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Proxii Jul 2018
Copper coiled heart, with Hands coated in Rust.
Can we Outlast with the Stinging needles of truth.
Words Scattered across our skin like the rain in Monsoon.
Can You survive my Chaos, or will You willfully slip of that Cliff, into the shadows, Just like so many before you?
Are You of the same mind as me?
Can We hold hope Or is this a fruitless hunt?
Do we sin?
Or is apple tree is barren my dear?
Proxii Sep 2016
the Ice is melting.
Your touch brings,
Hunger like a pack of wolfs.
Worlds apart.
Proxii Aug 2016
Why do I care? Because, with You i am Me.
Proxii Aug 2016
Where mermaids swim and pirates fight. Where lost Boys sing and dance All night. I'll remember the pages written so well, time will fade the Sirans spell.
Proxii Aug 2016
Ignition. Here we go, here we go, and here we go.
I want you to know the truth. I'm seeing beyond the Sorrow.
I'm not asking for answers, Acceptance.
Just to have a moment with you while I breath for two.
You caused me to take a Second glance,
To savor and Cherish the moment.
I understand now live Life in that moment!
You never know what it could have been.
None, nothing happens naturally ever, and yet it happens with a Reason.
It just happens? whether in the Moment or later in life.
You are revolution, You are living breathing change.
I think I'm ready to show You; the Victim.
Proxii Aug 2016
Stranger things have happened then You and me
Stranger paths have been Taken
Out to that turbulent Sea.
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