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If you're gonna stay in my life,
please bring coffee.
First entry after awhile. Can't compose a poem. Waiting for the "feels" to come :D
its funny
how you're
suddenly concern
about my
you're the
reason of
my sadness.
If you are not ready
to swim
her ocean-depth love,
Bring back
your shallow
feelings to the shore.
I helped you build yourself.
But you ruin me in return.

I met him as a boy,
I made him a man as you met him.
...and that's what killed me.
you thought hurting me
was the right thing to do...."
It used to be the scent of love.
Now it is a scent of memories, pain, suffering, betrayal, disrespect and regrets.
You know what hurts me the most?

Your actions.
The things you do
and the way you replaced us
like it was nothing to you.
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