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Cecelia Apr 2017
I love the world, even though I've subconsciously made it my enemy.
Cecelia Jan 2019
Alas the last year of this
Dreadful decade
Is coming to an end

Last year was a rollercoaster
Though in the end I realize
I had fun

Not expecting much change
As I feel its not within my range
Though it will be a transitional
And educational year
Spiritually, socially within myself
Cecelia Sep 2018
Barely a person
A person with no identity

Identity of a white room
Room is full
Full of bottled up energy

Energy to see something
Something we’d become

Become infinite
Infinite of attached identity

Identity of one
One leaves
Leaves and never comes back

Back to the start
Start of having no identity

Identity of a white room
Room is full
Full of pain.
September 17, 2018
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Jul 2018
For once I'd like to walk down a glowing,
Stranded street and not be alone

For once I'd like to see more than what
Is in front of me

I watch people move fast,
Dream big,
And walk.

There I am in the back,
Down and blue,
I don't ever talk ...

But no one has said anything to me
That would allow me to

I have a lot to say, just no one to say it to
No one cares enough

They aren't fascinated enough
Therefore I'm not good enough

Go ahead, ignore me and all my glory
August 23, 2014
Cecelia Oct 2017
With all the tunes and words combined,
Everything will be alright.

Through the years, and over time,
It all turned out to be alright.

The trees will sway, and the wind will blow
But all the people know
That these words tonight
Mean everything will be alright.
October 24 2017

Cecelia Aug 2018
Don't tell me this isn't a movie.

It is, I just know it.
The characters are all aligned.
Everyone is benign.
Life is divine, and it's a movie.

How could it not be?
The scenes are graphic, the thoughts are real
and the effects are that of, a movie.

I'm not real, but I am real in this movie.
He is a character, she is a character, and we all bond
We all get along and are perfectly placed in the scene,

the scene of this, movie.
April 8th 2017

Cecelia Feb 2020
Sadness to fall upon you, when you
Are committing such crimes
Run to the nearest comfort that
You've always known

Go to that place where you use others
And reach for the signs to sin
Maybe some day you will find peace
Because this life you have lived was
Outlandishly miserable
As it should have been, on your own accord.
Cecelia Apr 2017
The end will come, and one can only wish it's the end of life.
It is worse.
It is the raging war of pain that will fall upon you.
The day, the moment that will last for what seems like a lifetime.
You'll cry, scream, not care, see things, remember things,
You'll be introduced to the new beginning of pain.
You'll be utterly Insane and it will all be from one being.
You can try to run but you can't avoid that the end is on its way.

Cecelia May 2020
Behind this madness is a secret
A secret that can only be uncovered
Through a hidden door, past a hidden hallway

Speaking to you, telling you to follow
But not to fall

Behind this madness is a secret.
And that secret may be nothing.

Cecelia May 2019
Truly blessed
With this fascinating day
Filled with joy, lights and wonder

Delicious food and the comfort of family
Thank you friends, thank you family
And thank you Earth for a joyous
And most cherished
Birthday Celebration
May 28 2019
Had a wonderful birthday.
Cecelia Jun 2017
The worst day of my life was when it was ripped away from me.
It was a just a dream but suddenly it was real.

Can I go back?
Can I go back?

I'd give anything to go back.
To relive to very dream that set me free.
But now I'm caged up again.

Can I go back?

It's scary but true that I'd rather die there than live here.
June 6 2017
Cecelia Aug 2018
Go to the place where your dreams lie
Walk upon the steps that will set you free

Others will laugh if you fall
They will ridicule you
AS if they are something greater than human

They are guided by too much sense
And fear

But you can allow yourself
to be persuaded by sheer
Cecelia Apr 2019
today it stormed
for just a minute
the thunder roared
and the lightning struck
water fell upon the house
and the skies were dark
and cloudy

but within minutes
the sky is now clearing
with beautiful sunlight
dripping through the clouds
the sky is silent
and the world has now experienced

because today it stormed
for just a minute
April 29, 2019
Cecelia May 2016
There lives a world

Where nights are calm as war

And we have yet to explore

Beyond the biased box.

