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May 17 · 58
I’m fed up
Of wanting love and it’s touch
Of pleading with wrongs and lust
And of speaking truth, only to be abused.
I am fed up
But time drags heavy on my life
And moments come shorter than natural
And sometimes prayers becomes like a drug
Applying only to what society allows
But I find myself still hanging around those wattles
Still reaping hope from my troubles
And even though I know my downfalls
There’s still respect to never ignore its wonders
But !
I am fed up
Of this entertainment I somehow manage to sum up.
May 17 · 57
Believe Me
Believe me as I stay
Unbroken and lost from all grace
As fighters embark on what is all faith
Untouched by hurt that molded my heart
Believe me as I stay.
Unwilling to beg for love from peers and liars
No matter the lost I may face each day
Believe me
For every woman I grow into
Has loved unkindly the role she plays
And further the whistle I blow
The louder my role goes.
Believe me as I stay
For origins no longer confess our sins
And contention stays in our will.
May 16 · 85
Love Do Hurt
Love hurts, but not like the simplicity of the 5 letter word it is. It feasts on your mind and makes it way down to the heart. Burns your memories, only to play it all back like a magic trick. And at the end of a day, you wish for it to be your last of every days. But love is wicked, it never kills. Taunting your soul, your body knows no hope. Fragile and unaware of what road it may take. Love hurts in many ways. It’s ironic way of making you brave only to say, it was all a mistake. But there’s a naked hope we all fail to hear. A feeling of relief and supreme ecstasy when this roller coaster called love is over. And with all scars and broken hearts we stand high and say “What a lesson to learn”.
May 16 · 142
A life in fleet
Earning more than keeps
Reluctant by the many selfish acts of beliefs
Even through prosperity.

As a world would see
Wealth and prosperity
A life would feel
Disbelief and irony
Fighting for hope in dimmed sunlight
It’s all a journey we never reach.

A life in fleet
Will be the end of me
A life in fleet
Could be the end of me.
May 13 · 119
I’m here
In the distance I’m here
Vivid and unaware
Chanting for faith, to know my name
And masking my fears with pride and dreams
Halting grief from what it shouldn’t see.

A pity life is all for free

But for whom, must I seek
To achieve happiness and be free
A rotten soul or a living me
And to all that has gone
With the past and the lord
It’s all a shame

That life is free
No matter the cost
May 11 · 77
Heaven gave us life, so we all could make miracles
Make wonders and feel alive
Appreciate joy and be careful with love
Sore from hurt to trust
From honesty to dignities
Heaven allowed and we becloud
For what is long life without joy
May 11 · 51
I’ve seen strong trees grow on burial grounds
Mustered by many and every
Fertile and free
To stretch as far as it may see
With shade, with fruits
A strong tree for souls and me
May 10 · 125
Soloist my fears
With high tunes and little grief
Let every rhythm speak, its own beat
And have the crowd rejoice without need for time
So I may see all wonders of one human life
And as day takes ease for night to arrive
No tired soul shall exist nor acknowledge the demise of light
So soloist my fears
For all to hear,
Let bravery be the less of me
And I shall sing of all there is to be.
May 10 · 92
Pity me with understanding
Leave all sorrows unattended
Voice your sadness upon my existence
But place happiness unto my living,
For only then
A helping hand may be accepted.

