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i've waited so long for this,
for someone like you.

for someone to feel the same way about me
as i do about them

i'm finally here,
yet i have to wait

whats pulling me through
is knowing that
as much as i want a boyfriend,
i want a husband even more.

and i know if we wait,
that's what this will become.

if we're wise and hold on,
this will be forever.
I wrote and thought, erased and tried.
Because sometimes, being a poet hurts.
But then I looked at you, and right away,
I knew I'd found the exact right words.
A "poem" every day.

(hehe ily)
 Sep 2019 Ashlee Reyes
 Sep 2019 Ashlee Reyes
I wore black
Event hough
I am still breathing
I am no longer

It's so dark here from where I stand,
I can't see even a single light.
Walking alone in darkness gives me solitude,
I guess I am used to pain and I am not afraid of hurting anymore.
Don't tell me I'm wrong for wanting love.
Don't tell me not to cry over people.

If I don't love who will love me. No one.
So... Don't tell me not to love because
all I ever wanted-

was to be loved by you.
 Sep 2019 Ashlee Reyes
I'll keep remembering you,
even when this love gets ill.
I'll keep holding you,
when no one else will.

When the stars continually shine upon us,
these eyes will only look at you still.
I will keep this trust,
when no one else will.

I'll keep longing and waiting,
even if I become numb and couldn't feel.
For you, I will keep on seeking,
when no one else will.

So this I ask for you,
let's keep this true and real.
I'll keep loving you,
when no one else will.
 Sep 2019 Ashlee Reyes
New to me
 Sep 2019 Ashlee Reyes
This is new to me
Smiling like this
Leaning into kiss
Everything I don’t know
But I feel the significance
I feel love it’s so intense
The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves.
It’s always there, watching, steadfast knowing us in our light and dark moments
changing forever just as we do.
Every day it’s a different version of itself.
Sometimes weak and wan
sometimes strong and full of light.
The moon understands what it means to be human.
Cratered by imperfections.
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