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5d · 36
Peace & Justice
Peace and Justice are two sides of the same coin
Binding actions of human minds
Edging barriers known to fight
For creation has no life without lies
Pledging dignity against pride
And forcing rights to be kind
But !
Peace and Justice have always been alike
Never rotting from within minds
Mar 11 · 45
Paradise On Earth
The windmill rattles around
‘the weather here is really nice, the sky is good-looking, and there are a group of happy friends’
So hey, buddy.
Come down to earthly heaven
Enjoy the very best of every minute
Relax in the midst of reality
And succumb when one chooses only to.
Mar 7 · 128
Emotions pounce upon reality untwined
Suckling dry the little left of time
Differing opinions that wonders alone
And taking charge the hate that grows
As I plead with a heaven around
To heed my cries and undried wounds
I’m without faith
In this life I own

So be of need for me
And waste not the patience I crave to be
Mar 6 · 53
Blotched Love
A mother feels for it's own
Despising intruders who wishes to bask in her love
Spurning one's that comes with unfeigned words
Nuptial only to the blood that flows.
But I stand aware
Ne'er to a reality blotched by facts
Rooting truth of where I stand.
For !
A mother feels for it's own
And I''m an orphan within a home.
Mar 4 · 51
Leafless Love
For the love you want is just a leafless boat
Drifting amongst shore lines
Too shallow to be of course
Too many, to be of knowing
For ships have drown all hopes
Barricading all views of a soulful rescue
Taunting creatures within the mind
Only to force love, out of its own world
Mar 4 · 73
Respect or Fear
Have I to reason with hope and faith
Only to single out the obvious path to gains
Must I sell my soul
For profits to be bountiful
Or have I been dumbfounded by the time’s
Growing beyond my life
Mar 2 · 57
Blessings upon my life
To happiness and success,
Toast to the rough times that went by
For !
Feelings cannot collide in such a magnificent mind
Where gratitude is a muss.
Potentials and Possessions
Make hasty the patience from us
Assuring eminence of obscurity from hurt
Leaving only,
Blessings upon my life.
Mar 1 · 91
Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it
If only examples came with more than life did
If only my many if's knew of second chances
And if significance had more than time embedded within it.

But lessons are taught without reasons to back it
And that has made man the ruler of his own death
Only to sing the tunes of the righteous rhythms, left to try with

And sacrifices drew the winning line
From deep inside faith.
Feb 27 · 41
A Future
A totaling of benevolence
Conquered the coyest of artifacts
Dubbing the essentials given by patience and strides
While mankind bled for a tournament at life
And Daemons selected only the best of executants.

For pelf fostered greatly the denouements of entities
Taking prudence like time passing irrevocably
And snaring at what the future has brought to being.
Feb 27 · 91
Growth showed only happiness, from a parent's life.
Mommy and Daddy made everything right
Dreams and wishes came true before its time,
And miracles we're more real than lies.

While childhood had its rein over pride
Feelings and emotions do away-ed with crimes
Happiness grew without soil
And life,
For that short time
Felt more surreal than accomplishing veneration's
Feb 26 · 120
A Poem
Poem for you
From time and a fool
Rhyming freely by what a mind can give
Sophisticated by the changes of ink
To be spoken richly by the greatnest of things
Dued only by doers and fame
But ridiculed not
For its many to say.
A poem for you
My dear reader and friends
Feb 26 · 73
To My Love
Feel me
Coursing thin, from hate to grim
Aspiring for faith to rule
Bonding seclusion’s of emotions
For fruitless rewards to be subdued.

But I’m of hope
In twisted roots
Pleasing pleasures as ***** as youth.

For I have seen
The shades of greed
In grooming happiness to be too real

And with time to heal
I have seen all dreams
And settled for what God’s can give
Feb 19 · 124
Mononymously I called for a name
Navigating words through memories
Sorting failed hopes by the thickness of its pain
But by what time have I to stop
To settle for what faith serves thee.

Inequalities of a family
Reaps burgeons of fantasies
More than realities.

As precautions mold happiness
Youth graze from beneath unfinished dreams
For family has lost its made
Feb 19 · 46
One, two
Where do you bloom
Beneath veils or above dreams ?
Lofting for lies, forgotten by its own signs
Or wielded by desperate times.
For !
The waves of life sometimes rise and fall.
Unable to give full, a blossoming desire.

