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Austin Jan 2019
You are the repulsive maggot tunneling and consuming through a festering corpse.

Your emotions, mean nothing.
Your opinions and ideologies, mean nothing.
You are nothing.

You are the leech that greedily latches on to others. Hastily ripped from the host and flung to the dirt where you belong.

Your actions, mean nothing.
Your experiences, mean nothing.
You are nothing.

You have nothing.

One day the time will come that you will become the festering corpse that will breed more maggots into the world.

Wasting away until you are nothing but a stain where your body once was.

People are most dangerous when they have nothing to lose.
Austin Jan 2019
Any mental battle you are fighting right now CAN be won.

It can be a multitude of different things; fear, anxiety, self-doubt. The list goes on.

You should never fear what other people think. Why should you? People come and go, trying to adjust yourself to the will of others is a fools errand. Doing so, you will lose who you truly are at the end of the day.

YOU should be an example for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change with the flip of a switch, one step at a time. As the old saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.

CHANGE never comes lightly. Anywhere you want to be you have to fight for it. The battles never end, but you will overcome them if you keep faith in yourself and no-one else.
Austin Jan 2019
I am nothing more than a boulder sunken into the shore against the sea.

Each wave cracks against my surface taking fragments and pebbles from me, devoured by the sea.

Over the course of time I slowly crack and waste away until I am nothing more than a pebble in the wash.

The final wave takes me away from the gritty sand I’ve called home.

Finally swept away and swallowed by the dark abyss.
Austin Jul 2018
Simplicity in nature, yet the universes' greatest venture.

Simplicity can be a colossal understatement.
Seething with emotion, and spiritual requirement.

Searching, observant for an answer.

Forthcoming the search, the mind has become sealed.
Blank and hollow, the eyes have become peeled.

Blinded and dulled by mischievous lies.
Enchained, the soul will require lye.
Sometimes life isn't what it seems, or you are searching in the wrong places.
Austin Dec 2017
The feeling of no hope.
Just wishful distress.

Trapped in silence, burdened by loud thoughts I hesitate to express.

Suffer in silence a friend once said.
Verbalized then cauterized with dread.

I want to be free.
But these chains bring me to my knees.

In the mirror someone new stands.
Broken compared to the man beforehand.
I find it hard to talk to others about hard topics.
Austin Sep 2017
We are all just pawns in this cruel game.

Eyes blindfolded, unable to see the board.

Each move is hidden.

If we witnessed it, we would know to much.
Austin Sep 2017
Strip ones identity.
Force uniformity.
It creates creativity.
To express their personality.

A decorated cog in the machine.

A unique puzzle piece.

Grayed and frayed, begging on its knees.

— The End —