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Sep 2016
Today is one of those days where I don't feel like I am.
I am aware of my existence but I wish I wasn't. I feel like I would be better off as a mere thought, drifting through life for a while and eventually disappearing into nothingness. A forgotten memory.
I'm too simple to drift along this earth as a person, and sometimes I can't feel things the way others do. Everything makes me think I am too different. Too useless, too distracted, too alone, too selfish. I wasn't made to live like this.

At times I feel happy. Happy with life, happy with any twist and turn life would take me on. I feel like I could accept anything, and anyone could be my friend.
Today is not like that.

Today I have trapped myself in a bubble and I don't wish to come out. I wish I could go back in time, fading from teen to child to infant and eventually I'd crawl back in to my mothers womb until I vanished into nothing but a memory.
Arielle Dawn
Written by
Arielle Dawn  20/F/Amsterdam
   ---, NvrMnd, Lydia Hirsch, Renae, Rose L and 1 other
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