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Caz Feb 2019
I haven't written in a while.
Not properly. Not like this.

My pain died, with love being the brave warrior that killed it -
                                                                         and one I am thankful for. It's just a shame my creativity was linked to it, but what a fair price to pay.

At the end of the day?

I am happy.
i hope this doesn't sound... ungrateful? i'm very happy to be in love and cared for, i was just reading over my old poems and was shocked because i don't write like that anymore. but oh well, like i said - it's a fair price.
Caz Jun 2015
There's music in your mouth and stars in your bones
Sea air in your laughter and sunshine in your hair
Your words are honey and freckles the kisses I wish to always give
You're celestial and transcendent - you mystify me

Your jealousy has bite but mine has venom

People say we're always searching for our other half
Well, love(r), if you're mine,
Know that you are all the good in the world

- And I am all the bad.
x o x
26th of June, 2014
Caz Jun 2015
People say that eyes are the windows to the soul,
Well, honey, your soul must be the brightest.
poetry born of love and not heartbreak or hatred, 26th of June 2015
Caz Feb 2015
i am so much more than they told me i was

Yes, I am.

more than the haters
more than the lovers
i am more than a queen of beauty
i am your unobtainable
i am your ruined dream
i am a deity far out of reach

and you do not deserve me
13 Feb, 2015.
Caz Jan 2015
your skin is the fairest night sky
with your dark, beautiful constellations and swirling galaxies
brush them against my pale earth again so i can shine
SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME **** im sorry, 7th Jan, 2015
Caz Dec 2014
it’s christmas and you’re still made of starlight
you still shine and glow in my memories like the blooming night sky
in my mind your eyes burst with the galaxies of your soul
your skin is still filled with constellations

it’s christmas and i shouldn’t be thinking of you
i shouldn’t be thinking of your mouth and your smile
i shouldn’t think of the glint of your hair
i shouldn’t be thinking of the kisses we did and didn’t share

it’s christmas and the moon is out
i’ve had fun, of course
i’d just have had more fun with you here, love

it’s christmas and you will always be made of starlight
you are a nebula, a comet, a burning sun, a red giant.

i would never go as far as to say you are my world
but you are your own universe,
and you glow
25th Dec, 2014
Caz Dec 2014
you used to kiss me
all over
softly, slowly, gently
you touched me like i was breakable
(am i?)

you whispered your tender passion,
sweet and romantic
(but god, you were ****)

you’d stop and stare.
just look.
just watch.
it sounds ridiculous but i swear,
in those moments
your eyes ******* shone.
your eyes ******* shone as you did.

as you do.

it was like something from a film.
you treated me like a princess…

I was treated like a Queen.

Every inch of me was kissed.
Every inch caressed.
By your mouth, your words, your delicate, loving hands.

I can’t imagine getting that again.
This kind of relationship…
It was perfect, really.

You were perfect.



gorgeous              soulmate
perfect                                             angel
   goddess                   amazing
Also. The circle thing should be striked through. Also "am i?".
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