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Jun 28 · 43
do you ever?
Aly Jun 28
think about how you changed the world
when you start strumming your guitar
or when you open your mouth to a melody
or when your fingers dance to black and white tiles
at least— my world
May 2018 · 358
Orange Hope
Aly May 2018
Antares placidly fades
from the deep and high blanket,
He absconds from being one
of the many faces in the crowd.
He will be the brightest one,
But not on this sky, langga.
Not this one.

Dark and deep blanket embraces
flush-tainted, vast spread;
the transition is both breath-taking
and dangerous.
Inevitable change has come to him
but he's not afraid.
If anything, he's excited.

Your overwhelming orange smile
rises from the east.
Whooping, screaming,
greeting delight and passion;
waking up what's sleeping within
and fueling my dim ignition of hope.
May 2018 · 176
Aly May 2018
She deserted her life,
pulled from her young chest,
a view that even roses shied away;
with her blistered paleness
she granted you--

her heart
and soul.
Apr 2017 · 272
How She Trust
Aly Apr 2017
Past the vines of grins
and hopeful beams
lies the audacity
of discouragements,
assuring you
the existence of doubts.
Timeless records
will stop playing
at the back of her mind
as memories
immobilised with tears,
and fears,
and doubts.
She will despise you
as long as she loved you;
and will continue
to lie at your image.
"Love is hate."
Apr 2017 · 571
The Reason
Aly Apr 2017
They say
I'm so passionate
with my words,
truth is
poetry is just something
that keeps me
Jan 2017 · 542
Shy Thing
Aly Jan 2017
I’m drowning, I said.
Swim, you snapped.

I don’t know how,
I just don’t know where to start.
If I should fix me—
how to fix me.

Do it one at a time,
sun peeked through your smile.

My ankles were chained,
locked in rusty old metals
and key’s drowning deep.

Dive it in.

I don’t know how to do it.
Tears resounded on ocean waters,
they never will back out.
Demons will always pry onto your pretty mind,
before you could catch your breath.

They burn well.
Before it hurt,
they burnt your lungs.
And you still,
try to catch your breath

Live, you said.
I’ll be here.
I’m always here.
You could use my shirt,
or my shoulder,
or take my blood.

Shy thing,
thank you.
This one's for my little sister.
Jan 2017 · 772
Iron Taste
Aly Jan 2017
love something in between
love the chase
love the adventure,
but this time
the wings failed to ****** the wind
love the rush
love the warmth
love the ecstasy--
euphoria by something borrowed
love the game
and play it hard
fight or fold
yet what's at stake
is more than I'm willing to risk
Aly Jan 2017
Bullet was cheaper than therapy
Rather kiss it with much intimacy
Pulling the trigger was easy
Left with nothing, not even sympathy

Bullet was cheaper than therapy
Thin lines defining absolute clarity
Of trauma and pure insanity
Hope of the lonely

Bullet was cheaper than therapy
It had whisper sensually
Tempting lilt of pleasing agony
It had wait for me to dance with the harmony

Bullet was cheaper than therapy
It had promise me company
So I choose what was easy
And danced gracefully.
Jan 2017 · 298
Jaded (10w)
Aly Jan 2017
They say,
'**** them
with kindness.'

Dec 2016 · 404
Coming Back
Aly Dec 2016
I didn't know
why leaving
appear so attractive
to me
but then
I always
see myself
coming back
to you
and over
Dec 2016 · 325
I Saw You
Aly Dec 2016
I saw it in your eyes,
you wished the lights didn't die.
They should never depart
to shine, they should never forgot--
but they did.

I saw it in your eyes, once more.
You wished the waves to come ashore
again, and quench the thirst
brought by drought of April first--
but they never did, again.

I saw it in your eyes,
even you cloud them with lies.
For I promised to always see you
the day you replied, "And I you."
But you never did.
Dec 2016 · 412
Aly Dec 2016
then, you're empty
now, start again
placidly open your eyes
look back to see the narrow road
remember how it started
look at the bloodstained pavements
the scar that it left, does it hurt the same?
but they still remind you of those deep cuts
abrasions, they heal
thirsts, they can be quenched
hungers, they are satiable
trees, they bear fruits
reds, they go green
*******, they are reached
dreams, they can be fulfilled
slashes--the flesh, they stitch together
to be
you bring them ahead
and ahead, a narrow road
don't stop the pace
abandon everything
abandon everything--but the scars
and don't stop the pace,
no, not yet
You only know what's there in past, not what's going to be great ahead.
Dec 2016 · 718
Aly Dec 2016
You are the blaring alarm,
the cold whisper of fan blades
the first thing I feel
a reminder of the life we're borrowing.

You are the black pen,
the IDs swinging on navy sling
the very last thing I think of
before leaving.

You are the three-pages homework
of five classes
that I would cram in the morning.
You are the two hours sleep,
inside the cab,
that I indulge every evening.

You are the second one
on my Sudoku puzzle,
the scientific calculator
for my course on accounting.
You are the seemingly non-existent hole
of the silver needle,
you are the one I'll always be missing.

And throughout the day
of embodied lies,
savored smiles,
breath-taking laughs,
agonizing hollowness,
you would creep in--
fill me.

