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2.1k · Feb 2019
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
What great sins have we in secrets
Peering at exertions too quickly,
Even in new dawns, regrets are made burgeoned
And with every leniency given
We maul at our grievance.

But time measures our sorrows
By faith
1.7k · Jun 2019
It's Better
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
It's better to be motherless
Than have you as a mother
It's better to be motherless
Than praise you as a woman
It's Better.

Your fertile ways of pretence
Has paved a hatred too strong for life
I'm disgust of my rights
For you have made me despise these sites.

It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
I'm at end with understanding of your crooked lies
Edging happiness with the sharpest of tools.

It's better to be motherless
For I care not what others say
Painting I, with ungratefulness
I'll take my stones as hard as they come
It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
1.5k · Oct 2018
Tara Fares
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
Moonlight sculpts the originality of love
Brewing affection to be sure of hurt.
Silencing change from being one with all
And leaving assurance to mold dirt.
As bright pasts take,
To fix and call the grand faith of forgiveness
The seclusion of humanity, falls below our dreams
Taking life to be, an ornament on moving feet.
But !
A new dawn may see.
Of differences and feels, leaving ignorance in the coldness of realities.
As moonlights sculpts the originality of being me.
One who was once young and free.
1.0k · Sep 2018
Sillo Anderson Sep 2018
Flourished by change
Kingdoms felt great defeat
Simplicity of dreams carved well,
The Sympathy for many.
Dictating hope on many roads
Oh !
How well has poverty been.
Below cypress trees
Wealth grew to and from,
Golden rails around faith.
988 · Feb 2019
Nudity Of Reality
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
Excuses are perfect
Purging behind innocents
Leaving relentless, the shame of forgiveness
For what rewards can be reaped
From holy deeds ?
When sins form more roads to see
And youth sways bravely,  
The painful words of hatred.
And only age knows of Nor’s
Of whether time was spent with love
897 · Mar 2019
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
Freedom comes not for free
Fetching heavy the fee
As poverty brings comfort a warning
Totaled by tears,
Roots please shamelessly
Bringing forth belongings to thee.
819 · Jun 2019
They Came
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Religiously they came
Pardoning ropes clinked to hope
Sourcing shame to sustain dreams
Balancing pride on thin lines, called peace.
But !
Religiously they came
Leaving pure, the many sins made
Working through the morning dews
Only to cry out for their souls at night.
792 · Sep 2018
Sillo Anderson Sep 2018
Idle love sways around
Capitalizing on what's done
Filling narrowly the fissures beyond hurt
As profound lust gnaw at berated flesh.
Mimicking actions entitled for the best,
Woes trawled at peace, slicing forgiveness
Leaving the immoral of humanity senseless.

Acute arbitrations mingle solely around favors
Spectating drudgery amongst humans and its nature.
For wreaths fall closely, to dreams of being needed
And pleasures steep low from dreamers with bright egos.
695 · Nov 2018
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
My evolution surrounds your reasons
Anticipating sins to be more exquisite than feelings
Only pronouncing heartbreaks as the best of solutions
Why !
Do you please so faultless, so profound.

A dreadful wish, to take whats not mine
To make you, my own
For pleasures knows not of partitions
And my love burns through all expressions.

But yet I stand, awaiting moments
For chances to fall abundantly,
Despising the scorn of reality
And denouements more unpredictable than fantasies.
To make you my one and only.
645 · May 2019
Sillo Anderson May 2019
He's burgeon from mind and soul
Trivialized only by what folks sow
A man I hope, life grows to know .

His mettle ways can be so sore
Meddling with one's heart like an open court,
But chafed love knows not of caulk flows
And I'm of trepidation of growing old,
without his love.

