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Sep 2018
As I read through the words. The pain of many cast a picture of darkness. Of sadness. Of despair. This world has lost our children. The right ways. Love in the home. Seems as if many have severely broken days.
If there was fairy dust. Magic glitter. Rainbows we could ride. Magic wands to wave to make you feel like you no longer want to die.
Warmth inside another's arms. Loving hugs to make you know no harm.
Unicorn *******. Rainbows all gone. What has the people of this planet gone and done.
Hope for you. Faith in another. I pray every day you can escape your foul mother.
The terror she's placed deep inside. Manipulated even your brain. What a surprise. Thought that the smart side of you would let you see who was being true. Now you seek vengeance. So much hate inside. I'm so sorry my dear she even pushed your angels to the side.
Rainbows and unicorns do truly exist. Only you have the power to coexist. Once you stop being a child all magical thoughts become truly hollow.
Make your world a beautiful place by believing in your dreams. Don't become shallow. You see she wanted that. You were the subject of a weapon one that can never be repacked.
You were used lied to by her. Abused and know it. But deny the truth behind it.
Search for your rainbow. There's truly a *** of gold. Not like the one she's made you think that your owed.
Nashoba copyrighted 2018
Written by
Nashoba  Two-Spirit/Las Vegas
(Two-Spirit/Las Vegas)   
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