And even though doubt shades all from Hardships
I’m without fault in being in denial
That time still leaves a scar
And mistakes still builds empires
So for all that takes life without permission, even from reflections.
Pity your assumptions with undue bias
And just live.
May 6 · 113
I slept and dreamt life is beauty
I woke and saw life is duty
It’s every strung made time more greedy
And reality went With every hope I ever desired
May 3 · 108
There’s no better or worst
There’s no greater of a lost
In saying life isn’t yours to own
An autumn feel
For a blooming tree
A sweet dream for reality  
A guru in its sea
Lives are pearls in those seas
spiritual until it lays on land
May 3 · 72
What’s Home ?
Have you ever looked at a home
And felt fear of a prison
Felt death in its highest power
Have you ever looked at a home
And cried for somewhere else to go
To feel better is all you crave
Have you ever looked at a home
And wondered why, is it considered a home
Why do you see it unfit to be
Have you ever ?
Looked at a home and see life coming to an end
Have you ever ?
I have
I do
See a home Like that.
Apr 27 · 135
Shafted Beauty
I’ve shafted beauty
Neatly and precise, with faith and freshly picked guilt
For you, I have shafted beauty
With honesty and newly made belief
Wrapped calmly with ribbons from the finest dreams ever made real
All placed upon a tray of pride
And that I know has made mankind happy
For every Saint lived
Has worn beauty shafted by me.
And today I witness payments made of demise
Apr 27 · 93
I’ve known such places
Collected memories from its embrace
Felt love from every word it played
And with that, I knew it could never die
But as life evolved, so did hurt
And paradise no longer felt like a hike
Nor did its embrace built me a home
So I struggled to never call on the devil
To never crave his powers
To remain holy and a little lucky
But hurt got me !
And shuffled through my heart all the way up to my memories
And now I’m lost
Wandering through lust and envy
Searching for someone
To love me
Mar 26 · 86
How ?
How fast do you break
How fast have the little details of life stroke deep within your spine
How often have you seen the hurt you felt inside
Imputed by deeds and well wishers in disguise
For earnings soluble by what we all despise
And left vacant by how one must disguise.
Mar 26 · 85
The Insignificance of motherhood plagued through an orphans hope
Toying with insecurities, yet to show
And as wild hearts have shown, love is all we've owned
But never given or showered upon others we know
And as riches grow, the failures to love have risen to show
A father without a road, a mother we should have known
But !!
For what worth is it
In placing voids within a ship
To only carry as burdens the way to home as we see fit.
Mar 10 · 166
To Go
I have asked the lord to take my life
To give full to one who fits this time
For I have many burdens, too blind to a parents eye
And even with prayers I have not seen the right

But death ignores my call
Ignore and move on
Mar 6 · 103
A little shame in living fair
With fame and wealth at any despair
And solid growth of a finger nail, to whom we all should know isn't rare
But wicked minds do slither and stay
And keeps from bay the wrongs of every saint
So what is pure to man in this great array
For it to give hate a name.

And clothed the longing of despair
But for what its all worth
I have shed enough tears
To pay my fantasies
And loved enough
To pay my regrets
Jan 13 · 81
In the many hurts I've given you
Redemption knows of every regrets
Silence embarks on its own, and leaves broken my soul
For every hurt I have given you
My heart knows them all
And says sorry, for my actions I know not of anymore.
But life must go on
Without apologies or remorse
And leave lonely the wrongs I have done
To us all.
Jan 3 · 90
Birds will fly, away from troubles and demise
Towards happiness and realize, how free they have been throughout life.
A little hope many wish to have
A little luck many search to hide.
As we humans run, but never reach far enough
To say we now know fear
Isn't true in any way.
And with all trials we face, we somehow still make a way
To live happy without change.
But the universe knows more than what it may say
And change happens in the quietest of ways
Giving abundance to what we crave
A world without fear.
Dec 2019 · 201
Sillo Anderson Dec 2019
The many souls I've mated with
Has left a craving I long to chase
It's many pleasures has made me shallow
Pleading with faith to give me comfort.

And with little hope of hiding from efforts
My deeds make wild my bill of life
And to no avail have I question my despairs
While sins I commit in open fields.

My worth as a woman has decline
By presumptuous acts and desires  
But the shape of a future, fits perfectly within my dreams
And it's existence becomes profound in my eyes
Allowing I,
To want more of sins I shouldn't crave.
Dec 2019 · 205
Sillo Anderson Dec 2019
Give me the meaning of wealth
And I'll prove, the ignorance of it
The preposterous belief that its worth more than regrets
The sudden dream that we need it.