A violent storm breaking in

And running their home,

Taking everything that,

Even the children own.

Installing fear that none can hear

With their backs to the door,

Discerning false information with only an ear.

No eyes.

Will it ever end? When, why?

Because doves don't exist on either side.

written in 2016 for a school project. it represents the current war conflict with Israel and Palestine.
Cecelia Apr 2017
I have no freedom.
I have no freedom from the beginning to the end.
The only control I have is what I write through the pen.

Cecelia Aug 2019
The world is so new
Yet you have lived here before
Your eyes are gold
But your mind is old

Wisdom possess you
Wonder and patience runs through your veins
Your beautiful blue eyes
See more than just the surface

Angel of goodness and imagination
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Feb 2014
There are flapjacks singing in the rain
Elephants who are calling my name
I look over at a kangaroo playing a card game
Am I insane?

Flashy colors with flying llamas
A pink panda, is my mama
I see a dolphin who looks like Obama
I need my salsa

In my car, I see dancing spaghetti
It's moving its noodles, like wobbly jelly

You are reading this, yes I can see
But look around, it's not all what it seems
Psychedelic and hallucinations
It's time for tea,
and celebration

Oh hail! The flying nun!
Here comes the cheetah's run
Never look into the sun
Because that is where this has begun.

I wrote this in 9th grade. It's totally lame but the ryhmes and cooky story is what get people to really admire it. My eyes are not in favor of the sun, and everytime I'm outside when it's shining bright, I tend to hallucinate, so that is the origin of this poem!
Cecelia May 2017
How could you say such thing?

Have you forgotten what you experienced?

Deny it all you want now.
But it will catch up to you one day.

And that day will be a disastrous dream come true.

Just wait.

Cecelia Apr 2018
Humans have eternal curiosity
Which leads them to disappointment
and somber sin

Knowledge sharpens the sword of melancholy
While happiness downs in a sea of

Can't you see?

When I allow myself to feel
All I feel are these pessimistic
April 15 2018
Cecelia Jun 2018
I want to see you face
I want to hold your place
It doesn't have to be disturbed by the sour world

Be awakened by the nature
Who's calling for you? Who's calling for me?

Soft ink draws rough words
The silk solid sky, suddenly winks an eye

What is there to be angry about?
Enjoy this dream void you've now stepped into

This dream is calling for you, and calling for me.
April 22, 2018
Cecelia Jun 2017
It's very important when it doesn't make sense.

When it doesn't make sense, everything is bliss.

Everything is fine when it doesn't make sense.

We miss things but it's okay because it doesn't matter.
And it doesn't make sense.

Cecelia Mar 2020
Ignoring the rain drizzling down
Wiping away despair
Allowing distance, drama and reflection
Is a crime

Ignoring the clouds
Forming your heart
Forming your thoughts
Bringing clarity
Wrapped in confusion

Such beauty
Such natural explosions from within
Must not be ignored
-Cecelia C

Adoring this rainy, cloudy yet also sunny weather.
Cecelia Apr 2017
Look at all He has done.
Look at all He has given you.
Isn't it great?

Look at the opportunity.
Look at the chances.
Look at the memorable moments.
Isn't it all so much?

Do you see all He has done?
Do you forgive Him?

