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N0thing Jan 2014
She wears beautiful white dresses
With jewelry that shines
Shes covered in make up
Head to toe
Shes got her smile, ready to go
Shes know as miss “perfect”
But what people don’t know
Is shes hiding a secret
Which no one should know
Shes a coin with 2 sides,
Yet only one shows.
The other is hidden
Behind her mask.
In reality,
She is a demon ready to strike
She has her huge horns,
Her tail so thick
And words so sharp
No one suspects a thing
No one shall ever know,
That  she is a coin
With only one side to show.
N0thing Feb 2014
The sun shines, upon this flourished field
The birds, sing to the winds song
A stream, dances across this land
And in the middle of it all, i stand forever strong

I am a plant, which kind you ask?
A tall beautiful Red rose,
Or a tiny sun flower
Maybe even a ****

Oh the answer, i may never know
For you see, i do not know who i am
I have never seen beyond this field of green
I have never, ever, seen me

My image of me, is nothing but a lie
Or is it?
It could be that, what i look like doesn't define me
Or even what those humans think of me

I am this stunning plant
With no name, no face
This pant which no one stops to glance at

I am the sun itself,
Yellow with heart warming light
Who’s bright light rids the world of dark

I am still a child,
One who hasn't found his true self
The real him, hidden within

Despite all these possibilities
It brings great joy,
To know that
I am a flower,
Who shall stand strong, for however long
And stare at this sight of nature
This sight of beauty

Of this valley,
Of this field
Of this delightful view
Of nothing but the truth
N0thing Mar 2015
If I hadn't been on line
If I hadn't read that message
If I hadn't typed that reply
If I hadn't let it go on
If I had stop it all at once, at that first moment…..
Would my life be different today?
N0thing May 2015
Why is it that
Man has mastered the laws of gravity,
Learnt the secrets of the universe,
Plunged into the deepest of seas,
And uncovered the mysteries of the past
We fail to comprehend
Something as basic
As the human heart?
N0thing Mar 2014
You have won the battle!

But just be prepared….
To lose the war.
N0thing Jan 2014
A world of peace
A world in which the child would be at ease
A world in which the black man is equal to the white
A world in which these humans do not fight

Oh how a beautiful world that would be,
Beauty indeed.
N0thing Nov 2016
We are all broken souls,
Using fake glue
To stick ourselves together.
N0thing May 2015
She put on her brightest smile
And said, "I'm so happy"
Only to realize
As those three simple words came out
So did her tears.
N0thing Mar 2015
Since when has being part of a religion
Turned into a crime?
N0thing Jan 2014
She's too tall.
He's too short.
That's not a human, its a hippo.
Is that a stick I see walking?

Oh, how the criticism runs deep
With every word it speaks,
These poor souls become weak
With nothing to hold on to,
Not even reality

It acts so strong and superior
Claiming that we’re all inferior
But with what experience does it speak with?
After all, it is nothing more than our creation.

I ask you
Who do you claim to be?
You are not in charge of me
Nor, of any other being which you seek

All that you are,
Is  cruel beyond words
For what have these children done
To be stabbed with your words

I tell you
To be gone, for you do not belong here
Or rather, you have lost your right to

You have broken our trust, in all that we care for
So why then?
Do u act so mighty, as if you hold power over us
You are merely the result of doubt
The doubt that lives within us

The doubt of being,
Ugly, weird
Abnormal, mean
And everything that falls in between.

Maybe its just the doubt,
That this is all right,
That this
N0thing Jan 2014
This is everyone's aim

But, what for? why must we reach such goals?
“For a happy life” or well that's what i'm told
If so,
What is success?

Is it the money,
The amount of gold,
Or how much your worth even when you're old

Is this what an ideal life is meant to be?
How blind can they be, to not see this is false  
For they spend all their time, working for this “life”
When they forget to live

Take a walk under the bright night sky
Climb a tree, without the fear to fall
Live today, as if today was the last
Be real and not afraid to speak the truth

Once in a while,
Run and chase a rainbow
Believe in the tooth fairy
And live life creating memorize

For you’ll never know, how long you have
So why waste it, trying to create a “perfect” life for the future
When you have the chance now
So get up, and set free
and don't ever forget to live!
Lifes to short to waste time creating it, get up and start living it rather then waiting for tomorrow!
N0thing Apr 2015
Why do people think that if you close your eyes long enough...
All your problems disappear?
Sleeping doesn't make your problems go away
N0thing Mar 2015
The saddest thing
Isn't not having friends
But thinking you do
When really *you don't
N0thing Feb 2015
The saddest day of all is when you realize your friends
are not yours any more
or rather
never were.
N0thing May 2015
Lets give a round of applause
To all those people out there
Who make others feel like their worth nothing
Who make others think they don't deserve to live
Who make others believe they are inferior beings
Who make others forget their own worth.

