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JAW Oct 12
Our bodies have decided their favorite place
(discovered under cold bed sheets)
Intertwined feeling closer than anyone
(Hands wondering the maps of your skin)
Hold me tighter
(Socks lost in the depths of what was kept under your bed)
Tell me stories about your friends
(Place your heart in my damaged head)
I will listen to it all
While I let myself fall
JAW Oct 12
Evening attire
This need of mine seems prettier dire
To love you
Countless smiles
laughing till you cry
Everything in between
JAW Oct 9
Thoughts of it never happening filled my head
Doubting every word I said
But you loved it all
Who would’ve known
That the girl in the blue striped shirt noticed me too
JAW Sep 23
This is new to me
Smiling like this
Leaning into kiss
Everything I don’t know
But I feel the significance
I feel love it’s so intense
JAW Sep 17
Knowing not what to know, but how to be
Knowing not what to do, but when to leave
Blindness in you
Blindness in me
What a world to live in
What a world to see
JAW Sep 17
I don’t know you’re name
But I’ve written you poems
Not really for you
But definitely about you
JAW Sep 17
You caught me staring
Smiles exchanged
to nervous to ever look back
But I do
Continuously admiring you
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