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Arielle Dawn Aug 2016
Ashes to dust
You fade like the memory
Of us being happy together

I hate myself
I chased you away
Hurt you in the process
Hurt me in the aftermath

Did someone finally tell you
You shine brightest by yourself?
  Aug 2016 Arielle Dawn
reading over the thoughts left behind
now I see my confused state of mind

An imaginary problem
I shoved on you to solve
when it reality,
it's what caused us to dissolve

tormented by the
produce of our age
images seared
I try to leave them backstage

too thirsty for flesh
I am permanently starved
my primitive hunger
my own Jekyll and Hyde
not sure if I even understand what I'm saying here, but I guess it makes it kinda makes sense that way
  Aug 2016 Arielle Dawn
Alone for too long
The radiance of your soul
gave me warmth

A deep bond, torn
back and forth we go,
as if formations of waves

Fearful, as are you
left naive in hope
Reliving memories in dreams

untold futures,
a desire to reconnect
yet a lack of words

A vast distance,
yet such care?
only sincerity lives across oceans..
Arielle Dawn Aug 2016
My face warm with tears
Loneliness hurts
But it's you who sparks my fears

Desire a long lost memory
Numb with guilt, we're so distant
Are you too blind to see?

Dreams of happy times
My mind wanders
My heart chimes

Future, forever bringing
The inevitable end
Or is there a chance of a new beginning?
Arielle Dawn Aug 2016

Shredded my heart
Ripped me apart

I guess it's up to you
Put me back together

What can I do
Nothing to say

Cold flesh
Warm touch

A lamb shredded
King of the jungle wins
Arielle Dawn Aug 2016

Insecure as ever
Unable to expose
I couldn't open myself up
Even if I tried

How many times
Do I still need to be told
"You're beautiful, really"
Before I can let go

Ugly isn't unattractive
It's a state of being
A feeling of shame
Why am I like this?

I hate my skin
My eyes are dull
How much longer
Will my bones hold?

I don't like myself much
What did you expect
I was your ashtray
Left to smoke out

Pretending I could be more
Is exhausting
I don't hold the energy
  Aug 2016 Arielle Dawn
Laced sunbeams though the
cool breeze and swaying winds..

Kiss me on the cheek once more,
let me take your hand as we
run through dark streets and
bright lights

As we gaze into each others eyes
we know we must part ways
Let us kiss once more..
Let our souls bond into eternity,
overflowing with energy beyond
our existence

wishing we'd connect once again
to forge moments to last.
some memories you want to be clearer come in snippets as if in dreams..
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