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Jan 2014
This world is divided
By boundaries
Of love,
Of hate,
Of differences

Due to this,
People suffer, with pain
And laugh, with joy
But most just complain

Yet, when looked at closely,
One will notice,
The brush marks left,
By who created the circles;
The one we call society

Brothers have turned on brother,
Neighbour on neighbour,
Child on child,
Because of this word:

Black or brown,
White or asian,
All are divided
With words of segregation

But really,
Arent we all the same?
Human is our name
And humanity should be our game

Yet, no,
The world goes on to display
And point out the flaws in one another
Because of this word:

In the end,
This world is divided,
By no one else,
But ourselves.
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