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Cecelia Dec 2020
Riddled with the continuous cycle of the same terrorizing thing. My soul has been played continuously like a fiddle and I am unsure how to break this cycle. I know I can, but when you are riddled with a continuum of repeated tormentous events, it makes you weak… so weak you can’t help but run into the next riddle of pain….
December 3 2020
Cecelia May 2020
There she is, like a wildflower sitting on top of the world
You can see her, you can breathe her air
But you cannot touch her.

If she didn’t want to be found out
She wouldn’t dangle so close to the ground

If she allowed me to see her colors, smell the scent
And feel the petals,
She must want me to know more and more.

But I cannot obtain more.

No one seems to care, am I the only one
Who does treat this wildflower in an unheeded manner?

I admire the beauty, the mystery and the brilliance
Coming from this flower.
This is no typical flower, even if it is,
The fact that it is stuck up in the air, is unfair.

I cannot help but desperately crave to bring it down
Bring it down to ground level
And hold it tightly in my hands.

Even though it is out of my reach,
Even though I keep discovering more about this wildflower,
It will never be enough.

I will never learn enough.
I will never stop craving more.
it's about someone if you look deep
Cecelia May 2020
Behind this madness is a secret
A secret that can only be uncovered
Through a hidden door, past a hidden hallway

Speaking to you, telling you to follow
But not to fall

Behind this madness is a secret.
And that secret may be nothing.

Cecelia Mar 2020
Ignoring the rain drizzling down
Wiping away despair
Allowing distance, drama and reflection
Is a crime

Ignoring the clouds
Forming your heart
Forming your thoughts
Bringing clarity
Wrapped in confusion

Such beauty
Such natural explosions from within
Must not be ignored
-Cecelia C

Adoring this rainy, cloudy yet also sunny weather.
Cecelia Feb 2020
Sadness to fall upon you, when you
Are committing such crimes
Run to the nearest comfort that
You've always known

Go to that place where you use others
And reach for the signs to sin
Maybe some day you will find peace
Because this life you have lived was
Outlandishly miserable
As it should have been, on your own accord.
Cecelia Feb 2020
Vengeance is my religion
My religion is vengeance.

Watch what you do
To those who aren't cruel
And I will subdue you
To the pits of hell.
Feb 16 2020
Cecelia Jan 2020
The moon
She watches over us
Shines light on every moment

Looking out and above
Her beauty is enchanting
And his voice is soothing
No matter what disaster can arise.
January 9 2020
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