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824 · Sep 2020
Far from You
Sacha Sep 2020
I haven't seen you in a while
Is it ok that I don't miss you?

This second quarantine is just fine
I don't mind the distance

You keep on telling me every day
That you want to see me

But I am good
I don't know why

This feeling is new to me
I've never felt so empty

At times I almost forget
Of your existence

I hear your voice
A midst some others, louder

I don't feel good
I don't know why
757 · Mar 2021
Our Song
Sacha Mar 2021
He heared our song
Please forgive me
I couldn't stop it in time

He didnt even know
You were on my mind
But i could feel it

He even said that it was good
My heart broke into pieces

I didnt mean to share with him
A moment that was just ours
616 · Oct 2020
Sacha Oct 2020
Sometimes I want what others have
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I go the extra mile
Sometimes I wont

Sometimes I want what others had
Sometimes I dont
Sometimes I look at all thats good
Sometimes I wont

Sometimes I see life for what it is
So short and pointles
Sometimes I see life for what it is
So long and painful

Sometimes I know it's just a mood
Sometimes I wish that i just could
Sometimes I need to know what to want
Sometimes all of it is not enough
358 · Sep 2020
Sacha Sep 2020
You’re down
an acceptable amount of pleasure
I close my eyes
I’m in the moment

I drift

I’m not here
It’s not you
Now I feel
The one that was before

I feel him
I smell him
I see the light
I hear the street

I miss your taste
Your thoughts
Your words
I miss the moments after

I’m back

Did you notice
I’ve been on autopilot?
321 · May 2021
Sacha May 2021
I wanted to tell you something
I practiced for hours
I came up with different versions
I needed to do it

But you didn’t answer
Nor the next day
Nor the next

Now it doesn’t feel special
I feel stupid for even wanting
To share with you something
So personal

Instead of talking to you
And getting closer
I’m reduced to writing you
About the distance
304 · May 2021
Sacha May 2021
It’s days like this
I want to write
When everything comes to a halt

And I am left between the two
And I don’t know which way to go

Just need to choose
Which of the two
Will cause a bit less suffering

Meanwhile I am in between
But we know it won’t last forever

I’ll make a choice
Glancing at the other
The suffering is still here
No less, just different
268 · Sep 2020
A pleasant moment
Sacha Sep 2020
Sometimes I shut my feelings
I have to
Not to break

But my mind is an open circuit
A spark
Brings feelings back

And I scream so loud inside me
Not again

That's not what I sould be feeling now
I try
I think I can

Now everything is tainted
The sadness
It's still there

The numbness dolls the feeling
It has to do
For now
149 · Sep 2020
The last moments
Sacha Sep 2020
I'm bored
You are giving all you got
The moves
The tricks

I'm looking for things
That I can count
Some lines
Some dots

You turn around
Now I'm on top
I need to fake some effort

I'm bored
I'm out
130 · Apr 2021
Sacha Apr 2021
He comes to check up on me
Sometimes she comes along
He gets worried when he doesnt see me
Afraid that somethings wrong

I do too worry
On days he doesn't come
I often feel sorry
For that I have some ***

The encounter is brief
Our eyes lock into place
A moment of disbelieve
To see each others face

Once more he disappears
I'm sad there wasn't more
But I know he will reappear
To pick again at my raw sore
80 · Sep 2020
Sacha Sep 2020



— The End —