And with all there is
Poverty still exists
So why, does wealth feels so not alive
In youth and in our prime
When mankind has always fixed its demise
Only to resurrect from denials.

So give me the meaning of wealth
Sugar coat it, if you will
But firm will my defense stand
Dec 2019 · 155
Sillo Anderson Dec 2019
I'm upheld by guilt, a broken home and fake wealth
A transparent faith and loud plays of a little happiness
And with dignity I say I'm free
Free of sin
Free of bad deeds
And free from all that man fears.

But negligence is a hidden stream
And emotions rupture the calmness of its feels
Pushing out all negative claims of what it must feel
And giving plain to the lies we all fail to hide.

For me, it's time against dreams
And pain against what I must show to these I call my peace
So for what its worth
I'll let my heart take its course
And place pleasures in the moments that comes unrequited
By the reflections of my actions.
Dec 2019 · 83
Sillo Anderson Dec 2019
I'm trading millenniums
I'm trading traditions
I'm giving all that has made my existence.
For shame is in every win
and in every fame
So on with guilt and its crystal glares.

Morals be as splendid as fears
but sour is the outreach of it being free
and having time complete.

But !
I'm trading millenniums with every seat
That has given me the role of being free
Nov 2019 · 158
Sillo Anderson Nov 2019
Soon it will be
The end of another creation
The end of a generation
A bruised esteem of faith and beliefs
A child without need
Soon it will be.
The complex hate in retrograde
Molting hurt into foundations for worth
And saddling forgiveness by the wealth it gives
Soon it will be.
Oct 2019 · 152
Sillo Anderson Oct 2019
Show me
Pleasures and every equal reaction
The gasping love of infinity
That molds expectations
A wide eye view of love and comfort
In my feels I know
Where I should go
The happy times are at ease
And feelings blitzed on
But help drowns fear
And alone am I.

Confused by emotions
Rotten within souls
Grasping life from every breath taken
A sinner knows
The depth of my pleasures
And many would say
The scorn of womanhood
Stands here.

But I am trying
Maybe !
But I am lonely.
Sep 2019 · 104
A While
Sillo Anderson Sep 2019
It's been a while
But the wind still rises
The change we all crave still wonders in plain sight
And forgiveness hasn't made effort to mend any ties
But it's been a while
And I'm alive in the keepers eye.

So on with the lies, and shaming of a life
Bringing templates with secrets and wicked eyes
Giving heed to pretenders
Who claim to have lived a mile, in sadness and demise
But it's been a while.

And without doubt I have seen what life has done to quiet minds
With ratchet love and little hope
But it's been a while
So i'll give it time.
Aug 2019 · 182
The Other Daughter
Sillo Anderson Aug 2019
Words turn to flesh
Fabricated by the many times you wished
For another daughter to exist
Utmost confession in its midst
I know your darkest secrets.
Wild eyes have seen, what wrongs you have entailed in
Another life will hear of acclaimed achievements
But the truth grows all fruits
And roots are always true.
So be wary in how you choose
To treat a human as equal as you.
For Patience knows how, to play along too.
Aug 2019 · 321
Sillo Anderson Aug 2019
Got a Spider pet named crept
Saw me wept
Said don't let you make me fret
For I am not lost as yet
So here I am
Waiting in hiding that you might say
"I am your best proof of faith"
Jul 2019 · 181
Writer's Block
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Writer's block raids through my heart
Disappointments of not providing  
Sadness of words fallen
"Am I a poet ?"
Recites within my mind
"Am I good at what I love ?"
"Am I worthy of such endeavors in this life ?"
Am I ?

Advocacy I question
For what its worth
It feeds my soul
Am I, In need of such
As a
Permission to do good .

Many stand firm in symphonies
Of faith and prayers
Giving relief to thoughts of denial
And amplified patience pays off in due time
But how outreached do I question such patience.
As I feel belittled by the man in charge.
Oh God I ask of you
Am I?