Cecelia Oct 2018
fascinatingly painful

a black and white vision
of dreams in color

just an embodiment of
the object called life

afraid to know
yet we all know

afraid to see more
yet we crave it

because it is art
a dream

a dream called
- Reality -

Cecelia C.
Cecelia May 2014
They're going to tell you to not get involved,
they're gonna say it's not your place,
but when you know something is right,
you're going to fight for it with all your might.
No matter what happens,
no matter what they say,
you're going to stick up for what's right
and Fight Fight Fight

this is more of a quote but i decided to share it

Cecelia Aug 2019
Dear Cassie,

I did not know you as a person
But I have known you as a spirit

You were the apparition
Of a consistent joy
Always there on the corner

Your tragedy
Turned into vagueness
Which turned into knowledge

And now that knowledge I have
Will follow me forever

Be at peace, beautiful Cassie
Cecelia C
Cecelia May 2018
Dreaming of all the great times
Watching rain fall, fall, fall

Wanting it all, reaching out
Watching the clouds seemingly shapeshift

Moving forward in such a manner
Faster than train, higher than a plane


Suddenly the lights come flashing
So quick, breathing is not an option

Was it all for nothing?
Was it for an undetermined legacy?

The lights come flashing
Flashing forever
May 12th 2018
by Cecelia C.
Cecelia Oct 2017
the future that I had feared dearly in the past is now here
and no one around seems to see it

feelings of connections to the past are more prominent that how I could ever feel here in this moment

Cecelia Dec 2019
I am face to face with the Grim Reaper

Not yet has he grasped onto my shoulder
But in time this will happen
Much quicker than it should

Face to face with death itself
Meeting him is just a stroll down the lane
That so many have gone down

I have yet to turn around
And face the flowers and light

So I see the Grim Reaper
And I am turning away
Goodbye to this dangerous weeper
Not today
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Jul 2018
Looking back at all my sadness
Looking back at all my dread
I realize that I have grown

Looking back at all the judgements
Looking back at all the hate
I realize that I have grown

Looking back at all the blame
Thinking life is all the same
I realize I have grown

I have grown to learn happiness
I have grown to part from dread
I have learned what kindness is
and I have learned how toxic hate is

I have learned that blame is not the answer
And I have learned that life is all but bad
I have learned and I have grown
and I will continue to do so

It's not impossible
Cecelia Jul 2017
Drowning in a flooded hallway of despair
will be the youthful death of me.

To try to understand the current scene lying in the
city, right besides me is a mirage.

An enclosed mirage
that keeps me from nothing but
the truth.

Cecelia Aug 2014
The sky looks down on me, trying to lift my spirits
What it odes know is that I admire it greatly and that I love it so,
But what it does not know is that no matter what crosses my path, I can
Never truly be happy. Why? I've no idea.
I wish it would go away and leave my presence, but then would my eyes
No longer see poetic wisdom within the standardized society?
I would no longer see or feel the realsm of ones true emotional state.
Why be blinded by a lie? Beautiful, yes- but a lie it truly is.
I'd rather know and accept the tragic truth.
Being overall happy is a goal in which is not in reach and achievable.

Poem I wrote when I was deeply depressed :P
Cecelia Jun 2017
I thought I knew how to swim
But I'm drowning.

I don't think I want to even try to save myself
I'm in too deep of an ocean where I've grown comfortable in.

All I do is dream but never try so I deserve this.
June 5 2017
Cecelia Apr 2017
I don't know.


I don't know.

All I do is feel.
All I know is how to express the insanity that has overcome my mind.


I don't know.

Cecelia Dec 2016
I don't want to belong to anyone,
not even myself.
~Possibly unfinished
Cecelia Aug 2018
Can you sing to my ballad
If I write you the song?

Will you hop on the plane
Will you come along?

If I remove the carpet
Will you dance on the floor?

If I leave you to freedom
Will you walk out that door?
April 2018
Cecelia C.
Cecelia May 2014
I'm tired of being alone.
I'm tired of being afraid to spread my wings and fly.
I'm tired of fearing regret and
I'm tired of of feeling regret.

I'm tired of being independent.
I'm exhausted in the most severely way possible,
and I'm tired of getting used to pain & neglect.

Cecelia Jun 2017
I'm loved in my dreams.
I'm noticed in my dreams.

Even if they don't like me,
they appreciate me.

There is hope in my dreams.

I can see all yet know nothing,
in my dreams.