But assurance made, cue's all doubts ever feared
Leaving me assuaging in the satiation of life
630 · Jan 2019
A woman’s Heart
Sillo Anderson Jan 2019
Make sure you know whose heart your playing with
Let it not be, ever the devils heart
For she eats such doers not by flesh, but by mind and pain.
Her sorrowful ways are sinful upon man’s rage, delusional enough to trick angelic eyes.
For !
Every woman’s anger are devilish,
But differently towards those alive.
560 · Nov 2018
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Umpires wailed at victory
Clothing defeat in exorbitant fame,
Socializing with pain
Only regaining power to fix all that has been shamed.
For only coinage consumed all faith
Of where victors must stay.
How naive of hate
Playing buoyantly for a side in shame.
But pruning an eternity to be of salient visage.
For !
Mankind perceives its flaws as gate ways of life
And innocence retaliates only for its pride.
551 · Feb 2019
I’m Here
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
I have used my life to stay alive
Nurturing death into its prime
Only to be saddened by facts
For my eternity resides
Within lines of defeat
So unique and rare
Even I,
Have questioned happiness

But I’m here
Making silver into gold
Bronze into the richness of life
For an unknown to profit sincerely  
That I am still here
526 · Jun 2019
Bad Liar
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Terror preys not on innocent victims
As solitude peers not on favors
Assumptions beckons on behalf of pleasures
And life grows in its own flavors
Bolting high for hope
Time sees you and me
Fortuning what desires wish for thee
I’m happy here
In this slowness of life, with you
For birds show me appreciation
Of what life can be
518 · Jun 2019
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Happiness mocks at strength
Building thin, concepts of a friend
Dreaming wild an outlook of life
But filled with anger of whom one must deny.
I’m not at lost in a changing world
But strained by how much I’ve giving to all.  
Soon bravery will out do its call
And insanity shall uplift what I’ve lost
Only then shall respect know it’s home
And favour never what comes unsure
503 · Mar 2019
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
Respect or Fear
Have I to reason with hope and faith
Only to single out the obvious path to gains
Must I sell my soul
For profits to be bountiful
Or have I been dumbfounded by the time’s
Growing beyond my life
487 · Nov 2018
To Be
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Tormented by fiery goals,
The wants of wanting more
The reluctant dreams of selecting all.
Oh, how merely of patience and lies
Giving crustily the demands of our wicked minds.
Sampling favors dispensed by the dignity of unpleasant finds.
462 · Jul 20
1) To Me
I want to write to you
In every language there may be
I want you to know the depth of my words
I want you to know that your effort did more than it should
I want you to know even in dark days, these words will reminisce and bring light your way
I want you to know it’s great when you fail
I want you to know it all
And be okay with what you know
442 · Nov 2018
Poetry for Gods
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Sing me the poetry of the world
With hyphens and bona fide verses
With simplicity conveying secrets of beauty
And gratitude's in every full stop aroused.

For what music, should ever please the God's ?
To have them say
'Mankind has found its way'
To show them the justification of keeping us never astray
And playing sweetly, the mistakes we make.

Forgiveness we gave.
In perfect sequence and shade
Only to abstract,
The sweet song
of poetry in faith
438 · Mar 2019
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
Can I die
Without knowing the time
Can I leave
With the warmest of embrace
Can I see the outcomes of my faith
Only to know the why’s of despair
For I’m not done by God’s grace
And little am I in the home of saints
But dreams conquer all hate
Of where I stand and where I’ll stay
And tested am I, in the actions of all myths and reals
432 · Sep 2018
Sillo Anderson Sep 2018
Placates of serenity, colors these walls
Chasing evolution leaping on
Bravery stings at layers of innocence, even time has lost its healing aid.
Hunger for love, sweeps clean the dirt upon lust
Seizing facades guarding what was once ours
As shepherds dream of moralities and bright days
Humanity satiates where all wrongs should lay
Even delicate fools know of shame,
Racing for happiness upon colorless pain.
Away with hope and nightly praise
Leaving placates of serenity to colors these rays
428 · Sep 2020
A Stepmother
Sillo Anderson Sep 2020
I have a stepmother
One with intuition,
To know where I hurt
To know how I hurt
And to see that I hurt
She’s keen on holding such knowledge only to hurt my powers
I was loving
Now I’m scared
I was happy
Now I’m loosing faith
I was me
Now I’m growing to be
Someone I’ve never seen
I have a stepmother
And it isn’t easy
I doubt miracles and go blind looking for life
I’m weak with every new day I seek
I’m lost with every step I take
I have a stepmother
So I know, what not having love is all about
I know what anger and hate is all about
I know a lot more, but I’m not sure if I can continue on
I have lived only for being alive
I have grown for there’s no other option allowed
I have become because I have a stepmother
And it’s the only way out
426 · Jul 2019
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Pilot through my everything
See what envy has taken
Mold closely the wrongs and rights of trying
And say what you see fit to be accomplished
But never stoop below your own silence
And stigmatized failure as a lost in denial
But corner hope and stay strong
For what has been done
Will be done again.
And even though memories carry debts
Pilot on through everything
Make triumph in what society condemns  
And build the future in acceptance
426 · Dec 2018
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
Jasmine tears went with the sea
Drop by drop, filled streams of lust
Spectacular aroma made gay the shores
And Agendas of menage stained the world.