But for whom should approval be given
Tormenting the mornings that’s a given
Seeping sheers of frustrated beings
For a life, too continuous for its own reasons
Feb 17 · 36
Excuses are perfect
Purging behind innocents
Leaving relentless, the shame of forgiveness
For what rewards can be reaped
From holy deeds ?
When sins form more roads to see
And youth sways bravely,
The painful words of hatred.
And only age knows of Nor’s
Of whether time was spent with love
Feb 16 · 36
Duties steered the heart away
Leaving guard
The brain that plays
Oh !
How naive of faith
Believing youth knows it’s way
Taking thrills from what age says.

And masking the beauty of being wrong
From delusional lies to insignificant fights

Oh !
How perfect is it to be here.
Doing duties
Without a soulful pay
Feb 16 · 341
I’m Here
I have used my life to stay alive
Nurturing death into its prime
Only to be saddened by facts
For my eternity resides
Within lines of defeat
So unique and rare
Even I,
Have questioned happiness

But I’m here
Making silver into gold
Bronze into the richness of life
For an unknown to profit sincerely  
That I am still here
Feb 15 · 114
Let Go
Seize all feelings
Crystallized upon defeat
For what rewards
Have I in jealousy
Mocking emotions
Rawly made.

Even from a trade away
Obscure shame feeds reality,
Polling upon moments
Shallowed by pain.

For time seeks my heart
And patience,
Molts my soul
For, I am done

If I continue on
To love thee.
Feb 9 · 337
What great sins have we in secrets
Peering at exertions too quickly,
Even in new dawns, regrets are made burgeoned
And with every leniency given
We maul at our grievance.

But time measures our sorrows
By faith
Feb 7 · 50
How well the postures of sins,
Full of comportment towards life and its foes
Studiously unveiling the possibilities of hope
Withering profoundly by edges surplus
From wrangles of time and ****.

But rues are inevitable
And savored by many of us,
Whether gambled by the present or a past
Moribund by a future undone.

So note the consequences
Of what love can do
The silly pride of its excuses
And salute its behavior to all.
Feb 7 · 204
Nudity Of Reality
Excuses are perfect
Purging behind innocents
Leaving relentless, the shame of forgiveness
For what rewards can be reaped
From holy deeds ?
When sins form more roads to see
And youth sways bravely,  
The painful words of hatred.
And only age knows of Nor’s
Of whether time was spent with love
Jan 22 · 77
What we have become
Shows clear in morning lights
Raising spirits beyond fitted growth
Ascetic as it may be
Health buckets the splendors of being happier
And leaving unanswered the question
Of why anger cannot be dishonest
Numbing hate with reasonings and Excuses
But triumphantly a society survives
Breathing differences more beautiful than before
And unequal in the holiest of ways
Jan 22 · 195
A woman’s Heart
Make sure you know whose heart your playing with
Let it not be, ever the devils heart
For she eats such doers not by flesh, but by mind and pain.
Her sorrowful ways are sinful upon man’s rage, delusional enough to trick angelic eyes.
For !
Every woman’s anger are devilish,
But differently towards those alive.
Dec 2018 · 67
The Attire Of Life
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
Praises for the simple pleasures, string from century old souls
Clothing imperfection stained by insanity
As colors loose worth, thread by thread.
But duets of fantasies know too well
The ordeals of happy dreams
Mounted in satisfaction on plain satire
As my humanity resides amongst the earth
And my presence fits close enough to the end

Gauntlet adds beauty to happiness
Leaving calm the worn out pastel past
And now hosieries,
Adds to the sceneries
Making profoundly displayed
The attire of life
Dec 2018 · 196
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
Jasmine tears went with the sea
Drop by drop, filled streams of ****
Spectacular aroma made *** the shores
And Agendas of menage stained the world.

For surely one must have seen reasons for elongating the times retained
For wants and needs to be renamed human greed.
But songful sins gambol on, upon sea beds
Merging ardour with the emptiness of lofting ****.

Never contrary to the man made shows of happiness.
Staining visions of innocence.
Untouched by misunderstandings, tasking greatly aversions pouting from reality.