Even in my nightmares.
But I don't have any "nightmares" because,
to get what I need is of my dreams.

If I could I would escape
to my dreams.

But, like they all know and say,
a dream is just a "dream".
June 14 2017

Cecelia Apr 2017
I think I'm insane, but isn't everyone?

If you're not insane, that what value do you have?

It's utter torture dealing with insanity,
But from afar it's quite lovely and cinematic

It's all cool and aesthetic,
Until you're the victim

Struggling like a confused lab rat,
Don't worry you'll adapt to the pain and confusion

But smile for others, you're their show.

Cecelia Sep 2017
All you can do is wish that you can harm me in any way
But the truth remains that I will not die.

The only way my spirits will rush low from being high
Is by my own free will, my own design

And I shall not fall so easily ...


My regime of wonder stands tall,
If you want to see it fall,
You must bring more of a challenge
Even then, I will push ten times harder
Than you can ever imagine.


All you can do is wish that you can harm me in any way
But the truth remains that I will not die.

The only way my spirits will rush low from being high
Is by my own free will, my own design

And I shall not fall so easily
Cecelia Oct 2014
It's a pretty sad thing
Having to try to contain
High Anxiety

It's a pretty sad thing
Having to deal with someone
Far from who you are
    At times like these

It's a pretty sad thing
When you loose control of
Every emotion known to man
Yet not know the complete cause

Loosing it. Loosing it completely.
But then I ask,
"Have i ever really had it together completely?"

Self control doesn't exist when these outbreaks occur
My mind wanders from every corner
My heart races
My mind spaces

And I have no one to blame
Not even myself.

It's a pretty sad thing

-cc ; feeling high anxiety rn
Cecelia May 2017
Keep sharing.
Keep sharing it all to the world.
Keep sharing what you don't care.

Keep preaching what you don't know
To people who don't care.

Keep pretending you feel, just to fit in.
Keep pretending everything's OK,
Everyone else does it.

Keep believing what you don't see.
Cecelia Oct 2018
Life is like a movie
Is that good or bad?

Should it make us happy
Or perhaps sad?

Life is like a song
High pitched, then somber

Should it make us see things
that we never have seen before?
by Cecelia C.
Cecelia Sep 2018
tous les sentiments sont universels ❄
☽ le passé est dans mon coeur et
❥ mon coeur est dans le passé

Le passé ♔
➶ pas Mon passé
pour le moment ⁎
SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
Cecelia Jul 2018
Please free me from this doubt
As I anxiously roam about

Thinking of all that has come and gone

The times never seem to last long

Yet long enough to feel regret

I look to you for liberation
As I plea with eager desperation

Set me free,
so that I too can escape the chain
Cecelia C.
Cecelia Mar 2014
Looking up from a dark, cold well
I see a peak of light up above in a vast distance.
However, seeing the light makes the distance feel shorter.
The light is close, but not in my reach.

Throughout my life I had been pushed closer and closer to the edge of the well, and finally was pushed to the bottom.
Realization soon overcame me.

I must reach the top.
I must fight my way to get there.
I use all my strength to climb the brickwall and am of great distance from the cold, dark ground below me.
However, the light from above keeps getting further and further away as I climb.
I will never reach the top,
But knowing I'm fighting to get there, is all I need to be satisfied.

Poem for class.
Cecelia Jan 2020
The moon
She watches over us
Shines light on every moment

Looking out and above
Her beauty is enchanting
And his voice is soothing
No matter what disaster can arise.
January 9 2020
Cecelia Jun 2018
Gracefully dancing in the wind
Holding my best friend's hand

Laughing at all the good
and all the bad

Bonding over nothing
yet everything

Confused but determined to
reach such aspirations

Until the storm comes,
whisking her away ~
though somehow she stays

But the wind has changed her
Stronger than before,
stronger than it has even changed me

Where are you going and
how much more can I bare?
Cecelia C.
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