For surely one must have seen reasons for elongating the times retained
For wants and needs to be renamed human greed.
But songful sins gambol on, upon sea beds
Merging ardour with the emptiness of lofting lust.

Never contrary to the man made shows of happiness.
Staining visions of innocence.
Untouched by misunderstandings, tasking greatly aversions pouting from reality.

But exceptional as it all stands!
Dire momentums retreat reasoning’s, conceiting the flares of hurt
Elevating progressions through revelations aloud
425 · Dec 2020
I’m a Poet
Sillo Anderson Dec 2020
I’m a poet
Despite the legacy made from the ones before me
Bold and energetic with words of untold secrets
422 · Mar 2019
Peace & Justice
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
Peace and Justice are two sides of the same coin
Binding actions of human minds
Edging barriers known to fight
For creation has no life without lies
Pledging dignity against pride
And forcing rights to be kind
But !
Peace and Justice have always been alike
Never rotting from within minds
418 · May 2019
Black Sheep
Sillo Anderson May 2019
Why should I ?
Why should I give heed to thee ?
Why should I make calm the seas ?
Why should I feel all feels ?
Why should I be your trumpet for dreams ?
Why should I ?

What reasons have thee to hold tightly, my dreams ?
What reasons have thee to confine not, my mistakes and normal greed ?
What reasons have thee to let fall, my hopes of wanting to achieve ?
What reasons have thee ?

So tell not I, your reasons and why’s
For burdensome I have become, upon you and your families eyes
And on I go, not restituted.
Only ****** by the love I once sought out
To be mine
Not all families joined together becomes beneficial or motivational for the young ones within it
410 · Aug 1
8) To Me
It took time
Didn’t it ?
The comfort, the peace of mind
They all took time.
And I wondered what he would call me
When the fire raise and heaven doors became stairs.
395 · May 2019
Sillo Anderson May 2019
Convinced not, by the fall of grails
Fathom never, the edge of despair
As reverence fade lucidly, by how you've met with me.
"Do you know what trust is?"

As to whom must I read
As to whom must I feel
For savoir faire, needs not a heedless being
Like the one you see fit to be.
375 · Jun 2019
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
I did my best,
And then someone told me that because I was dark they couldn't see the dark circles around my life
My presence brought gloomy feels so strong they wish for me to be gone
And seldom grown was the belief that life can be used wisely
So I cried for help, with a pillow besides my halo
And religiously corrected my every hate
For I know I did my best
But better is what I have repent.
373 · Mar 2019
Blotched Love
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
A mother feels for it's own
Despising intruders who wishes to bask in her love
Spurning one's that comes with unfeigned words
Nuptial only to the blood that flows.
But I stand aware
Ne'er to a reality blotched by facts
Rooting truth of where I stand.
For !
A mother feels for it's own
And I''m an orphan within a home.
369 · Feb 2019
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
Mononymously I called for a name
Navigating words through memories
Sorting failed hopes by the thickness of its pain
But by what time have I to stop
To settle for what faith serves thee.

