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babie Nov 2019
how do i make it through every day?
i cry
and i cry a lot
i love
and i love a lot
i hug
and i hug,
a lot.
did you know that we need 12 hugs a day
in order to grow?
i give hugs to the people i love
and i make sure to tell them
that i love them.
because what if,
in just a moment
they're gone?
they won't know that i love them.
they must know that i love them.
i can't show them nearly enough love,
but i can try.
I love my friends so much holy moly
babie Nov 2019
i've kept secrets
so many secrets
everyone else's
everyone else's but mine
an open book
im vulnerable
but i truly hope
nobody takes advantage
of me,
and my emptiness
this sounds sadder then i intended
babie Nov 2019
i can finally tell her
she will know i'm happy
but i can't forget
the things that hurt me
i must tell her
i don't want to
what if she worries
what if she tells someone
babie Nov 2019
when you hugged me for the first time
i never wanted you to let go
i just wanted you to hold me
for the rest of time
that isn't possible
when you kissed me for the first time
i didn't want you to stop
i just wanted you to kiss me
for the rest of time
that isn't possible
that isn't possible
babie Nov 2019
je t'aime.
tu es mon monde,
est-ce que tu m'amour?
je sais que tu le fais.
un jour, j'aurai votre nom de famille.
babie Nov 2019
it took awhile
but i did it
can you believe it
i found someone
someone who cares
not anymore
we, us.
not just i.
"i love you"
you don't know
how happy you make me
when you hold me
i'm finally home
home is not a place
home is a person
home is you
i am lucky.
we are lucky.
not just i.
babie Nov 2019
there are five stages of grief
I experienced all of them
all five
at the exact same time
we will get back together
he treated me so well
we were so happy
we're just taking a break
I hate him
he lied to me
he lied to everyone
if only
if only i would've given him more
if only I would've given him me
if only I would've fought harder
I can't stand myself
I felt disgusting
I don't need him
I never did
he did hurt me
how had I not seen it before?
he hurt me
he tried to **** me
it's been months
and I just now noticed
what he really did
there's another stage of grief,
separate from acceptance
moving on-
moving on
to bigger and better things
let's get happy
let's find happiness
grief hurts
but moving on feels great
feels great
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