The words
Cling to my lips

They hang tightly
To my fingertips

They pull close
On my hips
I love you
I love you
I love you

So light
As the words
Spill from my fingertips

The phrase plays
Again and again
In my mind

A sonnet I have
Simply waiting
To be sung
Finding myself again in
Needless laughter
And a coy smile
moon child Jan 9
When I die
Bury me in thoughts
of Her
moon child Jan 7
I remember it
In bits and pieces.

Here and there I catch a sense of
Of something coming.
Of knowing that
No matter how much I try
No matter how far I go in life,
This will never leave me.

I have been sexually assaulted.
By two different people
In my life.

I was
When I started dating him.

Nineteen and my

He has red hair and a
Jaded past.
A bad boy with a
Gap-toothed smile.

I was taught
To save myself.
To not have *** with a man
Until I was married.

He showed me
That there is a lot two can get away with
Before marriage.

I thought he loved me.
He told me so just two short weeks into our relationship.

I believed him
Because I had never done this before.

I thought
he would know, wouldn't he?
I suppose
"I love you too."

From there I found that
Had a funny way of
Proving itself.

It was Easter or Christmas
Or some Christian holiday
When he pulled a blanket over us and
Stuck his hand
Down my pants.

His uncle was in the room.
Engaged in a Vikings football game.
His mom and
Sister and
Aunt and
Were making cookies
In the kitchen.

I remember the details of the space
I was violated
In a desperate attempt
To forget
The act.

This happened often.
And openly.
In the backseat of his parents car
As they drove us to their home.

In his sister's retired bedroom as I awoke to him
On top of me.
I thought of the jewelry on her old dresser.
How she chose the ones she cared for
And left the rest behind to be

Years passed with the memory staying in my mind as though it were a song I chose to memorize.

I met her in a bar.
I had known her.
We had flirted.
She stole kisses all night and proudly proclaimed that
I was "here with her!".

I felt safe.
I knew the crowd.
I took care
Of myself.

After threats of renting a hotel for us
I drove her home.
We were laughing.

She lived with her parents.
In the basement.

The upstairs lights promptly shut off
As she drunkenly stepped inside.

She led me to the basement and I turned as the door slammed shut.
Locking her cat outside.
Begging to come in.

My neck
Hurt for weeks.
That's what happens,
I suppose,
When you're caught by the back of your hair and
Across a bed.

My head whipped over the side of the sheets and retracted
As she slapped me across the face.

"I like it rough"
She chimed.
I did not.

Casual pleading
Will only get you so far
When you beg
To be let out of this room.
I envied the cat.

I couldn't stop it so I
Took care
Of myself.

Laying empty,
And dry
On her sheets
I dreamed I would be allowed
To go home.

Can be a lubricant.
Did you know?
Even if it is ripped from your own

******* penetrated my lips,
And then,
So much more.

As I staggered out she tossed words
"I'll text to tomorrow"
At my body.

My body
Does not always feel
Like a safe place.

My body
Bruises and
Bleeds and

My body
For weeks.

But I
Am not
My body.

And I
Will take care
Of myself.
moon child Jan 5
Somebody else is
Holding you close now.
Falling asleep
To the sound of your voice now.

Do you dance in the rain?
Slowly and sweetly through tears.
Do you kiss on the train?
The hushed comments of jealous strangers never reaching your ears.

Do they laugh with you?
Weep with you?
Get drunk
Party and
Sleep with you?

Are they loving you in the way
I could not seem to muster?

Do you love them
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