But exceptional as it all stands!
Dire momentums retreat reasoning’s, conceiting the flares of hurt
Elevating progressions through revelations aloud
Dec 2018 · 149
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
Sunny lanes crawl high up, upon my face
Watering steadily the flesh covered by faith
Leaving germination of the thoughts to sway
From winds that have not bent its way.
Soothing recklessly the times of gain
While earthly dependency grows crooked again
But contentment of fruits bared
Have fed more hearts in days
And rainy stairs replaced
Many sunny lanes every day.
Greed knows its vein,
Its stream that flows from within
It carries all needs,
Even ones of desolation
And grim
Towards a root
Unable to stay anew.
Dec 2018 · 101
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
A product of disciplinary mounting anger for shameful pleasures.
Saturated by agonizing defeat, plastering the souls of humanity.
Solely for self assurance of days being free, without subsidies replacing traditional beliefs
Nurturing concealed possessions soon to be free
Upon a dynasty we all fail to feel.
But sanity knows of me
And sacrifices taking places of serenity.
Though struggles grow profoundly
An instinct isn’t considered a gift
Nov 2018 · 235
To Be
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Tormented by fiery goals,
The wants of wanting more
The reluctant dreams of selecting all.
Oh, how merely of patience and lies
Giving crustily the demands of our wicked minds.
Sampling favors dispensed by the dignity of unpleasant finds.
Nov 2018 · 102
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
A weather can do a lot, it can bring you down and raise you up
It can ******* sorrows and feed your heart
It can take vows instead of warmth.

So many changes from nature alone, has done a lot

And ever since God made mornings,
I’ve wept every month for nature to be understood
To see seasons appreciated by all folks.

But storms dwell not, on wanted floors
And satisfaction knows not of fallacy untold.
So deviance's are paid by skint souls

And human nature forgets its role.
Nov 2018 · 315
Poetry for Gods
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Sing me the poetry of the world
With hyphens and bona fide verses
With simplicity conveying secrets of beauty
And gratitude's in every full stop aroused.

For what music, should ever please the God's ?
To have them say
'Mankind has found its way'
To show them the justification of keeping us never astray
And playing sweetly, the mistakes we make.

Forgiveness we gave.
In perfect sequence and shade
Only to abstract,
The sweet song
of poetry in faith
Nov 2018 · 70
Ballistic Love
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Ballistic love, feeds upon my cup
Feasting only in the presence of ****
Sampling hurt’s, like vicious trots
As gentle sinners speaks of us.

But naïve is the channels we gain
For righteousness takes time to prevail
And the nurturing of desires relapses on precious tome
Comforting souls no longer in need of a home.
Nov 2018 · 84
A Father
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
I never understood, how being a father was different
I never understood, how safety was felt from his presence.
I never could understood, why a father had to be free.
Was it me?
Was it only me, who saw the less need of one.

I have a father, I guess it's compulsory.
He's thicken in the mind, and coarser in the heart.
He's mine, that's the documents proof.
But does he feel like mine?

That I cannot proof, I'm not scared of him.
I'm scared to continue living with him.
I don't wish death to carry him, anywhere
I just wish, to grow further away from him.

I'm not motivated by his speech.
Maybe it's his mind, confused,
So I let him speak, his liquor helps a lot.
It gives him purpose, I assume.
Since he never stops.

I can never change the facts,
The facts that I have a father.
We all do, whether it be an orphan.
But to change him, not mind or soul.

That I cannot control,
He's one day bright,
He's one day night
Never a weather, to go out and play.

So if you have a father that surely not like this other.
You shouldn't be bothered, mine can be cheaper than a dollar.

So I have a father, and a mother, I have both,
But if you we're me, I'm sure
I'm sure
You'll prefer another.
Nov 2018 · 64
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
I remembered yesterday,
I remembered
I saw my granddad, shaking an old friend’s hand,
They had so much more than just reminisce of memories,
You could have seen how much they’ve missed.
The soft hugs, teary eyes and smiling silence.
They had truly missed.

I saw, how tradition had reckon their past
And view, how beautiful a little moment can heal all scars.
I felt the sour scorn of how much hate, they allowed.
And grew anger, way more than much to endure.
They sat, and talked as any old couple would,
As if they we’re allowed, but time grew old,
It never flew, it grew and so much more too.