Lets applaud for these people
...Who think there not doing anything wrong.
N0thing Feb 2015
I do not hate anyone

I hate everyone

Not for what they have done

But for all they things they *didn't do
N0thing Feb 2014
Hey man,
Look at me,
Im such a mess
But you look so pretty

What went wrong
A second ago you were with me
And now
I see you flying
While im here dying

No last words,
No goodbye
You just got up
And left me,
But why?

What had i done?
Was loving you such a crime?
Or was it,
Was it this way from the start,
You hated me
From all your heart

Or maybe,
Maybe i’m no longer who i was
Maybe, i’m no longer who i am
Whatever the case,
Ive changed

Have i really changed so much?
I can’t really remember
Remember who i was
Remember why i acted so  

But deep down i know
You saw through my act
Of confidence
Of happiness
And of peace

Or maybe you hadn't
For i was a child
hidden by a screen of lies
For i was an idiot
Who fell for your eyes

Now all im left with,
Are my cries,
Your lies,
And questions
To which my heartache survives.
N0thing Apr 2014
she had a secret
one which she never told

she kept it hidden
for no one to behold

she was an angel
with a broken wing

she was the devil
who would never stop crying

she was a 2 sided picture;
one side beautiful
and the other blurred  

she was a child
growing up to fast

she was a beauty
who hid behind a mask

she was
a dancer
who never learnt to dance

she always was
but never became

for she was the girl
who got lost…..

Finding herself
N0thing Mar 2014
live ur life like u just dont care
cause honestly,
you shouldn't.
who gives if ur a redhead or blonde?
who gives if ur black or white
who gives if ur fat or skinny
who gives if ur gay or straight
in reality,
no one gives a ****.
this is the truth.
not that crap which society tries to beat into you.
in short
whether you're Muslim or Christian
as long as u live with a smile

……...that's a life worth living.
N0thing Feb 2015
It is easier to deny
Then to admit
That we are lonely beings.
N0thing Jan 2015
Sometimes I wish I could sleep
For not a day
And nor a week
But for what we humans call eternity

And no, I don't mean to die
But to simply rest against my pillow
Close my tiny eyes
And drift off into a place far far away

One further than where we humans have went
And brighter then any day we have seen
A place with no worries
And a place with no people but me

To never look back
To never be broken
Is the dream I wish to come true

In this endless slumber
I so desperately desire.
N0thing Jan 2015
Sometimes I think we are all a little lost.
Not in life.
And not in love.
But in ourselves.
N0thing Mar 2014
On this road, of black and white
I walk forward, little by little
Stumbling once in a while

But when i fall
I raise back up
For i know
This walk is meant to be walked

I can not sit and wait for the unknown
I must stand up and grab it
For there are no signs or directions to this path;
Just a line

A line
N0thing Jan 2014
To The world I am a cruel being
For my frown
Is never meant to turn around
Or that is what they believe

It’s a little tragic
That after all this time
They still haven’t found the real me
The one which lives within

I am me
Truly happy with all that i am
I love my flaws
My cruel glare
and my rough skin
Really, i like my entire being

But they do not see this
Because they are blind
Since they will never see
See the real me

I may look like i care
But i really dont
You can call me whatever,
Blame me for the faults of whoever

but in the end
You really dont know me
So sit down and watch
Watch my frown never turn upside down
Since now, i believe too

That you will

N0thing Jan 2014
Forever and always
Was our song
We were each others
But now its all wrong

I miss your smile
Your eyes,
Your voice
I miss you

For now, I have nothing
Except memories of our past
Since you have moved on

On to another song.

But I miss it,
The days we spent
The moments we shared
But most of all
I miss that song we called ours
N0thing Mar 2014
Its funny how so  many people are alive.

Yet only a few…..

Ever live.
N0thing Jan 2014
This world is divided
By boundaries
Of love,
Of hate,
Of differences

Due to this,
People suffer, with pain
And laugh, with joy
But most just complain

Yet, when looked at closely,
One will notice,
The brush marks left,
By who created the circles;
The one we call society

Brothers have turned on brother,
Neighbour on neighbour,
Child on child,
Because of this word:

Black or brown,
White or asian,
All are divided
With words of segregation

But really,
Arent we all the same?
Human is our name
And humanity should be our game

Yet, no,
The world goes on to display
And point out the flaws in one another
Because of this word:

In the end,
This world is divided,
By no one else,
But ourselves.
N0thing May 2014
God im just so sick of it all.