Never neglecting time as the leader
I take note of my dotage span
Amongst my fellow dwellers  
And ask repeatedly
"Am I a Poet?"
Jul 2019 · 191
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Comfort spills the truth
Of me and you
Breaking me down, silence becomes you.

No !
I need not you to save thee
But let honesty cover us at night
Say something to save what has been done
Do nothing expecting everything
Have you not seen what it has done to you
What it has done to us.

Comfort spills truth
And silence steals beliefs
It has become part of me and you
Don't believe something cause it sounds right
Jul 2019 · 130
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Build a road accident
Have havoc celebrated within shrines
Season the combinations we hide
Bless profoundly the saints that wear blood on their smiles
And for simplicity
Lay your head upon a tomb
Without the engraving of a valid soul
And preach of dead doers, pleading for remembrance
That's the simplicity of this life
And yet we **** up in pride
Jul 2019 · 375
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Pilot through my everything
See what envy has taken
Mold closely the wrongs and rights of trying
And say what you see fit to be accomplished
But never stoop below your own silence
And stigmatized failure as a lost in denial
But corner hope and stay strong
For what has been done
Will be done again.
And even though memories carry debts
Pilot on through everything
Make triumph in what society condemns  
And build the future in acceptance
Jul 2019 · 240
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
My shift in revolution has pulled trickery far out its hat
A sudden wave of miracles have slipped through my life
Perfection has beaten down on my rights
And honesty has worn the cape of invisibility
So be gone with love
Be gone with worth
And leave that which comes on its own
For baggage's aren't rare in this life we bare
And vanity puts to ease a head on white sheets
Jul 2019 · 122
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
My little home knows
Of broken locks
And misheard knocks
And even through thunder and storm
My Little home knows
What comfort should hold
When days are harsh
And agonised are our faith
My little home knows
When strangers come more than love ones do
My little home knows
Just what to do
When pain sweetens our hate
And shed what little compassion remains
My little home knows
For my heart has been my home
All these years
Jul 2019 · 185
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Tired souls are brave
Despite how sedated life has wailed
Cleansing sins that weigh down on our feels
Leaving only an image of what one wishes to see
But prudent are our hopes
Of never being below a sinking hole
As time reflects upon our silly ways
And preposterous are the blood that makes us whole.

Giving sense to what life holds
We seek out love from rotten souls
And ******* at the results we hold
Jul 2019 · 304
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Bad things don't happen to bad people
Relics know,
Serving high the expectations of karma in disguise
Opting that time reflects a million lies
But deeds have never paid full its price
And stagnant are the perspectives of a rich life
But never has it been
A slight try at feeling alive
Boning traditions within the warfare of pride.

Bad things don't happen to bad people my child
Giving grace to strangers in the looking glass we hide.
Jul 2019 · 169
No Differ
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
No differ have thee
In the air I breath
Nor is there any guilt to sink
A humans rage is as tranquil as the sea
For yet there are ways in which pain must be
But beneath ocean beds
Lies secrets kept far from thee
Leaving floaters in pain and agonies

No differ have thee
In the acceptance of defeat
Reaching for thin lines to save thee
In shallow dreams
One must know of anxiety

So no differ have thee
In the eyes that meet
Amongst love and beliefs
That subdue our feet
Jul 2019 · 122
Sillo Anderson Jul 2019
Aspirations bewildered by emotions
Taunting hope from ever becoming real
A winner I shall be
No matter what the odds may seem
Fueling sadness is not what I dream
But sometimes I do fear
As humane as death may be
It ought to be set free
From religion to division
This humanity needeth not saving from its greed
For aspirations have been bewailed by emotions
A winner I shall be
Jun 2019 · 314
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
I did my best,
And then someone told me that because I was dark they couldn't see the dark circles around my life
My presence brought gloomy feels so strong they wish for me to be gone
And seldom grown was the belief that life can be used wisely
So I cried for help, with a pillow besides my halo
And religiously corrected my every hate
For I know I did my best
But better is what I have repent.
Jun 2019 · 176
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Poems you fool
Isn't synchronized only by what you choose
It's emotions and outputs you fuse
Binding reality by a fantasy we all wish we knew.
Poems you fool
Isn't only happy lies and good times in due
It's sadness and pain we hide with shame
So eyes will think of life as gay.
Poems you fool
Is more than rhymes and well known authors only known from riches they spooned
It's life being watered freely without repayments held by you.
Poems you fool
Is just like this one you cringed at
Pleading with ignorance to give you a say
So you can do away with the 'fool' I have sent your way
Jun 2019 · 120
Public Eyes
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Apathy grooms what little faith I drew
Awakening firm, the fitted ground where my love should have known
Meek shame beams throughout my fears
Home is where I ought to be.

