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Danielle Aug 22
You're my favorite kind of thief,
stealing my heart,
but letting me be.
Danielle Aug 17
Miss being up all night,
"No sleep till Brooklyn" vibes,
you've got me looking forward to the sunrise.
Danielle Aug 6
Got you in my dreams,
in my sleep,
on my sleeves.
Wanna feel you breathe
right next to me.
Danielle Jul 27
Riding *****,
almost 100 down the turnpike.
Another long night,
fast cars and fast lights.
I'll never forget those summer nights.
Danielle Jul 21
Everything is changing,
And I didn't think we'd make it,
for a second,
But it was the second,
and I'd go back to the beginning,
just to meet you again.
Danielle Jun 10
Starting to see this as a beautiful mess,
imagining your hands all over my hips,
I'm reaching out for your grip,
feeling your lips travel all over my skin,
this is a new adventure,
I want again and again.
Was it love at first sight making me act not so alright,
looking up love idioms,
like "head over heels",
and other four letter words I can't spell right.
Danielle May 29
I've had the same song on repeat,
wanna turn it up so loud I can't breathe,
or feel, or need,
don't even think it would help if I screamed.
We were just kids,
I can't find myself,
thinking about you like this.
Underline the lyrics in bold,
every italicized word
is a story we told.
Shout them out the windows on the long ride home,
I don't wanna fight,
it's starting to get cold.
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