N0thing Feb 2015
I wonder what it feels like to have a special someone that you can hold dear.
Someone who has your full attention and the power to give you strength and give you pain.
I wonder, from the deepest corners of my soul, what it truly means to love.
Is it an emotion related to sacrifice, of one's heart and mind?
Or is it simply compassion, driven by a sense of affection?
Maybe its just, what people say it is, something which causes pain?
What is this, this action that humans hold so dear and yet, something they fear?
It truly makes me wonder, what it would feel like for me, to hold on tight to my knight in shining armour.
But, somehow, I get the feeling he won't be a knight, much less shining, but rather a simple boy.
One whose face nor smiles or laughs.
One whose life is full of mystery.
One who is true, to himself and to me.
That is the type of boy, when I close my eyes, I always see.
And behind closed eyes, is the only place where he is to be seen.
In reality, I have never met and doubt I ever will meet, that special someone I could hold dear to me.
N0thing May 2015
I've always heard
How miserable those people are
The ones who feel to much.

But I've never understood
How they could be hurting more than those
Who cannot  feel a thing.
N0thing Apr 2014
when LIFE gives us challenges
                    the pain that fallows, always GOES away
                                                    so hold ON a little bit longer.
Don't give up, tomorrow always comes.
N0thing Jan 2014
I Don't know where i'm going
But i'm gonna go,
With a smile on my face
and my head held high.

On words,
To the future!
Embrace the unknown, and welcome it with a smile :)
N0thing Nov 2016
If success is defined by the successful,
Are us failures destined to a life of failure?
N0thing Feb 2014
“When one does not know,
They have no privilege of judging.
When one does not hear,
They have no privilege of saying.”

Basic, is what these rules are.
Yet it seems as though,
To the ears of the judging,
These words become deaf;
Silent as a dead body.

To them,
Judging is a passion; a way of life.
From your cloths, to your skin
They will judge.

As if they were perfect;
Superior beings
Ones which others have not been informed of
Or perhaps, ones who only exist within their minds.

They will criticise you
Humiliate you
Destroy you
Assuming that they are perfect themselves

But what they don’t realize is
You cannot judge a book by its cover
For the truth, behind your tears,
Are hidden within your soul

Hidden enough, so they cannot be seen by the eye
So how then?
Can they judge so proudly?
The answer, we may never know.
N0thing Jan 2014
Its said that the rich rule the world
That the poor are the week
It’s said that strength comes from within
That its not something given

I do not agree
For i am one of them;
The idiots

I question what im told
I dont give up on the old
I hold onto my past
As a reminder
That i went through it all and survived

I am not like those people
Who would **** for money
Instead, i enjoy the simple pleasures
Given by a loving family

In short
I am different
But truly when you question the majority
An idiot is all you can be

So, to my relief
An idiot
Is all ill ever be
N0thing Jan 2014
They say its for our future
They say its for the better
They say its meant to set us right
But do they realize,
That were putting up a fight?

The building is the jail
The classrooms are our cells
And we,
Are the criminals

But of what crime?
Is youth our punishment
If so,
Could we meet death?

Forget this hell
In which the flames are sharp
With every word they speak
These devils make us weak

The inmates beside us
All tough and cruel
Or only do they seem

Behind their masks
Are their broken tears
With the pain of this hell
Which we hoped wasn't real

And then they say
This is for you my dear
With lies they fill up our ears

One day i hope
That i can be set free
Either by my time
Or by a friend i have longed to greet

Death, my dear
Set me free
Before they take me away
And refine me

Into one of them
Who have no sense of individuality
For they have gone through this jail
Which they call reality

But for us,
It always is,
And always will be
The prison of a youth
N0thing Feb 2014
I walk down this line
line of white ink, surrounded by darkness
Searching for something, behind this mist
My eyes are screaming
Hands shaking
“Where am i?”

This unknown line, yet so familiar
Calls to me
But i cannot hear its words
My ears are focused on the sound of the drum
Pounding with every breath i take
“Where am i?”

Behind this beating
I hear a voice
Yelling with anger
Frustration so near
I move towards the sound
To my surprise
It is a girl
“Who are you?”

Without a word or a noise
She moves closer
With every step she takes
Her short black hair swings in the wind
Her skin so pale and rough
Body as slim as a pole;
A rather short pole
She seemed to be so recognizable
“Who are you?”

