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Sacha Mar 3
He heared our song
Please forgive me
I couldn't stop it in time

He didnt even know
You were on my mind
But i could feel it

He even said that it was good
My heart broke into pieces

I didnt mean to share with him
A moment that was just ours
Sacha Oct 2020
Sometimes I want what others have
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I go the extra mile
Sometimes I wont

Sometimes I want what others had
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I look at all thats good
Sometimes I wont

Sometimes I see life for what it is
So short and pointles
Sometimes I see life for what it is
So long and painful

Sometimes I know it's just a mood
Sometimes I wish that i just could
Sometimes I need to know what to want
Sometimes all of it is not enough
Sacha Sep 2020
I haven't seen you in a while
Is it ok that I don't miss you?

This second quarantine is just fine
I don't mind the distance

You keep on telling me every day
That you want to see me

But I am good
I don't know why

This feeling is new to me
I've never felt so empty

At times I almost forget
Of your existence

I hear your voice
A midst some others, louder

I don't feel good
I don't know why
Sacha Sep 2020
Sometimes I shut my feelings
I have to
Not to break

But my mind is an open circuit
A spark
Brings feelings back

And I scream so loud inside me
Not again

That's not what I sould be feeling now
I try
I think I can

Now everything is tainted
The sadness
It's still there

The numbness dolls the feeling
It has to do
For now
Sacha Sep 2020


Sacha Sep 2020
I'm bored
You are giving all you got
The moves
The tricks

I'm looking for things
That I can count
Some lines
Some dots

You turn around
Now I'm on top
I need to fake some effort

I'm bored
I'm out
  Sep 2020 Sacha
My lady is well respected by most women
That is, in our struggling society class of friends.
Never could rap my mind around why$
Surely she is not the alpha type
Yet she owns property
She is very devoted to her money

I am but an accessory
I match her purse
Now don’t get me wrong
Life could be worst
With her credit card in my wallet
I fulfil my thirst
Material items, good times
I fell into a trap that treats me kind!
Traveler Tim

Tongue in cheek or is it

She gets upset with me when I use her credit card to buy suns from hellopoetry or other poets books
Sorry Imran Islam, I’ll see you at the library.
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