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Aug 2017
I told you how I felt. Finally enough to make me melt.
Not love which was what you wanted to hear. But dismay of life living here.
I'll say my goodbyes. Late at night so I don't have to see you cry.
Silent I will be. Don't come looking for me.
I feel nothing. I wish you didn't either. This was a big mistake.
I wanted an adventure. Not more pain and sorrow to grasp me into the cold arms of death.
I had enough of my own. Put aside to build my life. A new home.
Every day is a reminder of the sorrows your heart hungers.
Goodbye. I know this will hurt. Move on to find your own light of life.
Live life. Love life. But don't morn me. Don't love me. Don't miss me. Don't try. Just do it.
This is my final goodbye.
Written by
Nashoba  Two-Spirit/Las Vegas
(Two-Spirit/Las Vegas)   
       Nayana Nair, Imran Islam, ---, --- and Polar
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