about

Thinking of all that has come and gone

The times never seem to last long

Yet long enough to feel regret

I look to you for liberation
As I plea with eager desperation

Set me free,
so that I too can escape the chain
Cecelia C.
Jun 2018 · 218
Sour Sunrise
Cecelia Jun 2018
The sunrise comes
But you're not here
My mind can't fathom
That you've disappeared

Your existence can haunt
Several hallways
Several miles away
Though that does not mean
You were meant to stay

You've disappeared
Only in atoms
But you'll live forever
And ever
Cecelia C.

DPOV , pers.
Jun 2018 · 178
Cecelia Jun 2018
Gracefully dancing in the wind
Holding my best friend's hand

Laughing at all the good
and all the bad

Bonding over nothing
yet everything

Confused but determined to
reach such aspirations

Until the storm comes,
whisking her away ~
though somehow she stays

But the wind has changed her
Stronger than before,
stronger than it has even changed me

Where are you going and
how much more can I bare?
Cecelia C.
Jun 2018 · 224
Your Kingdom
Cecelia Jun 2018
Here is your mighty throne
Take it as your own

Here are a couple presents,
Desperate, hungry peasants

The power will reign,
And the city will thunder

Always look up,
And never wonder

This is all yours,
Now and forever

And they all love you,
Everyone together
June 21, 2017
Cecelia C.
Jun 2018 · 172
Divine Natural Wish
Cecelia Jun 2018
I want to see you face
I want to hold your place
It doesn't have to be disturbed by the sour world

Be awakened by the nature
Who's calling for you? Who's calling for me?

Soft ink draws rough words
The silk solid sky, suddenly winks an eye

What is there to be angry about?
Enjoy this dream void you've now stepped into

This dream is calling for you, and calling for me.
April 22, 2018
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