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AngLe Mar 2019
Lerscent grimmark, dark & light - glas

Cost em-mark en bisk et ast
heavy holden march of hOVE- entasked watching homers m ark
doe agree ṧick the pervious measure
that measure of good & evil.... (dost thou see)
Tear away, flocking dress in/motion _ heal/SCARS
trainṧit life for light or light for life
Certain that curtail fervent curtain time
- shallow eleven drench that sut surper of STILL
- heal
AngLe Mar 2019
Clased of Affairs
Claseed of wars, subfound of
surmours - entort tænt terra
A - c r i m - fe emben
but always em on a Hello my name is sticker, stuck to a abandoned sports keys cabinet i scavenged out of a skip of a college
a drunkerd night out ... was when i actually wrote this some time late spring last year
AngLe Dec 2018
I should get out of bed
but the day is adorn
& w istful wake
    am i dear to sleep
or us wake tire-some slumber
AngLe Dec 2018
when your fuse goes out
Stop, Wait! Replace the fuse then Access/React
Turning negatives to something of use
AngLe Sep 2018
Cri Per sooth a lbay Goyle
way hem- raging letter

(p)Frozen shell, thaw sleeting
Pulsing necks harelm glow-in
after math of the shadowy fight

her's filling glaint, gladly save
entice weary charter banner
pilling sooth sabre

Immerseyourself, freeself lead soul
not that of a barron but soon
something/ ethers awept & taken
back from ground
back from reprose
back from amist
Groomed tooken & Vol = best
my friends & love
i am awept
this isn't poetry
or its very bad poetry

written after checking something
AngLe Aug 2017
Slayer plate time Quest heart ways, let hymm birds birth
Eye glisten turn toward stary set' letter
Ethers bedding point mother hue gowns bones lurch
Grave gracious bed thee warrant trim sent fetter
wake to thee ceiling gold adorns regretter
tis nor en-earth en-holy slumber ******
lay'er postion whence kit kist steady tremble
AngLe Aug 2017
Purse night owls harrow Bet chime
winds sky  lingur Holm *****
rose sweats salted rocker bellow time
Fame fortune favour Solemn
Bank part waves across haul 'em
sea's of dragons skys of love
Raid Enliven Holy dove
#dragons #real-life #life # magic #***&love #biblical #soul
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