Inequalities of a family
Reaps burgeons of fantasies
More than realities.

As precautions mold happiness
Youth graze from beneath unfinished dreams
For family has lost its made
361 · Dec 2019
Sillo Anderson Dec 2019
The many souls I've mated with
Has left a craving I long to chase
It's many pleasures has made me shallow
Pleading with faith to give me comfort.

And with little hope of hiding from efforts
My deeds make wild my bill of life
And to no avail have I question my despairs
While sins I commit in open fields.

My worth as a woman has decline
By presumptuous acts and desires  
But the shape of a future, fits perfectly within my dreams
And it's existence becomes profound in my eyes
Allowing I,
To want more of sins I shouldn't crave.
361 · Jul 2019
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Bad things don't happen to bad people
Relics know,
Serving high the expectations of karma in disguise
Opting that time reflects a million lies
But deeds have never paid full its price
And stagnant are the perspectives of a rich life
But never has it been
A slight try at feeling alive
Boning traditions within the warfare of pride.

Bad things don't happen to bad people my child
Giving grace to strangers in the looking glass we hide.
358 · Aug 2019
Sillo Anderson Aug 2019
Got a Spider pet named crept
Saw me wept
Said don't let you make me fret
For I am not lost as yet
So here I am
Waiting in hiding that you might say
"I am your best proof of faith"
355 · Oct 2018
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
Have as a million lives
Dispensing luxuries upon its sights
Fondling favors, by its deeds
Only to survive for a one day feel.

Measuring obstacles, too polite to be at peace,
As precautions reign over the duties of being free.
Tokens fade, loosing worth for its games
Brewing fresh the dignity of being here.,

A soulful belief, of time being me
A mild deception of what shouldn't be
And the defeat that a past can be reaped.
346 · Aug 27
Hungry Words
I wrote a book and labeled it love
No one bought it
I wrote a next one and labeled it
How to love
And it sold out
No extras no one piece
And then I knew it
I found and discovered it
We aren’t a specie that needs to know anything
We just want to know how about everything
And ironically it’s sadly the same thing
But what can immortality do, to persuade truth
I have made decisions and I have loved with them
But never have I reaped from them
And that’s a seed that I won’t plant again
But then society is heard
And maybe I’m back to planting
Spending fruitful years on infertile land
344 · Jul 27
7) To Me
I’m figuring it out too
What’s love
I’m learning it’s different sides
That’s love
I’m feeling it’s impact
So loved
I’m figuring it out
And now is see, what’s love
Taking little pieces until there in not a whole of you
Knowing love isn’t for the weak
It’s a reward they can have
But a journey they would fail
I’m figuring it out
And I’ll tell you this
I wish not to have loved nor be loved
340 · Feb 2019
Let Go
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
Seize all feelings
Crystallized upon defeat
For what rewards
Have I in jealousy
Mocking emotions
Rawly made.

Even from a trade away
Obscure shame feeds reality,
Polling upon moments
Shallowed by pain.

For time seeks my heart
And patience,
Molts my soul
For, I am done

If I continue on
To love thee.
316 · Nov 2018
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Have you been sure of the stars?
Of galaxies and shimmering views
What of the sun, with its magical powers
Blinding some, while making passage for others
Do you know what pleasure lays on the surface, of mankind’s doings?
I’m sure it’s beautiful, never wretched towards our fellow humans
Spectacular while covered in wonders, adversity upon courage
Brightly colored
Martin Luther King Jr.
Frankly I’m not sure, what he’s known for
He’s a man that’s no more
Ruptured hopes, crumbled pass doors
Dream on, pray all shadows follow on
Have you known of the wondering atman?
It’s here, and there, I’ve seen it so many places
I’ve began to wonder how many phases are there
It a wonderful universe that’s full of choosers
A dream can be sold, to any moon gazer
But I’ll ask again
Have you been sure of the universe?
Of galaxies and shimmering views
Bucket list hasn’t any value
When you’re unsure
Of reality, and fantasies.
315 · Feb 2019
To My Love
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
Feel me
Coursing thin, from hate to grim
Aspiring for faith to rule
Bonding seclusion’s of emotions
For fruitless rewards to be subdued.

