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N0thing Nov 2016
We are all broken souls,
Using fake glue
To stick ourselves together.
N0thing Nov 2016
If success is defined by the successful,
Are us failures destined to a life of failure?
N0thing May 2015
I've always heard
How miserable those people are
The ones who feel to much.

But I've never understood
How they could be hurting more than those
Who cannot  feel a thing.
N0thing May 2015
She put on her brightest smile
And said, "I'm so happy"
Only to realize
As those three simple words came out
So did her tears.
N0thing May 2015
Lets give a round of applause
To all those people out there
Who make others feel like their worth nothing
Who make others think they don't deserve to live
Who make others believe they are inferior beings
Who make others forget their own worth.

Lets applaud for these people
...Who think there not doing anything wrong.
N0thing May 2015
I don't understand how people say
Or even lying,
Are unforgivable sins.

I think the biggest sin,
One which can never be forgiven,
Is that of an inflated ego.
N0thing May 2015
Why is it that
Man has mastered the laws of gravity,
Learnt the secrets of the universe,
Plunged into the deepest of seas,
And uncovered the mysteries of the past
We fail to comprehend
Something as basic
As the human heart?
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