I hear it again
The frustration in tone
Yet not form the girl
Rather from someone alone
I leave the mute radio
Running towards the voice
The drums have become louder
“Where are you”

There is tension in the air
As i try to search for the voice
My heart is pounding fast, followed by the drum
I am nervous
Scared and excited
“Where are you?”

As i run. i feel pressure;
The pressure of falling
It felt as though i fell into a pit.
Dark, cold, lonely; pit.
The voice is back, but lonely
“How do you feel?”

There is no sight of a human
Just darkness and quiet
The voices have stopped
So have the drums.
It is almost peaceful
For a moment i forget it all, but then
I hear,
“How do you feel”

I am here; alive and real.
I am me; the best i can be.
I exist within my mind; i can be mean, or kind.
I feel peace, because now i know,
I am mine.
N0thing May 2015
I don't understand how people say
Or even lying,
Are unforgivable sins.

I think the biggest sin,
One which can never be forgiven,
Is that of an inflated ego.
N0thing Mar 2015
They always say, 'it'll be okay'
They never say, 'We know it isn't okay'

They always say, 'it'll be worth it'
They never say, 'We know it isn't'

They always say, 'Life goes on'
They never say, 'Life always ends'

They always say what they think we want to hear
But they never say what we need to hear
N0thing Jan 2014
Many say, the cure to boredom
Is at the feet of friends, at the feet of family
And everything that's lived day by day; in reality

But, is it really?
Is this the cure to my pain?
How can that be, for you see
My problem is this so called cure,
For insanity

I do not wish to be like others
Yet, only to be me
I do not wish to be surrounded by others
Yet, to be only with me

Yes, Some call it lonely
I enjoy this solitude, for when i am alone
I feel truly at home

And when that is,
I am happy not bored
Nor and Never will I be

Because to me,
Just ‘cuz you're lonely, doesn't mean you're alone
So for me, i will always be me
When i'm all alone
In my true home.
N0thing Feb 2015
Everywhere I look
Poems of love are what I see
Broken love
Newly found love
Uncertain love
All directed to a special someone

But isn't it sad
How we're so eager to love others
When we haven't even learnt to love ourselves?
N0thing Jan 2014
I must look attractive
I must be strong
I must be kind
Our everything will go wrong

In order for me to be loved,
I must follow those rules
Because they are the laws of this world
But, why would i want to be loved for something that i'm not?

No, i'm not attractive,
No, I can't hold my own ground
And no,
I will not be kind to those who do wrong

I am not scared of this.
Im not afraid to being hated on
Because what i know,
is better than any love song

I know im amazing
Beyond words
And i know ill be loved
For all the times i’ve been hurt

There are people out there,
Who will love me for me
And not what i show,
Because they will see the real me hidden beneath

So for now,
I hold on,
To this image im forced to keep

But someday,
I will be loved
For me and only me
And that is the day
I'll hear true loves song
N0thing Mar 2014
War is a battle,

Never won.
N0thing Jan 2014
Why is it so difficult,
Difficult to forget the past
The past i loved, but caused me pain
shouldn't it be easy?

I have nothing to hold on to
But then why?
Why can't i forget this past
This past that caused me pain.
N0thing Apr 2015
Why do we always blame life for all our shortcomings?
"Life is so hard"
"My life *****"
"Life is ******* up"
N0thing Jan 2014
I sit here, staring into nothing
Seeing everyone beside me laughing with great happiness
Their enjoying their time
Why aren't I enjoying mine?
Maybe its the joke, which I don't find funny
Deep down, i know the truth
I know i don't belong here
This is not my home
This is a town i'm passing through
As i journey through this life
Where I truly belong
Is my true home
As of now, I am a stranger
Who exists only to be alone
Alone in my home
My home in my mind, is where i'm alive
But for now, i’ll sit here
Stare into nothing
As I step into my thoughts;
Into my reality.
N0thing Mar 2014
Once upon a time, there was a young girl
She knew she was not perfect
but that didn't matter, cuz she knew she wasn't made to be it.
she was imperfect, but she enjoyed it.
she wasn't the best looking around, but she was proud of her appearance.
she wasn't the brightest student, but she spoke her mind.
and now....
shes not here.
for she met a boy,
who tough her, she wasn't intelligent
who showed her, she wasnt worth having
who proved to her, that she, infact, wasn't beautiful.
all of which she knew,
but now it broke her.
since he held a place in her heart
and soon, he left her
with the words of her past left to haunt her soul.
now, with nothing left; she was alone.
and a thought came across her mind: death
to which the story ends.

the boy lives on, whispering his devils words into the ears of others
spreading the hate
for death to come near.

— The End —