You are all that I see,
everything else fades into the background.
Nov 2016 · 1.6k
Aly Nov 2016
is selfless
wake up early
to cook
her family's

is selfish
wake up early
to breakfast
her family's
Nov 2016 · 408
On Lights Off
Aly Nov 2016
your melodic memories haunt
on perfectly pitched darkness
I see you through this blindness
won't you just let me be

bluish bruises you mark me
iron taste as I see your face
can't you let me run this chase
please dear, let me be
Nov 2016 · 351
Love We Didn't Choose (10w)
Aly Nov 2016
For you are too scared
and I am too coward.
Oct 2016 · 361
Aly Oct 2016
You met her.
As a girl growing up to be curious,
Growing up always asking question
And the only way to satisfy them
Is to put on your backpack,
Loaded with extravagant will,
And go on to an epic adventure
To get answers.
Every single time.
As a girl who only have herself to cry on--
As a girl who only have her shadow as a bestfriend--
As a girl who only have herself who listens--
Meeting someone who understands overwhelmed.
You're alike in so many ways.
The hardships over people that surrounds you.
Every kind of friend.
Every expectation.
Every pressure.
Every relative.
The kind of person that--
You only utter a phrase,
She then said a cuss
Because she can relate.
She understood.
The darkness of your minds.
The secrets you shared.
The forbidden things you did.
And being with her is just like having your home.
A haven you can run to.
To offer comfort.
To offer tranquility.
Then you never have to be alone again.
She loved you.
And you loved her.
But you can't be with her.
The restraint was within you.
Your principles.
Your dreams--
Well, your parents' dreams that had become yours.
You wanted to be wed,
Be a mother of five.
Not necessarily in an enormous parish.
A court will do.
With the judge-- who was your classmate on college.
You just wanted to be married.
You wanted to see your mother,
Painted crimson lips.
In her Cheshire cat grin.
In her new ivory terno.
With all her wrinkles showing.
You wanted to see your father,
Sober yet proud.
You wanted to see your brother.
Busy yet composed.
You want those pretty niece,
Dressed in cute lacey gowns.
Hairs tied with colorful ponytails.
You want your nephews be in tiny checkered polo.
Tucked in.
Hairs made up.
In their micro sunglasses.
You wanted to see your cousins,
Piled by the banquet.
In their silk gowns.
Made up faces.
Curled hairs.
In heeled-shoes.
You wanted the sound of clanging utensils.
You wanted the bills on wedding gown,
And suit.
You wanted to open massive gift boxes.
It's not just the festivity.
It is what it symbolizes.
The unified clan.
The peaceful celebration.
All smiling.
Offering hands.
No one raises her nose
Because someone's a teacher.
Someone's a school principal.
Someone's a nurse.
Someone's an accountant.
Someone is someone's manager.
And someone's just a farmer.
Someone's just a DH.
Someone's just a housekeeper,
With two siblings on gradeschool and no father.
You wanted all of these on your wedding day,
And all those five baptism.
And all of those won't happen if you choose her.
Family Mother brother
Oct 2016 · 537
Aly Oct 2016
It placidly withers
like little Dahlias
settled on top of the cold marble
on the second week of November.
Leisurely fading
on the back of my brain
bestowing spaces
for new memories.
Until it becomes a blur
tiny dapples
freckles of different sunlight
augmented on different days
Until almost immemorial.
But then, he also withers
and so do I
and so does what we have.
Until one day,
it was nothing
but ashes
of the old fire.
Oct 2016 · 1.6k
On The Other Line
Aly Oct 2016
I shouldn't have dialed your number,
when I need someone to listen my babbles and rants,
when I feel sick--lonely, close to crying.
When I feel empty.
I shouldn't have dialed your number,
when I'm pained of missing you.
When I'm numb.
When I'm estatic.
I shouldn't have dialed your number,
but I want to hear your voice,
cuss on me when life gives you *****,
laugh with petty-or otherwise- mishaps.
I want to be your anchor--
like the old days.
Oh, those ******* old days.
You shouldn't have answered my call,
when you want to hear my voice,
when you missed the sound of my existence,
when you want to kiss me, hug me--
but you can't.
You shouldn't have answered my call,
when I need you.
I will always need you.
You shouldn't have answered my call.
You should let it ring,
until it became a missed call on your log.
You should swipe it to decline.
You should throw it on your bed,
or to something harder.
You shouldn't have answered any of my calls.
I called because I missed you.
I called because I want the old us.
I called because--****!
I can't live without you,
but I should live without you.
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
I Want To Love You
Aly Oct 2016
I want to tell you stories
of how I dream to be great
encourage me to reach them
with you
in each passing days.
I want to hear you giggle
at my lame jokes
laugh on how corny they were
declare that I'm better in somewhere else
and that I should quit it
but I will still going to tell you more.
I want to cuddle you at night
whisper sweet nothings
until you fall asleep
in my arms
hear you snore
watch you in the dim light
watch you stay safe by my side.
I want to wake up next to you
the first thing I'm going to see as I open my eyes
was your taunting huge brown eyes
twinkling brighter than the morning star
the first thing I could touch
would be your porcelain skin
to prove to me
that the last night was not a dream.
I want to love you.
But each time I close my eyes
I see my hair in the sheets
tangled with amber strands
and yours are *jet black.
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
Aly Sep 2016
Bangkay na hindi maibaon,
'di pagtakhang walang pagkausad ngayon;
Kung ang sarili'y hindi maiahon--
sa lungkot na dala ng kahapon.

Pait sa likod ng bawat ngiti,
'di pagtakhang lungkot pa ri'y 'di maikubli.
Pagsisisi'y inabot na ng pagkamuhi
sa sarili'y pinagkait ang kaligayang pinili.

Dumadaloy sa kaibuturan ang bawat sakit
'di pagtakhang sarili'y nilalatayan ng paulit-ulit.
Iginumon sa pagkapighati't pait
ng kahapong ibinabalik ng pilit.

Kumawala't sumubok hulihin
ang kaligayahang ipinatangay sa hangin.

— The End —