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Siouxsie Gagne Apr 2019
having the last word
is rarely as sweet as they say
what is seen as triumph
goes out with a wheeze
no ends are tied
no resolutions reached
not even a goodbye
unfathomable that it will be
the last you hear from me
a limp excuse
of a parting gift
many poems written
in honor of you
meaning nothing now
unable to speak again
separation so quick
painless and agonizing
nary a farewell
a question
an answer
“alright, thank you”
cool back from the dead after like almost a year and its abreak up poem. its about the same person who all those love poems are about haha....its not so easy to look at those now but i dont plan to deprive people of them
Siouxsie Gagne Nov 2018
butterfly ***** have
a greater influence on the world
then any desperate attempt i make
the universe blinked
when i was born
the future on the horizon
grows ever smaller
soon, i will be forgotten
I know everyone prefers my love poems but you know, depression.
Siouxsie Gagne Jun 2018
so sweet are your words
that a stranger may believe
you’re speaking from a script

cliche as it may be
one could say
that we were stolen from a movie

your clothes on my back
warm around me
not your arms
but enough
for now

texts, phone calls
pale to your presence
the ghosting feeling
of your lips
is on my mind
whenever i see your name
on that small screen
I'm a sentimental dope in a happy relationship that grows close to a year's duration.
Siouxsie Gagne Jun 2018
                ­                                     up or down?

                              endless, always moving

                              blinding darkness
wanted to experiment with form
Siouxsie Gagne Apr 2018
You are the most talented cutpurse I know
For before I even knew it
My thoughts and heart belonged to you
But what makes you the best thief of all
Is that they were given so willingly
I barely recall a time when they were mine

To complete your rapscallion’s repertoire
Whatever locks once grasped upon my heart
You picked with ease and without a second thought
It’s contents laid bare to you
But a Robin Hood you are
You returned what you found to me
So we may share
Siouxsie Gagne Mar 2018
loneliness is a tricky foe
as much as you fear it
you are sad to see it go
because it makes known to you
there is no one beside it
who is always there
a constant companion
none more safe nor true

stability is admirable
but debihilating in the wrong hands
and pervasive loneliness
is a notorious abuser

thumping and pounding heart
terror at the thought of the unknown
to leave behind the partner of mine
who has seen me through it all
to move on is to shine
to move ahead is to dread

hand outstretched to hold mine
am i worthy of a finger interlace
when i lagged behind so willingly?
a question answered for me
by a grip on me so tight
what felt wrong was now right

friends of many years
both bad and good
are as hard to lose
when we walk side by side
between us still strolls that lonely phantom
but the distance closes ever surely
one day my path will be my own
if you will be there to see it
i cannot say
but it is clear
that my way was paved by you
Getting better?
Siouxsie Gagne Mar 2018
A wall is a canvas
For my twisted thoughts to paint themselves
Into scenes of misery
As I lie there, staring blankly
I’m an artist
Painting portraits of depression
In the emptiness of my mind

Words find it in themselves to float around
In the empty plain of my head
Weaving stories of guilt and sorrow
In my mind I write epics,
Telling the tale of my own demise
An Odyssey, and I an Odysseus
But destined never to reach safe shore
I write poetry mostly when I'm in a bad place, whoops.
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