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I have held so many of your tears
on my skin
in my chest
that I have forgotten
I have my own.
To my middle child.
 Feb 7 Lily Priest
Take pity
On my heart
Dear Lord,
For I was caught
In between daydreams
And tomorrow’s
And fluorescent moonlight
Shining with odd
Midnight retribution
I meant to
Kiss the delicate
You gave
With the tenderness of
To clutch
The hand
Of your heavenly sovereignty
For in all that flickers
And whispers asunder
The depths of the unknown
Sunk like a stone
An ocean
On time
Only understood in your
along emilys hill road
the trees are bare

she's skipping stones
across st martens creek

as she turns
smiling my name

her breath comes out
white clouds
and hangs in the air

the quiet
in her eyes

she sees something
in me
that I can't

and that s why
i love her so

emilys hill road

the trees are bare

she's skipping stones
st. martins creek

I believe that's the way
I remember her best
I want you
only you
so I turn my mind off
to feel you better
In a time and place
where only you and I exists
letting love be felt
through the way we move
so let’s turn our minds off
and just feel
 Jul 2020 Lily Priest
 Jul 2020 Lily Priest
even in the shadows
of your love
i can still see
the stars that fall
from your eyes,
i hear your heartbeat
and i know
that although i am lost
you are here
in the darkness with me
and so the dark
doesn't feel so bad.
- you are the waves that carry me to safety.
Will you be the hero
within your own story

Will you marry the present,
dating the future and past

Will your legacy document
your truest intention

Or falsely imply
words abandoned—unheard

(H.U.P. May, 2020)
 Jul 2020 Lily Priest
 Jul 2020 Lily Priest
every inch of my soul,
my beating heart and
my fast racing mind,
wholly consumed by you.
but there’s always tomorrow,
and tomorrow i will love you even more.
half•alive . runaway
When you're not here

Is missing you half the fun

Or half the pain?

Either way

My love is with you

Whether I am there or not
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