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I see you everywhere but beside me,
the one place that I need you the most.
I don’t know if you’ve just felt like hiding,
but it feels like I’m being stalked by a ghost.
I think of my life consisting of just time biding,
with parasitic emptiness and I’m the host.
This hits me like waves I am meant to be riding,
and it follows me persistently from coast to coast.

The grass didn’t seem so green back then
I guess all that constant rain did pay off,
‘cause now this little future’s just a casual friend,
and my god looking back the past was soft.
It’s not like I always want to be drenched in sorrow,
I find I look much better in brown, blue or grey,
you know I’d trade in every tomorrow
for just one more yesterday.

I hear every voice but yours in my ears,
the deafening noise has made me forget that sound,
since I’ve heard that sweet melody it’s been too many years,
and every other pitch makes my static brain pound.
I’m always biting my lip but now I’m fighting tears,
I shake my head side to side and around.
I’m quickly losing stamina from battling my fears
and now looking forward to my hole in the ground.

The skies never seemed clear and blue back then,
it turns out that I was the creator of each cloud,
I’m hoarding past calendars so that I can pretend
that I’m back in time and making everyone else proud.
If you’ve got a hour or two that I can borrow,
I swear I’m good for it and whatever price; I’ll pay,
‘cause you know I’d trade in every tomorrow
for just one more yesterday.

I feel you all over, laced in everything,
if it wasn’t such a curse, it’d be a gift.
You’re the peace in winter and the hope in spring,
you’re the summer sun and autumn’s winds so swift.
I’m relieving every memory, looking for a place to cling,
I remember all of the details but the clarity is now adrift.
Side to side, back and forth, I constantly swing,
it pulls and drags me down but it can also give the highest lift.

The sun never seemed to shine right back then,
but maybe I was just too busy looking for artificial light.
I was never one for second looks but I should’ve searched again,
because everything I wanted was already in my sight.
So I plant a seed hoping it will eventually grow
and I sculpt all I wish for with clay,
‘cause you know I’d trade in every tomorrow
for just one more yesterday.
like a good wood stove
if you can keep the fire lit
you'll always be warm
...but let it get out of hand, and it might burn your house to the ground
Your eyes never lied
Though your smile did;


Your upturned lips
A sordid grin
But your eyes;


Flashing teeth
Bright and white
But your eyes;


Your eyes never lied
But your smile did;

Sleep little child
Winter has come
Trees standing leafless
Reach to the sun

Your mother's love
Pours from the heart
Melting the frosts
That cling to the grass

Open your eyes
And you will see
Light burning bright
Along the sea

Father's gone away
Into the war
He's fighting the winds
That batter his door

Sleep little child
Rest as you are
Life is long
You must travel far
3rd Jan 2019
Feeling very low this morning -  better as the day goes on
 Jan 2019 Samuel Canerday
Like the luminous points beyond the sky and on the screen
I see the stars just below your eyes
Winking quietly back at me
I saw your shoes behind the line
I’ve seen your face a hundred times
But now only in my mind
The rest of you is left behind
You lay there passed out on the couch
Words falling from your mouth
Maybe you like to drink too much
I could see you losing touch
So hide
Over window pane
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