Dwelling within a house of gold, and yet I feel no core
Why so low on happiness
Why so masked by forgiveness
Why so ?

Born into moralities of false hope
It's treachery to be your own
And yet god has not pitied my soul.
Jun 2019 · 181
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Oh my little world
Tell me of risks in these twinkled eyes
Serenade passions of wrongs and rights
Shatter one's self with daylight's pride
Oh my little world
Where to, for peace from monsters that look alike
Where to, for strength to lift high this life
Oh my little world
Tell I of hope with silver linings
Help thou to make do with heaven's favours
Oh my little world
Carry I with thee to a world unseen
Jun 2019 · 1.3k
It's Better
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
It's better to be motherless
Than have you as a mother
It's better to be motherless
Than praise you as a woman
It's Better.

Your fertile ways of pretence
Has paved a hatred too strong for life
I'm disgust of my rights
For you have made me despise these sites.

It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
I'm at end with understanding of your crooked lies
Edging happiness with the sharpest of tools.

It's better to be motherless
For I care not what others say
Painting I, with ungratefulness
I'll take my stones as hard as they come
It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
Jun 2019 · 159
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Hush little one
Cry freely upon my shoulder
Let roam, the pain you hide
Search not,. for comfort
For I am here
Hush little one
Be not what you seek never in dreams
But triumphantly what you feel in your mind
Oh little one
Come to thee when seasons have forgotten its way
Come to thee when homes are still not built
Come to thee when life treats you like an unworthy
So hush little one
And seek never death
For it shall come in its own time.
Jun 2019 · 127
Big Dreams
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
You got big dreams
Full of sight and visions that never die
With heavy doubts you fetch until its time
To say it was worth your every fight
I respect thee
For many have said to be the one
But never shown how struggles have run
To reach a line, shaded in disguise
You got big dreams
My little one.
Jun 2019 · 164
Baby Bump
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Little life come alive
Inside this shield I've held so high
A blooming feel of happy times
A mother's dream has come to life.

In every means of satisfaction
You have been an inspiration
Towards a world always in growth  
I know you'll be more, than the keeper of gold.

So little life, come alive
Make paths that dreamers never had
Build firm your happiness on every isle
Of life and its playful mind.
Jun 2019 · 105
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
I'll try the other
To please my inner
To set free that feature
So life can be called the winner
I'll try the other
To please my sinner
To set free that winner
So life can be called my inner
I'll try the other
To please my failures
To set free what shame hurts, without me to consider
So I can be something more than someone's vision
Jun 2019 · 164
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Summer time knows, of heated words
It's burning gleams and painful feels
It's unwanted endings and burnt out dreams
A validated life, by the changes of time
As winter cools not, but freezes all minds.

What a decision to comply upon
Of whether nature knows, its purpose
By feelings of fever, autumn decides
Now bonds are built with hallow seats
Leaving I, to reach for a life
Jun 2019 · 151
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
The more life feeds
The more anger I create,
Humbly I cry for passage, through hard times
Devastation within ones mind.

I'm sourcing hope from unsure love
Begging reflections to adore little efforts
But a persons freedom blooms only from winnings
And I have kissed the devil, giving all my medals.

But anger not the doings of others
As I've learn't to kiss the dust walked on by false honors
So why seclude emotions that differ
When only hurt flowers upon both that whispers
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