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Forgotten Oct 2018
Natuurlijk ben ik niet bang
Angst ken ik niet
Ik heb de grootte van de hoogste boom
Heb een huid als een pantser
Ben sterker dan twintig beren

Hier komt niemand doorheen

Behalve jij


Met je lichaam als flatgebouw
Vingers gemaakt van laserstralen
En de sterkte van een-en-twintig beren

Jij gloop naar binnen

En ik krijg je er niet uit
Forgotten Jun 2018
Ik ben bang

Ik ben bang dat als ik het niet doe, niemand het doet
Ik ben te kapitein, ik moet het doen
Als niemand het doet, blijven we stilstaan
en stilstaan is achteruitgang
en voor achteruitgang heb ik geen tijd

En zelfs als zou ik het willen delen
Ik heb mezelf zo ingebouwd dat het niet eens kan
Ik leef van hokje naar hokje
Mijn hele kleurenschema af op één dag
Terwijl er maar één kleur mijn leven beheerst en dat is

De kleur van falen en het moet beter

Maar het kan niet beter,
het kan alleen maar slechter
De druppel die ooit de emmer liet overlopen is een zee geworden
En ik verdrink
Ik verdrink in alle taken die ik nog moet doen

En dan mag ik ook nog het water opruimen
Sorry, ik doe eens iets in het nederlands
Forgotten Jun 2018
I feel
I feel a whole **** lot
and I don't know how to stop it

I am in love again but
this boy makes me just so

he makes me so


I am a hairblower on the edge of a bathtub
I am a razor blade on bare skin
I am an ocean that looks like puddle
I am the danger that is always looking
and waiting
but never striking

I have all these feelings and I don't know what to do with them
if I tell him
the danger will strike
and I will get hurt

I have fought so hard to get where I am now
and I know he can take that all away
with just one word

Forgotten Jan 2017
Mile after mile
I'm tapping with my foot on the rythm of the trafficsigns
But also on the beat of the music coming from the radio
With my eyelids I blink the light away from me
I'm letting the silence get to me
The sound of people talking from the seats in front of me
Disappears in the sound of the rain

I'm a poet under influence
Thinking of the good old days
I wrote this in dutch when i was completely wasted
Forgotten Aug 2016
When I was 13 years old, I thought I had hit rock bottom. I thought I could never see the sky as blue again, only as a shade of I-don't-want-to-be-outside.
At 14 years old, I wish I had someone who could have made me feel better, who would take me to a better place. But not the better place that people call death.
I stopped believing in myself when my mother told me I never even tried.
I said to her that I tried so hard, maybe even a little too hard, that eventually I became nothing.
Well, at least that was what I thought back then.

Nowadays, I call myself a fortune teller. I will become an astronaut, or even a scientist. I will become the inventor of something amazing.
I also found out that the person in the mirror is smoking hot.
A pair of wings had grown on me. I do not need other people anymore to tell me that I will be just fine. Just. Fine.
A couple of years later, I have all kinds of things growing inside of me. Some people call it selfconfidence and a pretty smile. I call it healing.
I am healing.
Frick this felt good
Forgotten Jul 2016
I wish alcohol was you
So if i ever opened that bottle
It was filled with love and not regret
Because i feel it in my bones with every taste
That I drink for the greater good
For the better purpose
But its just me
And my brain
And i don't know what is happening

I just hoped i was a better person
Or even a better drinker
Cause if i drank love
I could have shared it
I could have given it to the people who needed it

But I don't

It's just me and my brain
I wish you were here, I wish I could have shared my love
Forgotten Jun 2016
My house is not a home
Because my home has green eyes and two open arms
It catches me everytime I trip over the past
Or even the future

Fear is the only thing that can get to me
But I do not fear anything when I am home

Home with him
In his two open arms
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