But as tradition had instilled, they’re lives we’re no longer theirs.
They had all grown so old, and thankful,
Thankful for that little moment of an hour.
And they hugged, that’s all they could have done.
I turned, disappointed in what no longer be.
But with my youthful mind, I turned back.
I saw their love.
A love that fooled a tradition, because it never died.
It was always there, hidden and protected
Nov 2018 · 89
I Built
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
I built a home, from broken woods
I built a stream, through crooked floors
I built a life, without any need of hope
I built so many homes
With breezy milieu, a beauty I once sold
With quirky smiles, you couldn’t ignore
With gala of all sorts
Those are homes I’m known for
Missing shores?
You won’t need those, I built streams that fill all kinds of souls
I lay beside them, just to make sure of their flows
To see that life has not left home.
I built homes, more and more
I built pass dusk and so much more
I built, but never owned
It’s odd, when you decide to change old floors
It’s featureless, even after the grand tour
Homes I built, never broke down before
Now that you’re here, they’ve struggled to hold grimes
And I,
I struggle to have them sold
Nov 2018 · 80
A Past
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Assure me, persuade me that I have not seen
Let me believe, my imagination got the best of me
Let guilt consume, filter my thoughts into misleading me
I have not seen, what my tongue perceive
Through years, I’ve abused, words I’ve choose
I’m saturated, with emotions unfolding in my throat
Assure me, I’m palpable, over my head with dreamy things
I’ve carved out my own thoughts.
Make me believe, I’ve airbrushed this dream
Just so to satisfy my greed
Have I presume, have I refuse, I must have presume
I’ve entailed my thoughts to presume
I’ve seen misdeed, that’s my tune
What proof have I, to subdue this court
My sight, has not been a warrior to call on
It’s long gone, that day
But sadly replayed, over and over again
In this small elfin I tote
Make me believe, I’m infirm, depress and wrong
Help me wash my thoughts
Cleanse my mind of all I bought
From visions I will never be assured of
Help me say
I never saw dad lay in bed with you my dear sis
Nov 2018 · 99
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Have you been sure of the stars?
Of galaxies and shimmering views
What of the sun, with its magical powers
Blinding some, while making passage for others
Do you know what pleasure lays on the surface, of mankind’s doings?
I’m sure it’s beautiful, never wretched towards our fellow humans
Spectacular while covered in wonders, adversity upon courage
Brightly colored
Martin Luther King Jr.
Frankly I’m not sure, what he’s known for
He’s a man that’s no more
Ruptured hopes, crumbled pass doors
Dream on, pray all shadows follow on
Have you known of the wondering atman?
It’s here, and there, I’ve seen it so many places
I’ve began to wonder how many phases are there
It a wonderful universe that’s full of choosers
A dream can be sold, to any moon gazer
But I’ll ask again
Have you been sure of the universe?
Of galaxies and shimmering views
Bucket list hasn’t any value
When you’re unsure
Of reality, and fantasies.
Nov 2018 · 58
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
I challenge the wind that blows by, and scares me with its strong rage
I'll bring my wolves, and show it, how man controls all gales
I challenge the sea so mighty and free, with pride that it can flush away dreams
With pleasure, I will show how rain kneels before me
I challenge all that feels, superior to my inferior charity

Challenging, more than growth beneath my feet
I challenged wild roses that took seat in my field without my heed
Now they seek my favor, even though they're profound of rarity
I challenge all those, that nature bring forth, to intimidate me

I claim justice whenever, wherever the feeling of entail resides
For me I challenge all that shines bright, and night I hold with my might
No favors sought, no help in need of query, I feel above so many
I wish upon nothing more than my own throne

To challenge all those, who swore
I’m sure, of all that’s thrown
I doubt not, what I sow
I’m sure of what I know
Nov 2018 · 66
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Nov 2018 · 149
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Management of a heart becomes
Futile by the loftiness of emotions
Claiming blessings upon its actions
For only sins are formed,
And precautions take shelter under disrelish of a soul.

For whom, must one seek comfort from
When filiation has not cavort upon its own
And insanity feeds bigly, the needs for love.

But time swirls in wonders,
And doing right becomes heavier
Leaving ashamed the stature of being here.
Nov 2018 · 250
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Umpires wailed at victory
Clothing defeat in exorbitant fame,
Socializing with pain
Only regaining power to fix all that has been shamed.
For only coinage consumed all faith
Of where victors must stay.
How naive of hate
Playing buoyantly for a side in shame.
But pruning an eternity to be of salient visage.
For !
Mankind perceives its flaws as gate ways of life
And innocence retaliates only for its pride.
Nov 2018 · 343
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
My evolution surrounds your reasons
Anticipating sins to be more exquisite than feelings
Only pronouncing heartbreaks as the best of solutions
Why !
Do you please so faultless, so profound.