But I’m of hope
In twisted roots
Pleasing pleasures as naked as youth.

For I have seen
The shades of greed
In grooming happiness to be too real

And with time to heal
I have seen all dreams
And settled for what God’s can give
300 · Mar 2019
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
Sustain agony from parched realities
Belching full, from fulfillment's of society
Toggling precise the weight distributed above feelings
Only to shuffle unfairly, emotions and abilities

But !
What say have thee in the future unseen
Pouncing wildly towards opportunities
Only to fall at the feet of love
Borrowed from sinners upon gold.
296 · May 2020
Believe Me
Sillo Anderson May 2020
Believe me as I stay
Unbroken and lost from all grace
As fighters embark on what is all faith
Untouched by hurt that molded my heart
Believe me as I stay.
Unwilling to beg for love from peers and liars
No matter the lost I may face each day
Believe me
For every woman I grow into
Has loved unkindly the role she plays
And further the whistle I blow
The louder my role goes.
Believe me as I stay
For origins no longer confess our sins
And contention stays in our will.
293 · Aug 19
I’m learning to grow without his love
Embracing the fears on my own
Knowing that stability will only be as strong as I go
And nurturing my heart to be bold without love
I’m learning it all
And viewing the world as my very own
Seeing nakedly the ugly touch of a fatherless child
And I’m going strong
With adversity in not knowing how hows are done
And with no shame in plane sight
I walk with my head high
Calling on a heavily father, to fill that hole
And I’m desperate to make it on my own
To show him that a father isn’t all
So I’m learning to grow
While I hold myself together
So I can be whole at the end of this line
292 · Dec 2019
Sillo Anderson Dec 2019
Give me the meaning of wealth
And I'll prove, the ignorance of it
The preposterous belief that its worth more than regrets
The sudden dream that we need it.

And with all there is
Poverty still exists
So why, does wealth feels so not alive
In youth and in our prime
When mankind has always fixed its demise
Only to resurrect from denials.

So give me the meaning of wealth
Sugar coat it, if you will
But firm will my defense stand
288 · Nov 2018
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Management of a heart becomes
Futile by the loftiness of emotions
Claiming blessings upon its actions
For only sins are formed,
And precautions take shelter under disrelish of a soul.

For whom, must one seek comfort from
When filiation has not cavort upon its own
And insanity feeds bigly, the needs for love.

But time swirls in wonders,
And doing right becomes heavier
Leaving ashamed the stature of being here.
287 · Jul 2019
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
My shift in revolution has pulled trickery far out its hat
A sudden wave of miracles have slipped through my life
Perfection has beaten down on my rights
And honesty has worn the cape of invisibility
So be gone with love
Be gone with worth
And leave that which comes on its own
For baggage's aren't rare in this life we bare
And vanity puts to ease a head on white sheets
272 · Aug 5
9) To Me
Every part wants to be loved
The twisted mind and the rotten faith
I have cursed my soul
Ploughing the little hope left for my worth
A *****, a title I’ve known
Selling more than just my love
‘She’s a different level’
That’s all that was told
And with many more against my role
Yet I’m known as the perfect *****
271 · Feb 2019
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
Growth showed only happiness, from a parent's life.
Mommy and Daddy made everything right
Dreams and wishes came true before its time,
And miracles we're more real than lies.

While childhood had its rein over pride
Feelings and emotions do away-ed with crimes
Happiness grew without soil
And life,
For that short time
Felt more surreal than accomplishing veneration's
269 · Apr 2019
Peer Esteem
Sillo Anderson Apr 2019
Esteem plagued the pretense of reality
Fitting firm, a reason to be happy
Wavering diligently the courses daunted by society
As innocence fight for a place in moralities.

For whom must one seek
To be free from stigma and defeat
And claim triumph on red metal seats.
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