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Carl D'Souza Feb 9
Wonderful You
are the best lady
in the world
for me
to be with.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
Every person
in the world
is deserving
of care:
care for their feelings
care for their health and well-being
care for their self-actualisation
care for what they need to function optimally
care for their joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I notice you,
You are conspicuous to me
as I think you are wonderful
like a rainbow in a clear blue summer sky.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I write poetry
to express
my joyful and happy feelings,
and so I can feel joy and happiness
when I read my poem,
and so others can feel joy and happiness
when they read my poem.
Carl D'Souza Feb 9
I will love myself
and I will love you
and then maybe
you will love me too.
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
I am
gently munching
fine European chocolate
of a milk-coconut flavour:
I am feeling
the texture of coconut flakes
on my tongue and teeth,
I am tasting
the sweet milky chocolaty flavour
of the brown soft chocolate.

I am
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
When we dialogue
I pose questions
which interest your mind
and evoke in your mind
which are clues to my mind
about what my answers could be
to how to achieve my joy and happiness
and the joy and happiness of all people.

I appreciate you
and our dialogues,
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