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Dec 2017
This mess the media has helped create. No longer about the love for all mankind.
Is about the sales and junk you can buy. What's Christmas if there are no gifts. Big screen tvs, Xbox or play station, that's all the kids think about, not what they need but want.
Consumerism is like communism. The holidays are basically for junk.
Gold digging *******, teaching her off spring the same. Life is filled with so much hatred it is truly a shame.
Many are alone. Become depressed as they have no home. No food to eat. No families to greet. Or they have the families, but they are just like the holidays as fake as that tree in the corner of your house.
Suicide rates climb high on Christmas day. Depression sinks in deep as they are forced to feel like they have no others. Children ripped from their arms due to greed. But hey that's what Christmas is supposed to be.
Dam the poor. Leave them out to die. For the majority of the world you all can ******* and die.
I quit the holidays. I will not let you win. As the days mean more than your immortal sins.
Written by
Nashoba  Two-Spirit/Las Vegas
(Two-Spirit/Las Vegas)   
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