A dreadful wish, to take whats not mine
To make you, my own
For pleasures knows not of partitions
And my love burns through all expressions.

But yet I stand, awaiting moments
For chances to fall abundantly,
Despising the scorn of reality
And denouements more unpredictable than fantasies.
To make you my one and only.
Nov 2018 · 75
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Comic seas adjourned to please
Whistling clean, the utmost love for thee
Sapping on dead shores of prosperity
Only to announce how grand faith can be.

The cherished dreams float abundantly
To reach distances far fetched from eternities.
An absolution to be seen
Bonding loosely, amongst known realities.

Aloft only by despair of being lost in true capacity
To reach assurance meeting assumptions
Too peculiar for the seasons of love.
Oct 2018 · 292
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
Have as a million lives
Dispensing luxuries upon its sights
Fondling favors, by its deeds
Only to survive for a one day feel.

Measuring obstacles, too polite to be at peace,
As precautions reign over the duties of being free.
Tokens fade, loosing worth for its games
Brewing fresh the dignity of being here.,

A soulful belief, of time being me
A mild deception of what shouldn't be
And the defeat that a past can be reaped.
Oct 2018 · 51
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
I saw leaves where there we’re no trees
Felt seclusion from family gatherings
Opted for hope from change
Only to be done,
with the thought of faith
Believing that life,
Have freckles of its own.

As onus commenced
Even with the weight
Of past deeds.
I scrutinized
with the chances
Of forgiveness.

And made use
of parturition
Of being young
Olden dreams spouted
From innocent eyes
And time wasted no stupor.
Oct 2018 · 65
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
Measure love by its flaws
You’ll have more than an eternity to hold
Speculate about lies, only to see the beauty it can form
Shoulder pain, for its feelings are profound in high places
See with blurry eyes, for clarity bares no outcome to grow
And at the end of every day, cry once.
If not for you, for one who wishes to
For charity carries no assumptions
Of where homes should grow
Nor does the past dedicates benevolence to the future.
As honors lay lower through venerations, given by evolutions.
Oct 2018 · 88
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
Surreal sins faced the contagious beliefs of life. Feelings forgive blindly what was once felt, and loudly concealed hurts of others. Making well the ill not easily seen, assuring years there’s more to come even In the darkness of happiness. Seating too often calmly besides guilt, inked dreams stained the outcomes of reality.
Retirement squanders all of its faith, deciding independently what happy sights should be
Oct 2018 · 800
Tara Fares
Sillo Anderson Oct 2018
Moonlight sculpts the originality of love
Brewing affection to be sure of hurt.
Silencing change from being one with all
And leaving assurance to mold dirt.
As bright pasts take,
To fix and call the grand faith of forgiveness
The seclusion of humanity, falls below our dreams
Taking life to be, an ornament on moving feet.
But !
A new dawn may see.
Of differences and feels, leaving ignorance in the coldness of realities.
As moonlights sculpts the originality of being me.
One who was once young and free.
Sep 2018 · 119
Sillo Anderson Sep 2018
Like rain in training
Forgery of happiness made vast oceans of forgiveness
Selecting love from above
Droplets compete against wild winds.
Only to reach the flesh of life upon rocks sitting still
Anticipating joy through thick breeze,
Clashing at dreams.
So aesthetic of humor, depriving all of shelter
Under heaven and above ****
For nothing compares to creation on an adventure.
Adjourned by grace and shame of being real
Bartering the calmness of assurance
Through morales birthing change
Sep 2018 · 440
Sillo Anderson Sep 2018
Idle love sways around
Capitalizing on what's done
Filling narrowly the fissures beyond hurt
As profound **** gnaw at berated flesh.
Mimicking actions entitled for the best,
Woes trawled at peace, slicing forgiveness
Leaving the immoral of humanity senseless.

Acute arbitrations mingle solely around favors
Spectating drudgery amongst humans and its nature.
For wreaths fall closely, to dreams of being needed
And pleasures steep low from dreamers with bright egos.
Sep 2018 · 702
Sillo Anderson Sep 2018
Flourished by change
Kingdoms felt great defeat
Simplicity of dreams carved well,
The Sympathy for many.
Dictating hope on many roads
Oh !
How well has poverty been.
Below cypress trees
Wealth grew to and from,
Golden rails around faith.
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